Joanna Lumley’s Plastic Surgery: What’s the 76-Year-Old’s Secret to Look as Young as Someone in Their 50s?

Derick Scholz

Joanna Lumley’s Plastic Surgery: What’s the 76-Year-Old’s Secret to Look as Young as Someone in Their 50s?

Talking about plastic surgery, Joanna Lumley has been accused of having Botox and fillers to look younger than her actual age. Meanwhile, the 76-year-old actress has only admitted to having regular collagen injections in her forehead and mouth to stop her from looking old and tired.

Dame Joanna Lamond Lumley DBE FRGS is an English actress, presenter, former model, author, television producer, and activist who was born on May 1, 1946. She has won two BAFTA TV Awards for her role as Patsy Stone in the BBC sitcom Absolutely Fabulous (1992–2012).

Joanna Lumley is also a Survival International and Gurkha Justice Campaign advocate and human rights activist. She supports animal welfare organizations and charities such as Compassion in World Farming and Vegetarians’ International Voice for Animals. Lumley was appointed a Dame (DBE) in the 2022 New Year Honours List for her contributions to drama, entertainment, and charity.

Lumley has worked as a talk show host and a television producer in addition to her career as an American actress. Her ability to look younger than her actual age on television has been successfully mastered. Many fans believe her tight, wrinkle-free face is the result of multiple plastic surgery procedures performed to prevent aging and extend her career. So keep reading to find out more about Joanna Lumley’s plastic surgery.

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Joanna Lumley’s Plastic Surgery: The 76-Year-Old Actress Admits to Having Regular Collagen Injections in Her Forehead and Mouth to Prevent Herself From Looking Old and Tired!

Joanna Lumley‘s face appears much younger than her 76-year-old age, leading the media and general public to believe she has had plastic surgery. And since Lumley has already disclosed to the media that she has undergone plastic surgery, you don’t have to think much about it.

For decades, her ageless beauty has drawn admirers. However, Joanna Lumley, who turned 76 last year, has revealed that her appearance is no longer entirely natural. The actress admitted to having regular collagen injections in her forehead and mouth to stop her from looking ‘old and tired’. She stated,

I’ve had collagen to fill out a scar on my chin. I’ve also used it on deep lines across my forehead. It can stop you looking very worried or very tired, and I don’t need that. Hard lines by the mouth too – you don’t need them. Never on the lips though. I can’t think of anything worse.

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that degenerates with age and sun exposure but can be replenished through injection. As a result, it is frequently considered one of the gentler, more natural cosmetic procedures. However, its longevity varies, and some people may require a top-up every four to six weeks.

Lumley criticizes the fact that, despite her efforts, she still has tons and tons of wrinkles. She insists, however, that unless something went horribly wrong, she would never consider plastic surgery. She stated,

I think if you’re happy and smile a lot then people just don’t see the wrinkles so much. They just see the laughter lines. How nice to have them – it would be strange if we didn’t. As an actress you’ve got to have a face that looks as though it’s natural. The thing is, today, you do all the things that you can.

It is the first time Joanna Lumley, who is married to her second husband, conductor Stephen Barlow, has admitted to having cosmetic surgery. Her remarks come a year after she was named the most beautiful woman of her generation.

Lumley won the title for women in their fifties in a survey conducted by Good Housekeeping magazine, beating out Jane Seymour, Helen Mirren, Michael Caine‘s wife Shakira, Sharon Osbourne, and Marie Helvin.

Lumley, a mother of one and grandmother of two, rose to fame after appearing in the cult 1970s show The New Avengers. She rose to fame as the champagne-swilling Patsy in Absolutely Fabulous and is currently working on a new project.

She was previously seen filming the BBC show, Jam And Jerusalem, with her Ab Fab co-star Jennifer Saunders.  She also provided the voice of Ermintrude the cow in a big-screen adaptation of The Magic Roundabout.

Some experts questioned whether collagen was the only cosmetic procedure Joanna Lumley has used. Dr. Lucy Glancey, a cosmetic surgeon, believes she may have used Botox as well. She explained, “In more recent pictures her eyes look wider and her eyebrows higher – only Botox can do that. I would think she has had both Botox and collagen around her eyes and on her forehead, while possibly just collagen on the nose to mouth line.”

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