Chef Jet Tila’s Wife: Everything to Know About Spouse Ali Tila!


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Chef Jet Tila’s Wife: Everything to Know About Spouse Ali Tila!

Celebrity Chef Jet Tila has found a wonderful partner and wife in Ali Tila who shares the same passion for culinary arts as himself. Ali Tila is a pastry chef and a cookbook author. She got married to her spouse on May 9, 2011. The wife and the husband share two children; a daughter, Amaya, and a son, Ren. Her age is believed to be somewhere between 35 and 44 since she looks younger than Jet Tila, whose age is 47.

Jet Tilakamonkul, who is known by his stage name Jet Tila, is an American celebrity chef, author, restaurateur, and restaurant developer. He was born on February 6, 1975, in Los Angeles to Thai-Chinese parents who immigrated to the USA in 1966. His family has ties to the southern Chinese Island Province of Hainan where they have traced their ancestry.

Jet Tila moved to Virginia Beach with his family in 2005. There he first began cooking in his home economics class after which he started to inherit a passion for cooking from his family. After all, his family was the first Thai food family in LA, California. They were the ones who established the first Thai markets and restaurants in the US.

As a scion of the family, Jet Tila went on to create a signature style of the traditional Thai food fold by bringing innovation and artistry into it. He was appointed as the inaugural Culinary Ambassador of Thai Cuisine in Los Angeles by Royal Thai Consul-General.

His contributions to the culinary notwithstanding, Jet Tila actually gained prominence after he began to dabble in the culinary-entertainment world; cooking shows.

His television career is vast and includes being the new floor reporter on Iron Chef America, Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain, Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen, Beat Bobby Flay, Guy’s Grocery Games, and The Today Show. He has also hosted Food Network’s Ready Jet Cook.

Not only is Jet Tila been a chef and has served in the restaurants like The Charleston and Pakipao Thai, but he is also a restaurant developer. In 2020, he opened the Dragon Tiger Noodle Co. in three locations Las Vegas, Henderson, and Nevada. He is also a restaurant developer and minor partner for the chain restaurant Pei Wei Asian Kitchen (also known as Pei Wei Asian Diner, LLC).

Tila has also been part of several novelty food-based records, including the world’s largest stir fry, world’s largest seafood stew, world’s largest fruit salad, and the world’s largest California roll.

As much as exciting as how Jet Tila progressed in his career, people find that the thing that interests them the most about him is that he has got a wife who he has a very common interest with and is very similar to him in that respect. Let’s know more about the wife!

Jet Tila’s Wife: Ali Tila Is a Chef and Cookbook Author!

If you’re a foodie, then you don’t just know Jet Tila (@jettila) but also his wife Ali Tila (@alitila) (It is a short name for Allison Tilakmonkul) because she is not just a spouse of a celebrity chef but she is also a pastry cook and a cookbook author. You might be more familiar with the celebrity chef wife from Food Network’s Ben & Jerry’s Clash of The Cones. She served as one of the judges in the show.

Before Ali Tila got into cooking, she worked as a special education teacher for the Los Angeles Unified School District for 15 years. Though the chef’s wife began to love cooking as a 7-year-old at which point she used to make custard from a Mickey Mouse Cookbook, she took a long time to make a career switch to culinary.

This was a huge move for Ali Tila which changed her life because Jet Tila meeting her future wife was a butterfly effect of the wife deciding to get into culinary school. Because Jet had been teaching and Ali entered his life as a student. They dated for two years before they finally tied the knot on May 9, 2011.

The wife, like the husband, has appeared in cooking shows like Cutthroat Kitchen, Guy’s Grocery Games, Beat Bobby Flay, The Kitchen, KTLA 5 morning news, and The Home and Family Show. Ali Tila also, along with Jet Tila, created a very popular live streaming segment #EatLikeaPro that teaches people how to navigate ethnic restaurants, order, and eat like a pro.

Ali Tila is also the partner and manager of the whole Chef Jet Tila business, which includes restaurants in Los Angeles and Dallas, a national fast-casual concept with Compass Group, and a successful culinary consulting business.

She has also co-authored a cookbook with Jet titled 101 Epic Dishes: Recipes That Teach You How to Make the Classics Even More Delicious. They also collaborated on a second cookbook called 101 Thai Dishes You Need To Cook Before You Die.

Ali has two children with Jet, a daughter Amaya and a son Ren.

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