Jenny Ryan ‘The Vixen’ Looks Confident Post Weight Loss


Jenny Ryan ‘The Vixen’ Looks Confident Post Weight Loss – Jenny Ryanalso known as The Vixen to ITV viewers, has recently undergone a weight loss journey that has received positive feedback from both supporters and critics. 

Jenny Alexis Ryan, better known as Jenny Ryan, is an English quizzer, singer, and television personality best known as one of the six chasers on the ITV game show, The Chase, where she is known as The Vixen. The 41-year-old star has recently stunned many viewers with her weight loss journey. As evidenced by her latest appearance appears slimmer than before. So, if you’re curious to know more about her transformation, we’ve got you covered.

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Jenny Ryan (aka The Vixen) Has Stunned Many Fans With Her Weight Loss Transformation!

Jenny Ryan (@jenny_from_the_quiz), best known as The Vixen on the ITV quiz show, The Chase, has received an abundance of supportive letters from her devoted fan base following her stunning weight loss reveal. The 41-year-old star even shared a gorgeous Instagram photo of herself wearing a flattering green outfit.

Jenny Ryan (The Vixen) appearance after weight loss. houseandwhips.comJenny Ryan (The Vixen) appearance after weight loss.
Image Source: Instagram

According to the Mirror, the TV personality was attending the press night performance of Sunset Boulevard at The Savoy Theatre in London’s West End and posed beside drag queen La Voix. At the time, the singer wore a satin green wrap dress and accessorized with a bold necklace and black-rimmed spectacles.

As we can see, Jenny Ryan looked stunning as she grinned at the cameras and captioned her photo, “Travelling in style.” Furthermore, her supporters were quick to express their love for her, with many describing her as “gorgeous.” Likely, one fan wrote about her transformation: ‘looking gorge in that dress’. Another added: ‘Aww beautiful photo of you both Jenny awww you look gorgeous xxxx.’

If you’re not aware, Jenny told her fans in 2021 that she felt her GP fat-shamed her, which affected her deeply. She wrote: ‘Isn’t modern life great? Your GP can now fat-shame you over the phone, so you don’t have to waste time travelling and sitting in a waiting room before being made to feel awful about your own existence!” She also claimed that her doctor asked her,

‘Do you know your current weight?… Oh… That’s *significantly* lower than last time, well done. Not good enough though, is it?’

Furthermore, in response to a troll who called Jenny Ryan a fat b b***h, her crew fought back that same year. They had written: ‘You’re a pompous arrogant fat ugly b***h. You are the worst chaser.” However, her team of supporters replied with a note saying,

Hi, thanks for getting in touch. Messages to this page are monitored by Jenny’s admin team. We can pass on messages or answer questions. Thank you for your message. You seem like a decent chap which obviously gives you the right to body shame and demean women. Your loved ones must be really proud of you!

Jenny Ryan Struggled to Control Her Emotions During an Emotional Episode of Celebrity Escape to the Country!

Jenny Ryan (The Vixen) had to make a huge decision on an episode of Celebrity Escape to the Country, which she co-hosted with a partner, Thom Tuck. The 41-year-old quiz show queen burst into tears after seeing a cottage she wished to share with her family. Viewers watched her on the BBC show, which had an £850,000 budget.

Jenny Ryan and her partner, Thom Tuck, on Celebrity Escape to the Country. houseandwhips.comJenny Ryan and her partner, Thom Tuck, on Celebrity Escape to the Country.
Image Source: Daily Express

As they were taken around several magnificent properties surrounded by greenery, they had to make some difficult decisions. One luxurious apartment piqued her interest, but she battled to keep her cool as she reminisced about living in London – and discussed moving closer to her original home, closer to her family.

Speaking about her appreciation of the cottage in the surrounding woodland, Jenny Ryan stated, “This feels like the beginning of a fairytale, it is astonishing. I’m hearing the bird song now and I know my stepdad would be in his element here because he’s a keen bird watcher. He’s travelled the world looking at birds.” She then added:

It’s something that we’ve done as a family for quite a few years and it’s part of that going back and enjoying nature. There’s so much more potential for that, for sharing a new stage of life with this property, because it’s got something for all of us and we can share it out more equally.

Later, when Jenny Ryan asked what her plan was at the end of the program, the TV answer expert and her partner Thom stated they did mean to look into purchasing the home – but she informed the host she wanted her parents to go over it first. As a quizzer, she is known for making quick and impulsive decisions but she would take her time in choosing a new home.