Jennifer Grey Before and After Nose Job: The Story of Her Rhinoplasty!

Derick Scholz

Jennifer Grey's before and after nose job pictures show how drastically her face has changed.

Jennifer Grey looked completely different and unrecognizable after she got a nose job. The Dirty Dancing actress never wanted to get plastic surgery in the first place but because everyone kept commenting about her nose, she went through with it. Jennifer Grey ended up losing her identity and career as a result of the nose job she got the second time. 

Have you watched Dirty Dancing? Of course, you have. Everybody has. It’s one of the most important movies in the pop culture zeitgeist. That’s the movie that catapulted Jennifer Grey to global fame. After playing the role of Frances “Baby” Houseman in the 1987 romantic comedy, she became a star overnight and you would think that’s the best thing that could ever happen to anyone. But things are not always as they look.

With the spotlight came intense scrutiny of her appearance, especially of her nose. So, people talked about her nose, it’s not that serious, many might think. But that was no small issue. It really messed with her self-esteem and she eventually felt cornered to get a nose job to alter her face. If she had thought that getting plastic surgery and modifying her one facial feature that stood out would solve her problem and stop people from talking, then how wrong she was! Let’s talk about how Jennifer Grey looked before and after a nose job!

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Jennifer Grey Before and After Nose Job: Why Did She Get Rhinoplasty?

Jennifer Grey (@jennifergrey) got two nose jobs despite being against plastic surgery and she has regretted it ever since. The question is why she opted to have rhinoplasty if she didn’t want to and what about it she regrets till now.

Jennifer Grey got a nose job which cost her, her career and her identity. houseandwhips.comJennifer Grey got a nose job which cost her, her career and her identity.
Image Source: Deadline

Everyone talked about the actress’s nose and always commented about it which she hated. But looking at it now, it wasn’t half as bad as what happened afterward. If Jennifer Grey thought it was intolerable how people commented on her nose, she was in for a lifetime lesson learned the hard way after ‘losing’ that nose. It was definitely not easy for her to listen to Andy Warhol say that Grey’s dad had a nose job and ask why he wouldn’t make sure she had one too.

And when people ignored everything else about her and just talked and made comments about her nose as if that was all she was, she would take a hit at her self-esteem. That way, she was always headed for a nose job sooner or later. The Reckless actress would be all defensive like, ‘I’m a person with other features and other amazing characteristics, why is everyone so hung up on the nose?’  But that defense did not hold for long because even after the massive success of Dirty Dancing, her career didn’t take off as she wanted it to and her mother said that it was because of her nose. To bring her career on track, she got a nose job.

Both of Jennifer Grey’s parents had undergone rhinoplasty surgery in order to not appear Jewish because they, at least her mother, believed that their ethnic nose would either get them typecasted or ignored. Her mother, Jo Wilder, encouraged her to get a nose job because she thought it would get casting directors to consider her for future roles.

She was saying, ‘Guess what? It’s too hard to cast you. Make it easier for them.’ And then I did and she was right. It wasn’t like, ‘You’re not pretty.’ It’s like, ‘Guess what? If you don’t want to be an actor, okay. But if you wanna be an actor…

Jennifer Grey Didn’t Want to Get a Nose Job!

So, even though Jennifer Grey was vehemently against rhinoplasty (she thought it was capitulating and like surrendering to the enemy camp) and believed that she was good enough and that she shouldn’t have to get plastic surgery because she was beautiful enough, people’s comments about her nose along with her stagnant career got to her which eventually led to her getting a nose job.


Jennifer Grey was against getting a nose job because she thought it was capitulating.
Jennifer Grey was against getting a nose job because she felt it was capitulating.
Image Source: HuffPost UK

The Ferris Bueller’s Day Off star went for a consultation with “the granddaddy of nose job” after which she learned that she was breathing at 20% capacity because she had a deviated septum and didn’t have a tip on her nose. After the consultation, she went ahead with plastic surgery, asking to leave the bump as it was and just fine-tune her nose, hoping that she would be cast as something other than Jew. She didn’t like it because she had spent much of her adult life trying to love and accept herself the way she was and she saw that nose job as an admission of defeat.

But Jennifer Grey felt that she had to do it for her career and so, she got the nose job. And that seemed to work because her acting career took off once again and she was very happy with the results. But that didn’t last long. About a year after getting rhinoplasty while she was filming Wind, she noticed white cartilage at the tip of her nose. She had to get another nose job to get that fixed. She told her doctor that she was happy with her nose so, they didn’t really need to alter anything as her appearance couldn’t change mid-shoot.

Why Did Jennifer Grey Regret Her Nose Job?

However, the doctors ended up altering her nose as requested and as a result, Jennifer Grey‘s face completely changed after getting a nose job for the second time. When she looked at herself for the first time after the second rhinoplasty, she couldn’t make sense of what she was seeing. She felt that something bad had happened. Looking at her new nose, she felt like she was on mushrooms, having a bad hallucinogenic trip. That was the one she regretted because it ultimately led her to lose her “identity and her career overnight.”

That nose job basically took the essence of Jennifer Grey’s appearance because she looked unrecognizable after that. Post-op, when she attended a premier, nobody could tell it was her. Not even her friends, including Michael Douglas. It really hurt her the way plastic surgery had turned out because it really isolated her and she had not even wanted to go through that in the first place. She had not regretted anything more than that rhinoplasty at that moment.

That was the first time I had gone out in public. And it became the thing, the idea of being completely invisible, from one day to the next. In the world’s eyes, I was no longer me. And the weird thing was that thing that I resisted my whole life, and the thing I was so upset with my mother for always telling me I should do my nose.

Jennifer Grey looked completely unrecognizable after getting a second nose job. houseandwhips.comJennifer Grey looked completely unrecognizable after getting a second nose job.
Image Source: Insider

That nose job took away the character from Jennifer Grey’s face and effectively ended her career. How ironic it was that she got rhinoplasty to increase her career prospects and it ended up killing it instead! She only realized in the aftermath of it all that her nose was unique and that it had shaped and defined her career before ultimately breaking it. Because she looked drastically different, she lost her uniqueness and that left her unrecognizable and without steady work.

The Dancing with the Stars winner would receive back-handed compliments about her new look but what use was it? She would rather go back to that time before she had her first nose job when people would make unflattering comments about it. Because even if people mocked the way she looked then, she still had her identity and career. But after she got the second nose job, she lost it all as if her whole existence and identity was her nose.

I am as I was at the beginning, not as a whole person but as a nose.

In her memoir Out of the Corner, Jennifer Grey wrote that she felt like she committed a crime after getting that nose job and that she became just a “cautionary tale, a punch line” for people. She essentially banished herself from Hollywood by getting that nose job.

It seemed that I had committed an unforgivable crime; willfully stripping away the only thing that made me special.