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Jennifer Hedger's Plastic Surgery: Has She Had Botox?

Jun 1, 2023 @ 20:02 GMT+0000
Jennifer Hedger is believed to have had plastic surgery because she has not aged at all.

Jennifer Hedger cannot evade plastic surgery speculations because of how youthful and fresh she still looks, at the age of 47. Fans suspect the television personality has had tons of cosmetic procedures including Botox, a facelift, a neck lift, an eyebrow lift, and laser peels, to fight the signs of aging. Jennifer Hedger has never responded to those plastic surgery speculations. 

Jennifer Hedger is the co-host of TSN's nightly sports news program SportsCentre. She started co-anchoring the sports news program in 2002 and now, has been with the news program for more than two decades now. You could have literally seen her aging process, go from being young to slowly aging and transition into an older person in those two decades. She's 47 now. But because she most likely had plastic surgery, it feels like she's the same person she was about 21 years back.

She has not aged at all and this might only be because she got work done to not age. Let's learn more about Jennifer Hedger's plastic surgery!

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Has Jennifer Hedger Had Plastic Surgery?

Jennifer Hedger (@jenhedger) managing to look as youthful and fresh as ever has led people to believe that she has had plastic surgery because she can't look naturally young like that at her age. Fans suspect that she has had Botox, a facelift, a neck lift, an eyebrow lift, and chemical peels.

Jennifer Hedger not aging at all has led to people speculating she has had plastic surgery. Jennifer Hedger not aging at all has led to people speculating she has had plastic surgery.
Image Source: TSN

You cannot simply know Jennifer Hedger's age and then not wonder why she looks that young because nobody looks like her at 47. I mean, where are the lines and wrinkles that show her age? Where are the drooping eyes and cheeks that reflect the years she has lived? Where are the laugh lines and creases that show her experience? Just where is her aging in general? These are rhetorical questions, of course, because we know that the obvious answer is plastic surgery removed them all.

If anyone's thinking that those allegations are a bit presumptive, then how do you explain the sports broadcaster looking as she did in her 20s as she is nearing her 50s? She cannot have been blessed with the magical ability to dodge aging. But what she can have done as many have done is get plastic surgery to retain their looks from when they were younger for vanity. People in the entertainment world tend to be like that.

There's no question as to whether or not Jennifer Hedger had plastic surgery or not. She has not ever responded to the allegations that she had cosmetic procedures to look young. No confirmation or denial. But many fans have taken her silence regarding the whole thing to mean that it's a confirmation. "She didn't want to admit it, so she's staying silent." They are sure of it.

The only question they have is: What plastic surgery has  Jennifer Hedger had?

What Plastic Surgery Has Jennifer Hedger Had?

Jennifer Hedger has a very smooth face. She does not have any lines or wrinkles on her face. Like there are not even minimal lines and she's 47. She had to have gotten Botox injections because it's not possible that one does not get any creases on their face as they near their 50s. Besides, look at the skin texture. Is it just pictures and photoshopping because there's really none?

Jennifer Hedger is believed to have had Botox, a facelift, a neck lift, an eyebrow lift, and chemical peels. Jennifer Hedger is believed to have had Botox, a facelift, a neck lift, an eyebrow lift, and chemical peels.
Image Source: Instagram

Besides Botox, Hedger also supposedly had a facelift. Given that her face has not sagged down like it was supposed to already and she still looks very youthful and fresh, she had to have plastic surgery for that. Also, her face looks tight as always which can be only due to a facelift. There can be nothing natural about the way she looks like that at her age, right?

Also, Jennifer Hedger is also believed to have a neck lift. Usually, it's very easy to tell if anyone had plastic surgery on their face or not by looking at their neck because if one has not had a neck lift, their neck looks wrinkly and saggy and the distinction is remarkable. In case of Hedger, she seems to have found a solution to that and gotten a neck lift because how rejuvenated the bottom half of her face and neck looks!

She is also thought to have had an eyebrow lift because her brows are higher than ever. Her eye area has been said by many to look very fresh like when she was young. Now, years have passed but her eye looks the very same if not more rejuvenated and it's simply not possible without plastic surgery. It cannot have been the best skincare or the best diet regime or best workout regime as well.

Jennifer Hedger is also thought to have had chemical peels. That might be why her skin looks the softest and the smoothest.

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