Jet Tila’s Net Worth 2022: The Chef Earns The Most From Restaurants and Cookbooks!


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Jet Tila's Net Worth 2022: The Chef Earns The Most From Restaurants and Cookbooks!

Celebrity chef Jet Tila is reported to have amassed a net worth of a whopping $1 million up till now in 2022. The chef primarily earns from the restaurants he has developed and from the cookbooks he has written. Jet Tila has also likely earned money from his television career.

Jet Tila, whose full name is Jet Tilakamonkul, is an American celebrity chef of Thai descent. He is also a cookbook author, restaurateur, and restaurant developer. He was born in Los Angeles in the United States of America on February 6, 1975, to Thai-Chinese parents who had immigrated to America separately in 1966. He and his family have ancestral ties to the southern Chinese Island Province of Hainan.

Jet Tila first began to develop an interest in cooking in 2005 when he first began cooking in his high-school home economics class after his family moved to Virginia Beach. Though by birth, he was an American citizen, when it came to culinary practices, he was heavily inspired by his Thai background.

Jet Tila’s passion for cooking could be said to be inherited from his family which was the first Thai food family in LA, California. His family was the first one to have created the first Bangkok market and established Thai restaurants in the US. Following in the steps of his family, he went on to create a signature style of the traditional Thai food fold of his own by bringing innovation and artistry into it. His contributions to the promotion of Thai cuisine in the American markets were noted and he was appointed the inaugural Culinary Ambassador of Thai Cuisine in Los Angeles by the Royal Thai Consul-General.

Jet Tila has served as a chef of many restaurants like The Charleston and Pakpao Thai. Besides cooking, he also later chose to get into the business side of things. So, he became a restaurant developer as well. He developed Dragon Tiger Noodle Co. in three locations; Las Vegas, Henderson, and Nevada. He has also served as a restaurant developer and minor partner for the chain restaurant Pei Wei Asian Kitchen (also known as Pei Wei Asian Diner, LLC).

As much as restaurant-developing Jet Tila has done, he must credit his fame to his appearances on cooking shows on television. Only after he stepped into the entertainment world taking the culinary route did he gain popularity and thus became a celebrity chef.  His television credits include appearances on reality cooking shows like Beat Bobby Flay, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen, and Guy’s Grocery Games. He was also a contestant in Iron Chef America which he lost. In 2018, he returned to the show as a  floor reporter. As a win, he emerged as the victorious competitor in Guy’s Grocery Games ‘Delivery: All-Star Noodles’.

Tila has also been part of several novelty food-based records, including the world’s largest stir fry, the world’s largest seafood stew, the world’s largest fruit salad, and the world’s largest California roll.

With many achievements in the culinary field to his name, people often wonder how much he earns and how much is his net worth.

Chef Jet Tila’s Net Worth is $1 Million in 2022!

Born and raised in a family of Thai immigrants and coming from a humble background, it really is very impressive how Jet Tila (@jettila) has managed to build an empire and create a fortune for himself. He is estimated to have a net worth of a whopping $1 million.

Although Jet Tila had, at the beginning of his career, started small working as a chef, which used to be his primary source of earning, he has upped his game by entering the business world. He now owns several restaurants which is what earns him his fortune.

The chef-turned-restaurant developer has opened Dragon Tiger Noodle Co. in three locations in Las Vegas, Henderson, and Nevada. He is also a minor partner for the chain restaurant Pei Wei Asian Diner, LLC. With both of the restaurants doing well, it cannot be debated that these are his major source of income now which has contributed to his massive net worth and that he earns the most of his revenues from these restaurants.

Besides owning restaurants, Jet Tila also likely has made a lot of money from his stints on television. His television career is vast and he has featured in a number of reality television shows like Beat Bobby Flay, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen, and Guy’s Grocery Games.

Apart from being a culinary star, the chef has also explored the production aspect of television. As such, he is credited as one of the producers in Chasing the Yum. And not to forget, he still serves as an executive chef of reputable establishments like the Pakipao Thai and The Charleston.

He has also authored many cookbooks like 101 Thai Dishes You Need to Cook Before You Die, Copper Chef Titan Pan, Master of Ramen: The Ultimate Guide to Making Restaurant-Worthy Noodles At Home, and many more, all of which have sold really well.

All of his ventures in cooking, opening restaurants, writing cookbooks, and doing reality television shows have accumulated him a net worth of $1 million.

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