Jeff Probst’s Plastic Surgery: Why Did He Look So Young? The Survivor Host Then and Now!


Jeff Probst's Plastic Surgery: Why Did He Look So Young? The Survivor Host Then and Now!

Jeff Probst had always prompted plastic surgery speculations because he never aged and kept on looking as young as the day he first hosted Survivor. Viewers thought he had undergone a facelift and Botox. After the pandemic, Jeff Probst seemed to have aged a lot and lost his naturalness which again sparked plastic surgery rumors. This time, fans thought he had fillers. 

Jeff Probst is an American television personality and executive producer who is best known as the reality show host of the U.S. version of Survivor. He has been hosting the reality series since 2000 and he won the first Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program in 2008. He bagged the same award in 2009, 2010, and 2011 as well. He also hosted The Jeff Probst Show, a syndicated daytime talk show produced by CBS Television Distribution from September 2012 to May 2013.

The 43rd season of Survivor which just aired recently got people speculating that he has had plastic surgery. People could only notice and get a little freaked out about how he managed to look so young even two decades after he started doing the show. And now, they saw that he had aged after all which they believe to be due to cosmetic procedures. Here are more details about Jeff Probst’s plastic surgery!

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Jeff Probst’s Plastic Surgery: Viewers Suspect He Has Had a Facelift, Botox, and Fillers!

Jeff Probst (@jeffprobst) has been hosting the US version of Survivor for more than two decades now. He was 40 when he started doing the show and now he is 61. He has been on the reality competition series for 43 seasons now. That practically makes him a television icon now. He can also claim the title on the ground of his hosting style. The viewers have noticed his penchant for interacting with contestants on a compassionate personal level and they appreciate it very much.

Another thing they noticed was his appearance and how it hasn’t changed like at all in the 20 years. He didn’t seem to be aging like a normal person which frankly freaked people out a little bit when they observed him firsthand over the years not developing so much as a wrinkle. Surely, he ought to have had plastic surgery because that’s not natural, people thought.

There were other theories besides plastic surgery. Some believed that as a host of such a show as Survivor, he would be inclined to have a very active lifestyle. He did look very fit and his physique was very impressive, especially considering his age. So, many fans credited Jeff Probst’s youth at his age to youthful vigor.

Another crazy theory, which is very unlikely and definitely not true at all, was that Jeff Probst was immortal. Fans went insane wondering how it was possible to not age in 20 years. It did not help that his face showed no signs of having undergone any plastic surgery procedure. So, they even arrived at this ridiculous hypothesis. Because it checked out that immortality prevents people from aging which seemed to have been something happening to him.

Before people who believed the immortality theory could form something like a cult, people ditched the idea and just settled on plastic surgery. Many people began wondering what kind of cosmetic surgery he had been having as anti-aging procedures to keep himself looking young and maintain his looks. And it was hard to tell because he looked so fresh and natural. So, whatever procedure he underwent, he did it very subtly and it was work done very well.

Many thought Jeff Probst had undergone a facelift because his skin was smooth and tight as when he was young. There were no wrinkles and lines on his face and his face had not gone all loose and started sagging down. He could have had the perfect dose of Botox as well. Either way, he seems to have perfected the art of looking naturally young with the aid of plastic surgery.

But, just as people got used to the idea of Jeff Probst looking too young for his age, after the pandemic, he came back on Survivor with a new look. The aging he didn’t do but should have according to the laws of nature seemed to have finally caught him. Not only did he lose his youth, but he also seemed to have lost his naturalness. People thought it was a case of plastic surgery gone wrong.

Reddit users said that the Emmy winner felt hella artificial on Season 41 of Survivor. According to them, he didn’t look that old in Season 40. He looked drastically different and it all looked like he got plastic surgery. And not a good one because you should not have been able to tell. Many thought he looked very over-the-top and off-putting. They suspected that he got fillers because his face looked a bit softened and had that pillowy complexion.

Jeff Probst has never once addressed the speculations of plastic surgery so, we can’t tell if Reddit users are correct in their guesses or not.

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