Jim Courier’s Weight Loss: What Workout and Training Schedule Does the Former Tennis Star Follow? Does He Have a Diet Plan?


Jim Courier's Weight Loss: What Workout and Training Schedule Does the Former Tennis Star Follow? Does He Have a Diet Plan?

Jim Courier has somehow sparked weight loss discussions about him through no fault of his own. It’s a bit strange that people are searching for information on how the former tennis legend had a weight loss when he doesn’t look like he has lost any. Jim Courier had an intense workout and training schedule when he was playing. How could he get thinner than he was then at his peak physical form? If anything, he looks like he has gained a little.

Jim Courier currently serves as a tennis commentator. He has worked as a commentator since 2005, notably for the host broadcaster of the Australian Open, Nine. He also co-hosts Australian Ninja Warrior as well. He is also an analyst for Tennis Channel and Prime Video Sport. He is a former professional tennis player and one of the greatest ones. He was the world No. 1 men’s tennis player in 1992 and 1993.

Jim Courier is a four-time majors champion who holds the record of being the youngest man at 22 years and 11 months to reach the singles finals of all majors. He won two French Open and two Australian Open. Besides that, he has also won five Masters titles. He currently commentated for the Australian Open 2023 as well.

His appearance on the public scene for commentating Australian Open 2023 opened up a lot of discussions about him. Like people are still interested in tennis but they have also become curious about what’s going on with the former world No. 1 and the current commentator. And before he knew it, ‘Jim Courier’s weight loss’ was trending on the internet. This seems to have come out of nowhere because he does not even look like he lost weight. In fact, he looks bigger than before. Then what was it about fans wanting to know about his weight loss? Let’s find out!

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Jim Courier’s Weight Loss: The Tennis Commentator Used to Have Intense Workout and Training Scheduled When He Was Playing Tennis!

So, Jim Courier‘s back on the tennis court for Australian 2023. Just kidding! He’s just serving as a commentator and on-court interviewer for the tournament. But even then, people still take an interest in him as if he was one of the tennis players playing on the court. It must be incredible being a former World No. 1. Because he’s probably the only person off-court in tennis that people are interested in. Like his appearance at the Australian Open 2023 has sparked up discussions about his plastic surgery and his weight loss.

Plastic surgery, I get it. Jim Courier’s face does have that pillowy complexion, his forehead is looking a bit waxy, and his face looks swollen and puffed up as if overfilled. If that’s not the sign of either botched or yet-to-settle Botox and fillers, I don’t know what is. But weight loss? I can’t see why people would think that he has lost weight because he definitely doesn’t look like he has. If anything, he looks bigger than he was before when he was young and when he was still playing on the court.

Jim Courier never had any issues with his weight. Sports people hardly have problems like this because they are always training as physical form and fitness is vital for their career. So, Jim too was always a fit and lean man when he was playing tennis. He had a workout routine he stuck to for the duration that he played. It was required of him to exercise during the off-season as well and very intensely. Now, that he’s retired, he may not have that hard of a schedule and so, I don’t see how relaxing in his physical exercise would cause weight loss.

When the former tennis star was asked how intense his training was when he was world No. 1, he said that it was incredibly so and very extreme as well. That even a typical off-season training week would consist of four hours of tennis for five days and two hours of tennis on the sixth day should give an idea of how much intense it would be on seasons. He would never gain weight with all that going on with him to have a weight loss. And it’s not like he has any illness that is slowly causing him to lose weight.

If you take a look at Jim Courier’s exercise and workout schedule, even off-season it would involve an hour of weights three days a week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Plus, full body workout. And there would also be running on those days; typically 800, 1600, and 400-meter repetitions to try to build endurance. If the intensity and extremity of his workouts to stay in form was not clear enough, this should tell you. After learning this, you too would be surprised if you ever heard that he had a weight loss. He was working out very intensely, how could he lose more weight than he had then?

Like I said, if anything, the commentator Jim Courier looks slightly bigger now than he did before when he was young and playing and in peak physical form. It’s been almost two decades since he retired. So, it could be relaxation in his workout schedule and maybe his age is slowly catching up to him. You know people gain weight as they get older. Maybe that’s why he looks a bit bigger than before. Jim Courier certainly has not undergone weight loss. Not any diet plan could make him lose weight.

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