Howard Stern: Jason Kaplan’s Weight Loss Thanks to Nutrisystem Diet!


Howard Stern: Jason Kaplan's Weight Loss Thanks to Nutrisystem Diet!

Jason Kaplan went viral after the news of his weight loss hit the internet. He has shed roughly 72 pounds in his weight loss endeavor, according to the Howard Stern website. Jason Kaplan is now taking his health more seriously after adopting the Nutrisystem diet. He had struggled with his weight and had been mocked for it, but now he is obsessed with it and willing to go to any length to get an ideal body.

Jason Kaplan (born on Feb 8, 1969) is an executive producer for the show, The Howard Stern Show and he is from the United States. His responsibilities include authoring the daily program rundown for the show’s website and capturing images for the daily rundown. He has also produced other television series, the most recent of which was Howard Stern on Demand. 

In September 2007, Jason and HowardTV director Scott DePace became embroiled in a bitter fight over political differences that created numerous issues.

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Jason Kaplan’s Weight Loss Journey: Jason Adopts Nutrisystem Diet to Get Healthy!

42 years old Jason Kaplan became a trending topic for his weight loss. People are astounded by his life story because he truly thinks that hard work pays off.

Jason Kaplan is still in the phase of losing weight, and his Instagram posts keep his followers up to date on his progress. Never imagined that someone who enjoys spicy and junk food would be so strict with his diet that he avoids eating his favorite foods. Imagine how difficult it would be for foodie Jason to stick to a proper diet.

The staffer bemoans the fact that the previous food and idle day left him feeling less energized than he does today when he felt energized and terrific.

Jason Kaplan also remarked that he enjoys going for walks with his dog more frequently. Jason’s goal was to drop his weight by 100 pounds, but he ended up losing more than 72 pounds.

He did, in fact, improve his weight, not only in terms of physical look but also in terms of health, as he sleeps more frequently and does not have to strain to sleep. He said:

I had gotten to the point where I was like sinking into the bed. I was actually like rolling around the top of it last night going, ‘Where’s all the sink?’ It was like I was floating—it was very cool.

Jason Kaplan (@siriusjay), who enjoys spicy, cheesy foods, now has some control over his life upon joining Nutrisystem. He has added Antioxidant to his drink list, which boosts vitamin C levels and lowers the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

In terms of Jason’s former diet, he was crazy about junk food and used to take food from his office; as a result, he started gaining weight. Because of his larger body size, Jason also returned all of the cupboards.

Jason seems like he has been going to the gym and working out on a daily basis, as he admitted to using one piece of gym equipment for roughly 20 minutes as a sign of progress after previously being unable to use one piece of equipment for less than 10 minutes.

Jason’s success has been credited to a complete nutrition overhaul in addition to his elliptical machine routines. The 5′ 8″ tall BBQ and comic book fanatic is already committed to his exercise routine. He does, in fact, use his elliptical machine at least three times per week.

Janson enjoyed drinking whisky and smoking cigarettes throughout his life. Some of his audience also trolled him for gaining so much attention, arguing that he didn’t need to make such a big deal over dropping a few pounds because he might have other goals, and also being disciplined and sticking to a diet isn’t a big deal.

Jason is now living a more active and healthy lifestyle than before, and his fans are appreciating it through his Instagram posts.

Who is Jason Kaplan Married To?

Jason Kaplan is married to Janis Kaplan, his other half’s business partner. He married Janis, his longtime lover, on November 8, 2008. Since only their close friends attended the wedding and he’s only made a few social media posts with his wife, they appear to be a little private.

His wife appears to have a high level of privacy, as she is not very active on social media. They’ve been together for 14 years but the pair has no child yet.

Jason Kaplan graduated from The State University of New Jersey and attended Roxbury High School.

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