Jeannie Berlin’s Plastic Surgery: Botox and Facelift Rendered The Actress’ Face Expressionless?


Jeannie Berlin's Plastic Surgery: Botox and Facelift Rendered The Actress' Face Expressionless?

Jeannie Berlin, following the premiere of Season 4 of Succession, has been the subject of plastic surgery speculations. Fans think she compromised her emoting abilities and skills as an actress when she made the choice of undergoing cosmetic procedures such as Botox, fillers, and a facelift to appear younger than her age. Jeannie Berlin, however, has neither acknowledged the plastic surgery speculations nor responded to criticism of her acting performance.

Jeannie Berlin used to be easily considered one of the best and most serious actresses. People loved to watch her on screens and stage. Elaine May‘s daughter was just that great. Her 1972 comedy film The Heartbreak Kid, which got her her Academy Award and a nomination for Golden Globe is still rewatched a lot. She also did great in Sheila Levine Is Dead and Living in New York.

For the millennials and gen-Z, Jeannie Berlin might be known more for films such as Margaret, Inherent Vice, Café Society, and The Fabelmans. She has also appeared in the HBO miniseries The Night Of and had recurring roles in the Amazon Prime series Hunters, and the HBO series Succession. However, she is not considered much of a serious actress now.

And it’s all because of plastic surgery. Fans have noticed that after she began to appear younger with the help of Botox and a facelift, she lost her emoting abilities and her expressions. She began to look stiffy, robotic, and monotonous in all the roles she played. And she was criticized as an actress for allowing to compromise on that. Let’s talk about Jeannie Berlin’s plastic surgery!

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Jeannie Berlin’s Plastic Surgery: Fans Suspect Botox, Fillers, and, a Facelift Has Affected Her Emoting Abilities!

Jeannie Berlin is widely believed to have taken the aid of several plastic surgery procedures such as Botox, fillers, facelift, and chemical peels to fight aging and appear younger than her 73 years. Her fans are not happy that she chose to go the route of cosmetic surgery because they think that her acting skills and emoting abilities have been compromised when she did so.

Jeannie Berlin has been rendered expressionless by plastic surgery is what fans have been saying.

Jeannie Berlin has been rendered expressionless by plastic surgery is what fans have been saying.
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So, the fourth installment of Succession recently premiered and everywhere on social media is talking about the series. All the cast members of the show have done their job brilliantly but that’s not what people are discussing. They are discussing how lackluster Jeannie Berlin’s performance was and how expressionless her face was. This might be surprising considering how Berlin is considered to be a really talented actress and used to be praised for her acting chops. However, plastic surgery seems to have taken that away from her.

That’s right. If you have not been keeping up, gone are the days when Jeannie Berlin used to be praised to the heavens for her acting. Now, you will only see people complain about how her performance is subpar and how she can’t do justice to any of the characters and all just because she chose to have plastic surgery on her face. Fans have not failed to notice how the regression of her acting skills coincided with her transformation to a more youthful appearance.

What I mean to say is that it’s plastic surgery procedures such as Botox, fillers, and facelifts have taken away the emoting abilities of Jeannie Berlin by messing with her face. She has been rendered completely expressionless because of the anti-wrinkle injection which works by freezing the facial muscles. Now, she can’t move her face and not being able to move your face does not bode well if you are an actor.

Jeannie Berlin looks young for her age now because of Botox and facelift but plastic surgery has essentially taken away her emoting abilities.

Jeannie Berlin looks young for her age now because of Botox and facelift but plastic surgery has essentially taken away her emoting abilities.
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Botox and a facelift have made Jeannie Berlin’s face too tight and now she is stuck that way. So, when the camera rolls and she is supposed to emote and act and express, she can’t because her facial muscles have been paralyzed. Her face – it does look too good and youthful for her age (she is 73), it’s too smooth and devoid of any wrinkles and lines and she does not even have crow’s feet. Remember how she looked at the 2023 SAG Awards? Beautiful and young but expressionless. Yeah, it might be all Botox and facelift.

There’s no doubt that Jeannie Berlin looks much younger and great for her age but what use is looking great when it hinders her ability to act? It’s not about people expecting her to look the same as when she was young. It’s more about the mobility of her face and her ability to give expressions. Maybe people wouldn’t have minded much if she looked her age but could act. Or maybe they would but you know they wouldn’t be able to call her a bad actress. Plastic surgery seems to have done that.

Now, her expressions, fans say, tend to be monotonous and boring. Jeannie Berlin, who was once regarded as one of the greatest actresses, is now mocked for appearing strange and robotic. She looks emotionless which is not fitting for any of the characters she plays. See now, it is a little annoying when fans speculate plastic surgery about some other celebrity just for the sake of it but in her case, it reflects badly on her because of how it is affecting her.

It doesn’t really matter if the actress appears decades younger and has a smoother, tighter, and less saggy face with the help of plastic surgery when it affects her ability to act.