Jimin Weight Loss: Check Out His Diet and Workout Routine!


Jimin has had a noticeable weight loss recently. houseandwhips.com

Jimin has been very open about his weight loss. He revealed that he lost 6 kg just before he collaborated with Big Bang’s Taeyang. He said that he maintains a strict diet and follows a simple workout routine to maintain his weight. He has changed a lot before and after the diet. He once underwent a weight loss of 10 kgs in ten days by following the Jimin Diet.

One of the most loved members of the BTS Jimin, a pretty talented K-pop rapper and vocalist, has garnered much attention and love not just for his talent but for his mesmerizing looks as well. While he was already slim and there was no need for him to lose weight, the singer appears to have dropped a huge amount of weight in 2023. And fans are intrigued by his physical alteration. Now they are looking for more information about his weight loss. How did he lose weight? What is his diet and workout routine? So, here’s everything you need to know about Jimin’s weight loss!

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Jimin Weight Loss: He Maintains a Strict Diet and Follows a Simple Workout Routine!

Jimin (@j.m) has been very candid about his weight loss. He said that he started to lose weight when he was about to make a comeback by collaborating with Big Bang‘s Taeyang. It was the first time that he was successful in dropping a significant amount of weight. His well-toned abdominal muscles went on to make him the talk of the town and he loved being the abs-pillar of the world’s largest boy band but it was not easy because he had to go through a rigorous diet in order to obtain his current physique.

Jimin after weight loss. houseandwhips.comJimin after weight loss.
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In a YouTube video, he claimed that it was too difficult to maintain his weight within the 50 kg to 59 kg range, but he’s kind of getting used to it now. He also stated that when he lost 6 kgs ahead of his collaboration with Taeyang, it was his first time working outside of his team and that it came with a lot of pressure since Taeyang was incredible and he had the feeling he was beginning something significant.

Talking about his weight loss diet and workouts, Jimin revealed his meal plan and how he managed to stick to it while exercising to lose additional weight. He said that he wrote down what he wanted to eat before going to bed every night so that he wouldn’t be tempted to eat them during the day. He also started drinking more water and exercising more. The singer also mentioned that he was depressed and sought bad foods around this time.

Jimin is probably very happy about his weight loss because he said that he liked being between 50kg and 59kg as it allowed him to dance more freely. The BTS singer had to go on a one-meal diet while practicing the intense choreography for 10 days to lose weight. He would sometimes go for days without eating. He would often refuse to eat when other members offered him in order to lose weight as rapidly as possible. It must have been worth it for him because he has changed a lot in comparison to before and after the diet and he’s at a much comfortable place now.

He does not just skillfully perform in music videos and live events, he also follows a simple workout routine that keeps him healthy and in terrific shape and has contributed to his weight loss. Even though he does not do a lot of heavy lifting, he makes sure to do some fundamental workouts to keep himself healthy and active. Apart from the aerobic workouts, which largely consist of dancing, Jimin and his group members also engage in some fundamental bodyweight activities, which improve their body balance, core stability, and strength.

Jimin From BTS Had a Weight Loss of 10 KG in 10 Days!

Jimin once lost 10 kgs in 10 days with the help of a very strict diet regimen.  houseandwhips.comJimin once lost 10 kgs in 10 days with the help of a very strict diet regimen. 
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Jimin of BTS has tried crash diet regimens to lose weight in the past. He underwent a weight loss of 10 kgs in ten days by following the diet which is now known as Jimin diet. At the time, he wanted to look better after seeing himself in the mirror while having regular dance practice. Therefore, he resolved to limit himself to one meal per day and avoided consuming large amounts of food.

He allegedly had difficulty doing so and he even fainted at times because his body did not have enough energy to perform his daily actions. Because the diet entailed a severe restriction on meal consumption (food is only consumed once each day), the weight loss happened with great difficulty. There were also claims saying that he restricted himself to eating two chicken breasts per day for this regimen. Either way, the point is that it was hard even if he accompanied it with lots of water, which helped him get through the rest of the day.

Jimin no longer follows the same diet because of its risks and dangers. He even reportedly experienced the adverse effects of the said regimen, causing him to fix his eating habits. His health suffered to the point of fainting during rehearsals, So, he replaced it with a proper diet, which involves him eating regularly. It is unknown, though, the specific foods he eats these days. However, he prioritizes protein over fat and focuses on vegetables and fruits. And even if it is not as rigorous now as it was before, he has successfully maintained his weight loss.