Jake Weber Plastic Surgery: Has He Aged Naturally or Not?

Derick Scholz

Jake Weber has become the subject of plastic surgery speculations. houseandwhips.com

Jake Weber’s plastic surgery speculations have come out of nowhere which is very weird considering he does not look like he has had any cosmetic work. The actor seems to have aged naturally. He has wrinkles, lines, and crow’s feet. And his face seems to have sagged down. All things that happen when you age without plastic surgery. Jake Weber has not admitted to it but it does not like there’s anything to admit to.

Before he started to be more recognized for his guest appearances on Law & Order: Criminal Intent and NYPD Blue, Jake Weber was known for playing the role of Drew in Meet Joe Black. The English actor also garnered a lot of eyeballs when he portrayed Michael in Dawn of the Dead. Besides that, he is best known for starring in the long-running drama series Medium in the role of Joe DuBois, the sleep-deprived husband of psychic Allison DuBois.

He was a series regular in HBO’s The Mind of the Married Man. In 2016, he was cast in a recurring role in the second season of ABC’s Secrets and Lies. He played a recurring role in The Following as well and after that, he was cast in the regular roles on Hell on Wheels and Homeland. He has done all kinds of roles in his career and you could go on discussing that but when’s it going to end?

So, let’s discuss something that won’t go on for much longer like his plastic surgery. His fans have begun to speculate if he had any cosmetic work done for no apparent reason which is really weird because he does not appear to have had any procedure. Here’s everything to know about whether or not Jake Weber had plastic surgery!

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Jake Weber’s Plastic Surgery: He Does Not Appear to Have Had Any Cosmetic Work!

Jake Weber (@jakeweberactor) has recently become the subject of plastic surgery speculations for no apparent reason. His fans are wondering if he has gone under the knife or if he is all-natural.

Jake Weber's fans want to know if he has had plastic surgery or if he has aged naturally. houseandwhips.comJake Weber’s fans want to know if he has had plastic surgery or if he has aged naturally.
Image Source: Deadline

These plastic surgery speculations of Jake Weber have come out of nowhere because there’s nothing that suggests that the actor has dabbled in cosmetic procedures. Besides, none of his upcoming projects are in line to be released anytime soon so, he has not been making any public appearances for promotional works. He is staying lowkey like he always does when he has nothing coming up.

The last we heard of Jake Weber was in March when he signed with Stewart Talent for representation. Since then, we have not heard a peep from him and yet, now somehow, he has become the target of plastic surgery speculations. It’s really strange not just because he has been maintaining a low profile and keeping out of the public eye so fans cannot see if his appearance has changed in any way to be speculating plastic surgery but also because he seems to have been aging naturally.

Jake Weber does not look young for his age and nobody would be surprised to learn that he is 60 because his face reflects his age. He does not have a smooth forehead. He has lines on his forehead and wrinkles on his face. He has crow’s feet around his eyes and his cheeks seem to have sagged down. He definitely has not had plastic surgery. And he has not responded to the speculations about him having plastic surgery.

Everything To Know About Jake Weber’s Acting Career!

Jake Weber started his career by playing small roles which were often bit parts in A-list films. The first ever role he played was of an unnamed boyfriend of Kyra Sedgwick‘s character in the Oliver Stone-directed period saga Born on the Fourth of July. He made an appearance in A Stranger Among Us, The Pelican Brie, and Meet Joe Black before he landed his first lead role.

Jake Weber has been acting for more than three decades now.
houseandwhips.comJake Weber has been acting for more than three decades now.
Image Source: Digital Spy

In 1995, he was cast in the supernatural drama series American Gothic on CBS to play the role of Dr. Matt Crower, a kindly physician who takes it upon himself to take charge of a young boy to protect him from a possessed sheriff. Though the show did not go on for long, it was very well-received and it gave some clout to Weber. Another one –The Mind of the Married Man, in which he played one of the leads Chicago newspaper employee Jake Berman – also went the same way but it didn’t demoralize him.

Then, he went on to play a prominent role in the 2004 remake of the horror film Dawn of the Dead. Jake Weber’s popularity rose even more after he played the role of Joe DuBois on Medium. It was a very interesting character he played and it couldn’t have gone any other way. The viewers loved that the sleep-deprived husband of Allison DuBois was a psychic intermediary who has visions that help her prevent or solve crimes.

In 2016, the actor was cast in a recurring guest-star role in the second season of the ABC murder mystery Secrets and Lies. He played the role of a psychotherapist husband of Detective Andrea Cornell in the series. He also landed another recurring part on the Fox series The Following. He also made appearances in seasons 6 and 7 of the Showtime series Homeland and he also starred in the 2021 film Those Who Wish Me Dead.