Jeanne Pratt Plastic Surgery: People Say She Looks Like an Alien!


Jeanne Pratt has ruined her face with too much plastic surgery.

Jeanne Pratt had to have undergone plastic surgery, what with the way she looks. People wouldn’t believe otherwise given how strange and mannequin-like she looks. They are not exactly sure but they think she has had too much Botox and fillers. They think she has had a facelift as well. However, it’s all speculation because Jeanne Pratt has not yet confirmed having plastic surgery.

Jeanne Pratt, the wife of the late Richard Pratt, is one of the richest and most influential public figures in Australia. She was named Victorian of the Year in 2013 and not long ago, she was honored by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra for enriching Australia’s cultural life. It’s crazy to think how far she has come from her humble beginnings. She used to work as a journalist and a feature writer for the Daily Telegraph.

Now, Jeanne Pratt serves as the vice president of the Carlton Football Club, she’s on the board of directors of the Melbourne Theater Company, she’s the director of five Visy companies, and she’s also a council member of the National Gallery of Australia. She’s also been a director of the Melbourne Theater Company and a chair of Opera Foundation Victoria. She has reached like unprecedented level of success and influence. But still, when people see her, they don’t talk about how successful she is because they are too fixated on her appearance and so, they discuss her plastic surgery.

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Jeanne Pratt’s Plastic Surgery: Maybe She Should Not Have Had Cosmetic Procedures!

Jeanne Pratt has to have undergone plastic surgery, right? With the way she looks, there’s no way she hasn’t dabbled in cosmetic treatments. I mean, she looks unlike a human and anybody would tell you that it’s not natural. She is mostly suspected of having Botox and fillers. She is also thought to have had a facelift.

Jeanne Pratt has clearly had too much plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comJeanne Pratt has clearly had too much plastic surgery.
Image Source: Herald Sun

Okay, Jeanne is a super influential public figure in Australia and she may have been known for her reach in the past but now, the talks of her appearance precede her and anything she does. She kind of intrigues people with her looks in the worst way possible and there’s nothing they would rather talk about. Every single time she makes a public appearance, social media becomes rife with speculations about her plastic surgery.

Given how Jeanne Pratt looks, nobody would be surprised. She just looks so weird that one can’t really take their eyes off of her face. People could stare at her for hours and yet, they could not take it all in. They would not be able to figure out just what she looks like (because she surely does not look human). She kind of takes everyone’s breath away with her looks and not in a good way. She’s messed her face big time with plastic surgery. At this point, she could be the poster child of anti-cosmetic surgery if there’s such a thing.

Jeanne has ruined her appearance. She looks completely unrecognizable from her younger days. Lots of people have said that she looks like an alien. Well, nobody, on looking at her, would think that she’s a human (she’s way past uncanny valley now it has reached a whole new level of spooky and creepy) much less the person she was when she was younger. It’s not hard to figure out that she has had plastic surgery.

What Plastic Surgery Made Jeanne Pratt Look The Way She Does?

Jeanne Pratt is suspected of having Botox and fillers. houseandwhips.comJeanne Pratt is suspected of having Botox and fillers.
Image Source: Herald Sun

As for what cosmetic procedure she has had, most people suspect that she has had Botox and fillers, too much of it. Given how she looks like she is masquerading as a human being and not like an actual human because of her waxy skin and pillowy complexion, you can tell that Jeanne Pratt has spent more money and more time than needed on the anti-wrinkle injection and fillers. Did she not know that there’s such a thing as too much plastic surgery?

If she did and still did what she did to her face, it’s just poor judgment on her part because now, it looks like her face is melting away any second now. If only she had committed to aging gracefully, she could have avoided looking like a poor caricature of a human being, like a mannequin. But with no lack of resources, Jeanne Pratt opted to have cosmetic treatments and she just chose the worst doctor to work with because plastic surgery is not always bad, it has fetched some great results as well.

Unfortunately for her, it does not look like she is going to have great results with cosmetic treatments because she’s messed her face way beyond measure to fix it again. Maybe, if she stops with her Botox and fillers and once it settles down, she will start looking a bit natural but that will be all. Jeanne Pratt may never go on to look like a regular person who has not had cosmetic procedures. Excessive plastic surgery is certainly going to take a toll on her face.

Note that these are all mere speculations on the part of the observers and Jeanne Pratt has never confirmed having plastic surgery at all.