Jodie Marsh Weight Gain: She’s Fat But Happier Than Ever!


Jodie Marsh Weight Gain: She's Fat But Happier Than Ever!

Jodie Marsh has put on some extra pounds ever since launching a farm and she doesn’t mind her weight gain and is quite happy with how much she weighs. She has opened up about her life on the farm and she no longer has the time to prepare healthy meals or workouts at the gym as her 350 animals are her priority. Jodie Marsh’s weight gain was neither a shock nor something she minded.

Jodie Marsh may be recognizable as someone who used to be glamorous, sexy, a bodybuilder, and everything else, but she is now just a happy farm girl. The English media personality has put on some extra pounds which has made fans curious about her transformation. They want to know how she went from weightlifting to weight gain. They want to know how she gained weight. Follow this article to learn everything about Jodie Marsh’s weight gain transformation.

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Has Jodie Marsh Had a Weight Gain? She’s Spending Less Time at the Gym and More Time at the Farm!

Jodie Marsh (@jodiemarshtv) has definitely put on some extra pounds ever since she launched a farm. If you are not sure of it, just go check out her Instagram page because the pictures on her handle give the impression that she has put on a little weight. She has been looking that way for some time now but never before did she look as happy as she is now.

Jodie Marsh does not seem to be bothered by her weight gain. She is quite content with how much she weighs and how she looks, actually. She’s very happy with her chubby physique and appearance. While it is true that the English media personality has gained a significant amount of weight, which has significantly altered her physical appearance, and she’s being criticized and bullied for that, she’s found a way to be happy despite all that.

Jodie Marsh has turned her hand to raising animals at her farm.
Jodie Marsh has turned her hand to raising animals at her farm.
Source:  The Sun

Now Jodie Marsh is unbothered by her weight gain and she doesn’t want to prove anything to anyone as we know she was the champion of America in bodybuilding. Besides, she doesn’t need to lose weight for herself because she is happy either way. After launching her farm, she is doing something meaningful now in rescuing animals and has been happy like never before. It led to her gaining weight because she began to spend less time at the gym and more time at the farm. Opening up about her life on the farm, she said that she no longer has the time to prepare healthy meals or workouts at the gym as her 350 animals are her priority.

Jodie Marsh before the weight gain.
Jodie Marsh before the weight gain.
Source: The Sun

This is not the first time she has been in the news due to her weight. Back in 2022, Jodie Marsh had to deal with a breakup and it had a lot to do with her weight gain. She shared that her ex-boyfriend Billy Collins Nuttall told her that she had let herself go after she put on some extra pounds while caring for her dying mother Kristina. When her mom was sick, Jodie lived off petrol station food since she spent every day traveling back and forth to see her. She also couldn’t manage time to go to the gym and hence, put on a lot of weight. She went from a size 8 to a size 10-12. She approximately added 5-10 pounds.

Jodie Marsh’s then-boyfriend started calling her fat and telling her to get back in the gym. Billy also said he didn’t find her attractive anymore after her weight gain. This ultimately led them to break up. Fans were shocked when she revealed the news of her split with Billy and stated he had been cheating on her for the whole three years. Now, they are glad to know that everything turned out fine for her after the breakup. She’s now learned to be happy whether she is a size 8 or a size 12. And weight gain is never degrading her self-worth.

Jodie Marsh’s Career Line Explored!

Jodie Marsh certainly has had quite the career – starting out in strip clubs in 2002 with some very varied gigs along the way. After leaving school, she had briefly considered becoming a lawyer but instead went down a different route. She went to the best private school ever and then just became a lap dancer. Jodie didn’t start modeling for lads’ magazines or even The Sun‘s Page 3 until she appeared on the reality show Essex Wives.

The English glamour model achieved considerable success with her autobiography, Keeping It Real which reached the top 10 on The Sunday Times Bestseller List. She also worked for Zoo Weekly magazine, giving advice on sex-related issues. She appeared on arguably the most iconic series of Celebrity Big Brother in 2006. She became friends with non-celebrity Chantelle Houghton, who pretended to be a pop star and eventually won the series.

In 2009, Jodie Marsh started working on her increasingly muscular frame. Two years later, she finished fifth at the 2011 UK Natural Physique Association Bodybuilding Championships in Sheffield. She even made two documentaries on her bodybuilding training. In 2012, Brawn won gold at the International Natural Bodybuilding Federation Bodybuilding Championships in Los Angeles. She has now opened Fripp’s Farm, an animal sanctuary, and cares for her 350 animals.