Jodie Sweetin’s Plastic Surgery: What Does The Full House Cast Say About Getting Work Done? Check Out Her Before and After Pictures!


Jodie Sweetin's Plastic Surgery: What Does The Full House Cast Say About Getting Work Done? Check Out Her Before and After Pictures!

Jodie Sweetin most likely has had plastic surgery including Botox, cheek implants, lip fillers, and breast implants. The Full House cast has never confirmed any of those but there are before and after pictures that could not make it more obvious that Jodie Sweetin has indeed undergone plastic surgery. 

Jodie Sweetin is an American actress and television personality who is mostly known for her role as Stephanie Tanner in the ABC comedy series Full House and its Netflix sequel series Fuller House. She started her career as a child when she was just five. She appeared in several national commercials before she was cast in a guest role in the 1987 sitcom Valerie as Pamela, the niece of Mrs. Poole (Edie McClurg).

She got cast as Stephanie Tanner in the ABC comedy series Full House after that, and she played that role until the show ended in 1995. She took time off for her studies and she was back in showbiz after her graduation. Since then, she has done several television series and independent movies.

The actress started her career as a child and has grown up in the public eye. That has made it easier to tell that she has had plastic surgery as she got older. She didn’t get any work done as a child. So, all the changes she had in her appearance as an adult could be chalked up to cosmetic surgery. Here are all the details about Jodie Sweetin’s plastic surgery!

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Jodie Sweetin’s Plastic Surgery: The Fuller House Star Has Had Botox, Cheek Implants, Lip Fillers, and Breast Implants; Check Out the Before and After Pictures!

Jodie Sweetin (@jodiesweetin) is believed to have undergone multiple plastic surgery procedures such as Botox, cheek implants, lip fillers, and breast implants.

We have all known Jodie Sweetin since she was a five-year-old child when she played Stephanie Tanner in Full House. People have watched her grow up from a young girl to a confident woman. And they have noticed as her looks and appearance as a woman evolved with what is undeniably plastic surgery. She didn’t have any when she was young. She let herself grow into her looks before she went ahead and got cosmetic surgery done.

Anybody could tell that the Full House cast chose to go under the knife only after she was sure she had grown into her looks. This can also be corroborated by the advice she gave about plastic surgery to a classroom full of elementary students who politely ask her to teach them everything they need to know about the entertainment business.

In an exclusive clip of Pop TV’s scripted comedy Hollywood Darlings, Jodie Sweetin, where she is playing an exaggerated version of herself, gave her views on cosmetic surgery which must be what she believes for real,

Plastic surgery — plastic surgery is a little bit touchy. Some people out there, they kind of need it. You know them when you see them, but I’m going to tell you, if anybody tells you under 16 to have a nose job, don’t worry about it. It doesn’t work, it makes you look strange, you’ll grow into your nose later.

The Fuller House actress is clearly of the opinion that people should not get plastic surgery when they are young. When they do, it’s hard to tell if the changes are something they grew into or the result of cosmetic surgery. That’s not a problem we have with Jodie Sweetin because she got all the nips and tucks done when she was an adult and we knew what she looked like.

So, that’s how fans know that Jodie Sweetin has had Botox injected into her forehead. She probably is not looking forward to having wrinkles and lines on her forehead which is why she decided to get Botox. You can tell because as wrinkles and lines started forming on her forehead as she was nearing her 40s, they disappeared all of a sudden. Now, her forehead looks naturally smooth which means that she did not go overboard with plastic surgery.

Besides getting Botox to prevent aging, Jodie Sweetin also got cheek implants. She got cheek implants before her cheeks started to lose volume and sag which she must have anticipated, which is why they are not very obvious. But, if you carefully look at the before and after pictures, you can tell her cheeks look fuller now than before. You will never see her cheeks hollow out with age now. She has made sure of it with plastic surgery.

The actress also is believed to have had lip fillers. Her lips were never very thin, to begin with, but maybe as she started to reach her 40s, she anticipated that her lips would lose their volume just like she did with her cheeks. And maybe that is why she got lip fillers. Or it could also be that she just wanted them a little bigger. Either way, she has bigger lips which can only be explained with plastic surgery (fillers).

It’s not just her lips and cheeks that Jodie Sweetin filled up, she also did her breasts. No plastic surgery she had was as obvious as breast augmentation. She really went from an A-size cup to a C-size cup. Her breasts very noticeably look bigger and firmer than when she was in her late 20s and early 30s. She enlarged her breasts and gave them a much more curvaceous shape.

In the before and after pictures, earlier Jodie Sweetin used to have smaller breasts but now, she got bigger breasts which seem too big for her frame. Some fans have condemned her for getting too big of implants as they don’t look very natural and they look like they are in contrast with her total body mass. They take it as an instance of getting overboard with plastic surgery.

Some people also believe that she has had a tummy tuck procedure to improve her figure going by the rumors. But that rumor is quite unsubstantiated. Other speculations about her plastic surgery are also not confirmed by Jodie Sweetin herself but at least, there are before and after pictures which makes it obvious unlike with the tummy tuck.

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