Jenna Coleman Nose Job: Has She Had Rhinoplasty?


Jenna Coleman's fans want to know if she has had a nose job.

Jenna Coleman definitely has one of the cutest noses in the entertainment industry and people can’t help but think she has had a nose job. Though there are no before and after pictures of the actress for reference because her nose has always looked the same way since she started her career, people can’t imagine that anyone could have such a beautiful nose naturally without rhinoplasty. Jenna Coleman has never addressed the speculations of her nose job.

Jenna Coleman is a fantastic actress and she has proved that through and through the regal roles she has taken. She was very promising when she played the role of Jasmine Thomas in the soap opera Emmerdale and she has lived up to that promise. She made everyone swoon over her with her portrayal of Clara Oswald in the science-fiction series Doctor Who.

She looked very queenly and majestic when she played Queen Victoria in the period drama Victoria. She won everyone with that performance. She also got a lot of appreciation for her acting in the role of Joanna Lindsay in the crime miniseries The Cry and in the role of Marie-Andree Leclerc in another crime miniseries The Serpent. Not only did Jenna Coleman take the television world by storm but she also looked very right for the big screen when she did Captain America: The First Avenger and Me Before You.

Can you tell already that she is a very beloved actress and that she has millions of fans who take an interest in her and what’s life like for her when she is not busy crushing the roles she’s playing? They not only appreciate her acting but her beauty as well. They especially and a bit weirdly are obsessed with her nose because according to them, it’s one of the most beautiful things you will ever see in a human. Because her nose is perfection, they wonder if she has had a nose job. They can’t imagine that anyone would ever have such a perfect feature naturally. So, has Jenna Coleman had a nose job? Let’s find out!

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Has Jenna Coleman Had a Nose Job?

Jenna Coleman's fans want to know if she has had a nose job. houseandwhips.comJenna Coleman’s fans want to know if she has had a nose job.
Image Source: Vulture

Jenna Coleman‘s (@jenna_coleman_) fans can’t bring themselves to believe that anyone could ever have such a perfect nose without getting a nose job. So, they want to hear from her whether or not she had plastic surgery to alter her facial features.

The two things you cannot deny about the Victoria actress are that she looks beautiful and that she has one of the most beautiful noses in the world. Like it’s unreal how perfect her nose is. People could write poems and essays about it and they have. You may be surprised to learn that there are several wonderfully and poetically written blogs about it. Maybe it would not have meant anything if she was a regular girl (there would not be poems written about her nose for sure) but because she is a celebrity, people can’t help but wonder if she had a nose job.

Like I said, they cannot fathom how anyone could have such a flawless nose and why Jenna Coleman should be the lucky one in that regard. So, she had to have her nose done to look like that, they think. Because is it even possible that she should have an ideal nose that’s both cute and small with a slight button at the tip and a perfect arching curve on the bridge without having a nose job? It really looks like a work of art but is it nature’s work or a surgeon’s?

The England native’s irresistible nose’s authenticity is often doubted because of how artistic and aesthetic it is. The upturn on the tip of it, that flawless arc has been described as a perfect little ski slope. Plus, her side profile probably does things to aestheticians because it’s so stunning, coming to an aesthetically pleasing point. Her nose seems like a dream so, no wonder people wonder if she had a nose job.

Jenna Coleman Has Not Admitted to Having a Nose Job!

Jenna Coleman has not addressed the speculations of her nose job. houseandwhips.comJenna Coleman has not addressed the speculations of her nose job.
Image Source: The Telegraph

But did Jenna Coleman really have plastic surgery to alter her nose? If yes, why are there no before and after pictures? No pictures of her could be taken for reference to her nose job because she has always had the same nose since the beginning of her career. It has never looked less than perfect and less flawless. So, it would mean that though it looks unreal and seems like a dream, it’s very real and for some reason, nature has chosen her to show the most beautiful nose it could make.

Besides, Jenna Coleman has never addressed the speculations of a nose job and it’s probably because there is no substantial or circumstantial evidence that she had the plastic surgery and she does not feel bothered with the incessant rumors.