Jenna Ortega’s Weight Loss: How Much The Wednesday Cast Weigh Now As of 2022? What Are Her Workout Routine and Diet Plans?


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Jenna Ortega's Weight Loss: How Much The Wednesday Cast Weigh Now As of 2022? What Are Her Workout Routine and Diet Plans?

Jenna Ortega’s weight loss seems to be the latest topic of discussion following the release of Wednesday. The actress seemed to have gotten slimmer than before. Fans want to know more about Jenna Ortega’s weight loss, workouts, and diet plans. 

Jenna Ortega is an American actress who first gained recognition as a child actress for her role as young Jane on The CW comedy-drama series Jane the Virgin. She also starred as Harley Diaz on the Disney Channel series Stuck in the Middle which was her breakthrough role for which won her an Imagen Award. From 2016 to 2020, she performed the voice role of Princess Isabel on Elena of Avalor.

In 2019, she appeared in the second season of the Netflix thriller series You in the role of Ellie Alves and two years later, in 2021, she did Netflix family film Yes Day and starred in the teen drama The Fallout. She went on to star in the slasher films X and Scream. She recently did Wednesday.

With her appearance in Netflix’s latest adaptation of The Addams Family, she came into the spotlight and people noticed that she has had a minor weight loss. Fans are curious to know what kind of workout routines and diet plans she followed to be that slender. Learn more about Jenna Ortega’s weight loss, workout routines, and diet plans!

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Jenna Ortega’s Weight Loss: Check Out Her Workout Routines and Diet Plans!

Jenna Ortega (@jennaortega) appears much slimmer and trimmer than her fans were used to seeing, in Netflix’s Wednesday – the latest adaptation of The Addams Family– in which she plays the titular character taking the mantle from Christina Ricci. Her appearance has sparked weight loss rumors and the curiosity about her workout routine and diet plans has increased. Fans want to know what kind of exercises she does and what kind of meals she has on a daily basis.

After Netflix released Wednesday, there were a lot of things to be unpacked. Like who the monster was. But above it all, the lead actress’ appearance and weight loss seem to have taken the cake. Now, has she transformed completely and massively to the point where everyone is talking about it? Well, no! But she recently turned 20 and left her teenage years behind her. And with those teenage years, she looked like she left behind her teenage roundishness as well.

Jenna Ortega’s face looks much more slender than she used to before now that she seems to have lost the baby fat from her cheeks and she appears to have gotten leaner in the body as well. Nothing extreme but one you can spot easily and immediately if you see the person after a long time. So, nothing significant but definitely weight loss and Jenna looks great after losing weight. So, fans have been dying to know her workout routine and diet plans so they can follow those too!

Speaking of her workout routines (that probably led to her weight loss), the Jane the Virgin actress is said to depend on day-to-day physical activity for her current state of fitness though she does not go without exercise and some light workout sessions. She mostly loves doing yoga, stretching, and some lightweight training.

In an interview, when Jenna Ortega was asked which body part was her favorite to work out, she replied that her legs were her favorite to work out. She said that she liked working out her legs the most because they were the strongest part of her body. So, she does a lot of running and playing soccer has been something she absolutely adored since she was a child. She also loves doing squats.

Apart from the exercises and workout Jenna Ortega does, people also want to know more about what kind of meals she has and what her diet plans include. After all, her eating habits also impact how she turns out physically and that also is the secret of her weight loss and the secret behind how she is going to maintain her fitness. Food and calorie intake are sort of vital for that.

The Fallout star follows a vegan diet plan and has been following that plan for a long time. She said that she eats healthy and always tries to eat clean and chooses nutritious options as much as possible. She also revealed that though she rarely has a cheat meal, when she does get a sugar craving, she won’t deny herself a chocolate cake. She also said that she drinks a lot of water to keep herself hydrated and to keep her energy up. If she had been getting stricter with her diet plan, no wonder she had that weight loss.

However, that may not hold up as well because Jenna Ortega is no longer a vegan now because she has added fish to her diet. She revealed in an interview that she stopped being vegan when she went to Romania to shoot Wednesday. She said that the food was very different there and she had a feeling that she was not meeting her everyday nutritious requirement so, she started eating fish. She now identifies as a pescatarian. She now prefers broccoli and salmon the most.

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