Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery: The Knots Landing Star Then and Now!

Derick Scholz

Joan Van Ark has had tons of plastic surgery to look young.

Joan Van Ark is believed to have had every plastic surgery including Botox, fillers, browlift, upper blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, lip fillers, and facelifts. The actress appears to have tried every measure to keep looking young but all of her efforts have backfired on her because she now looks very uncanny. Joan Van Ark, though she looks extremely unnatural, has never confirmed having plastic surgery. In fact, she often goes out of her way to hide it but that’s not possible now. 

The desire to appear young forever eventually brought down Joan Van Ark because she did all she could do, and had all plastic surgery procedures imaginable to retain her youth, and that turned out to be a colossal disaster. If her biggest fear was looking old, good for her because she does not look old but if her biggest wish was to look young, she can kiss her dreams goodbye because she definitely does not look young. She looks neither young nor old. She looks uncanny.

It’s a tragedy how the actress went from being a stunner to someone so unnatural that she didn’t even resemble a human being. She is definitely not the poster child for cosmetic surgery and people love talking about that because if there’s one thing we love talking about more than plastic surgery, it’s bad plastic surgery. Let’s discuss how Joan Van Ark has destroyed her appearance by going under the knife and injections!

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Joan Van Ark’s Plastic Surgery: She Wants To Stay Young Forever!

Joan Van Ark is alleged to have had tons of plastic surgery including Botox, fillers, lip fillers, a nose job, a brow lift, upper blepharoplasty, and facelifts.

Joan Van Ark's plastic surgery has turned out to be a tragedy. houseandwhips.comJoan Van Ark’s plastic surgery has turned out to be a tragedy.
Image Source: Hollywood Life

Joan Van Ark really fought the aging process with all her might and with every plastic surgery procedure only to be defeated and to lose the battle. I guess she never understood that too much cosmetic surgery is not a good thing. If she did, she wouldn’t have ruined her appearance. She used to be such a stunner at the peak of her acting career but not anymore. She does not look remotely like that now.

H*ll, the Dallas actress does not even resemble a human being. All her human traits have been washed out by the thousands of plastic surgery procedures she has had. She does not just look unnatural now, she is way past the uncanny valley. Her smooth and slippery-looking forehead and her weird and pillowy complexion scream too much Botox and fillers. Her cheek fillers make her face look swollen and her lip fillers make it look like she has been stung by bees on her lips.

Besides the usual Botox and fillers, Joan Van Ark also most likely had a facelift because of how unnaturally tight her face looks. Her eye area looks more open and wide probably because of upper blepharoplasty and a brow lift. Overall, her plastic surgery has not favored her looks. She now looks like a wax statue. Nobody has been more accurate than he/ she who told The Globe that it looked like her face had “melted” and that she should have left well enough alone 20 surgeries ago.

What Do Experts Say About Joan Van Ark’s Plastic Surgery?

Joan Van Ark could have chosen to age gracefully with minimal cosmetic enhancements but she chose the plastic surgery method and everyone who has seen her regrets that for her. An insider commented on her looks,

Joan has gone and wrecked her face. The Botox, the endless rounds of fillers and facelifts and peels have left a frightening impression. Her lips don’t even look like lips and her skin is a mess. 

Joan Van Ark's insecurities led her to get tons of cosmetic surgery. houseandwhips.comJoan Van Ark’s insecurities led her to get tons of cosmetic surgery.
Image Source: UPI

She clearly was very insecure about her appearance and the tons of plastic surgery she had are testament to that. The inside source revealed that she always had problems with her self-image and self-esteem which has only gotten worse with age.

She never truly liked the way she looked, even in her youth in the ’80s, and once she had money to burn she tried to make herself pretty with plastic surgery. She practically had to have a procedure done before she’d go on camera. It’s just a shame, and no amount of bolstering seems to make her want to stop now. 

Dr. Dave E. David, a cosmetic surgeon based in Boston, is of the opinion that Joan Van Ark has had Botox and mouth fillers that have “squared her jaw” and left “her upper lip uneven.” Another plastic surgery expert, Dr. Anthony Youn, who suggested that she stop all invasive treatments except a little Botox, also commented on her drastically changed appearance. He said,

I suspect she’s had at least one facelift, if not two, causing her neckline and jawline to look tight. Her forehead is smooth and wrinkle-free, a possible consequence of a brow lift and Botox.

It’s to be noted that these experts have not treated Joan Van Ark and she has never confirmed any of these plastic surgery procedures. In fact, she has mostly gone out of her way to hide the very obvious fact that she has gone under the knife.