Jim Courier’s Plastic Surgery: Why Does the Former Tennis Player Look so Different at the Australian Open 2023?

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Jim Courier's Plastic Surgery: Why Does the Former Tennis Player Look so Different in the Australian Open 2023?

Jim Courier arrived looking very different to commentate on the Australian Open 2023 which sparked plastic surgery speculations about him. The former tennis player has too smooth and unmoving forehead now and a puffed-up and waxy-looking face which has led people to believe he has had Botox and fillers. Jim Courier, however, has not addressed any of these plastic surgery speculations.

Jim Courier is an American former world No. 1 tennis player. He is one of the greatest players the tennis world had ever seen. By the age of 22 years and 11 months, he had reached the singles finals of all four majors. He became the youngest man to do so. He has won four major singles titles, two at the French Open and two at the Australian Open. He also won five Masters titles.

Since he retired in 2005, he’s been working as a tennis commentator. He has notably worked for the host broadcaster of the Australian Open, Nine. He also commentates and co-hosts Australian Ninja Warrior for Nine. Plus, he serves as an analyst for Tennis Channel and Prime Video Sport. Currently, he’s commentating on the Australian Open 2023 and he has started some conversations. About plastic surgery.

He came to present the tournament to the US audience looking very not-his-age with his forehead too smooth and unmoving, and his face all swollen up and waxy-looking, which has made people think he has had Botox and fillers and not at the hands of a good doctor. Let’s find out more about Jim Courier’s plastic surgery!

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Jim Courier’s Plastic Surgery: People Speculate He Has Had Botox and Fillers!

Jim Courier is back on the public scene after a long time to present the Australian Open 2023 to the US audience. He is one of the commentators in the tournament. After he arrived to commentate looking visibly different, plastic surgery speculations about him started. He no longer looks the same as back when he was a regular-looking guy or let’s say normal. It looks like he has had something done to his face.

Jim Courier is 52 now which means he is supposed to have developed lines on his face, wrinkles on his forehead, and crow’s feet around his eyes. And he had. But now, it’s like all those lines and wrinkles have magically disappeared except it’s not magic, it’s plastic surgery. He really does not look like he is in his fifties now that he’s clearly gotten some help to get rid of all the signs of aging he had started to show.

Only it didn’t work out in the best way for him. Jim Courier probably hoped that he would not look old after the plastic surgery. And he doesn’t look 52 but does he look 29? No. He may have reversed his aging but he certainly couldn’t buy youth and he is now left looking unnatural. What with his too-tight and smooth forehead? Not even young people have that tight and smooth forehead.

It looks like his forehead does not move at all. You can just tell that it has been immobilized. Must be an overdose of Botox. Jim Courier may not have known when to stop or to choose some good doctor who knows when to stop. Because now, he looks a bit stoic and a bit creepy as well. You can’t tell how he feels about something because he can’t express himself with his face as properly. You would think he’s so out of it.

What happens is only the lower half of his face seems to move and everything that he says doesn’t seem to reach his eyes or something. Jim Courier does not look good. Plus, with his face swelling like that, you can tell he has had fillers. Only he got his face overfilled instead of just filling. He looks all puffed up now. If you are thinking that he could have just gained a little weight and it’s necessarily not botched plastic surgery, then think again about what explains the unmoving and smooth forehead. Also, if it was just weight gain, he would not have had that waxy and chalky complexion we have seen and known too well.

Plus, why do his eyes look so tiny? I mean, his eyes were always small. But now, it just looks like he has slits for eyes. It wouldn’t have looked like that if it weren’t for the fillers, too much of it. Plastic surgery has messed up his face or maybe Botox and fillers are fresh and just taking time to settle. Maybe it wouldn’t have been as obvious if he had had the time for those to settle.

Even if it may seem obvious, the former tennis player has not yet admitted to having plastic surgery. So, for now, those are just speculations and cannot be considered the truth unless he acknowledges it.

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