Jelena Ostapenko’s Weight Gain 2023: Does the Tennis Player Have Diabetes? Or Is She Pregnant? Did She Have a Baby?


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Jelena Ostapenko's Weight Gain 2023: Does the Tennis Player Have Diabetes? Or Is She Pregnant? Did She Have a Baby?

Jelena Ostapenko has sparked intense discussions about her weight gain after she appeared in the Australian Open 2023 looking a ‘bit bigger and fat.’ Because she has not acknowledged those concerns, people have begun to come up with theories and have started several rumors. Some people think that Jelena Ostapenko has diabetes because she has been gaining weight steadily for some years now. It’s not just in 2023. Some think she had weight gain because she’s pregnant while others believe she has already had a baby. She has never mentioned diabetes, pregnancy, or a baby.

Jeļena Ostapenko, who is also known as Aļona Ostapenko, is a Latvian professional tennis player. She’s one of the important members of the Latvia Fed Cup Team. Besides playing in the country, she also has played internationally representing her country. She has career-high WTA rankings of world No. 5 in singles. She achieved that on 19 March 2018. She also has reached world No. 9 in doubles. She did that on 22 August 2022.

In 2017, she won the French Open singles title and became the first player from Latvia to win a Grand Slam singles tournament. She also became the first unseeded player to win the French Open since 1933. She has won seven singles and eight doubles titles on the ITF Women’s Circuit and she has also won the junior singles event at the 2014 Wimbledon Championships.

She’s currently participating in the Australian Open 2023. When she appeared to play in the tournament looking ‘a bit bigger and fat’, she sparked weight gain speculations. Many think she has health issues, they think she had diabetes. Some believe that she is pregnant and some that she has already had a baby. But are all those speculations true? Let’s find out more about Jelena Ostapenko’s weight gain!

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Jelena Ostapenko’s Weight Gain 2023: Fans Believe She Looks Fat Because of Diabetes; Some Think She’s Pregnant and Others Believe She Has Already Had a Baby!

As Jelena Ostapenko (@jelena.ostapenko) is currently occupied playing and winning in the Australian Open 2023, there have been a lot of talks and rumors on social media about her weight gain. Those rumors had been building up for some years now but it really hit its peak now because people can’t get over how big Jelena looks compared to before. Everyone on the internet is going ‘why does she look so fat?’ She’s playing in an important phase of her career, so don’t expect her to acknowledge these questions right now.

Because Jelena Ostapenko has not addressed her visible weight gain yet (if it wasn’t mentioned before, she’s busy in the Australian Open 2023 right now), people have begun speculating and thus, some serious rumors have started to take the rise of the whole thing, especially the one about her health.

Like people are claiming that the cause of her weight gain is that she has Type 1 diabetes. It’s true that diabetes causes some people to gain weight but when has Jelena Ontapenko ever mentioned that she is diabetic? It’s crazy to speculate on her health condition in that way without any information and indications regarding that matter. There can be many different reasons behind her weight gain.

Because the tennis player is young, she is just 25 years old, fans argue that her weight gain has to be because of diabetes. Because surely, Jeļena Ostapenko didn’t let go of herself and she is not old to be gaining weight with time, they say. According to Medical News Today, younger adults who suffer from Type 1 diabetes have a higher likelihood of gaining excess body weight than other people who do not. Statistics say at least 85% of people with diabetes are either overweight or have obesity. It’s also possible for them to gain as a side effect of insulin therapy.

This was all the information about diabetes that made fans speculate on Jelena Ostapenko’s health and believe that she does have diabetes all the while that the subject of the rumor herself has made no comments about it. If she wants to share what’s going on with her, she will at some point. There is really no need to justify her weight gain with baseless rumors formed with very little knowledge. It can be dangerous. Fans really need to get a grip on themselves.

Because if it’s not her health that is the cause of weight gain, if it is not diabetes that’s making Jelena Ostapenko fat, it’s because she is pregnant. Yup, some fans who don’t believe that she is diabetic because there is no indication of that and she herself has never mentioned being one ever think that she is pregnant. Of course, she has not said that she is pregnant either and there is no indication that she is. Weight gain alone cannot be an indication that she is because it can be caused by a lot of different reasons.

But that’s ridiculous because Jelena Ostapenko is out there playing her best in the Australian Open 2023. She can’t be pregnant right now. She is not pregnant right now. Because she was but now, she already had her baby, and the weight gain is her post-baby weight gain. Some people who don’t believe that she is carrying a baby think it’s because she already had one.

So, Jelena Ostapenko’s fanbase which is concerned (way too much, if you ask me) with her weight is divided into three factions. One thinks that she has health issues and she is diabetic, another believes that she is pregnant, and the rest speculate that she has already had a baby. Meanwhile, the Latvian sports personality has not once talked about her weight gain.

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