Joe Benigno’s Plastic Surgery: RHONJ Husband’s Cosmetic Enhancements!


Joe Benigno's Plastic Surgery: RHONJ Husband's Cosmetic Enhancements!

Joe Benigno’s plastic surgery, notably blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery, is currently making rounds on social media. Husband of Real Housewives of New Jersey star Margaret Joseph, Joe Benigno is a known personality through RHONJ. Often appearing on screen alongside his wife, Joe Benigno getting plastic surgery has been the talk of the table.

If you keep yourself updated with the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Joe Benigno might not be a stranger to you! Describing himself as Cupcake Connoisseur, Contractor to the stars, Master Plumber, and the Harley riding husband to Margaret Joseph, Joe has become a television personality.

While there’s quite a lot to talk about Joe and his wife Margaret, it’s Benigno’s cosmetic procedure that’s being the topic of the talk. So, here’s everything we could find on Joe Benigno’s latest plastic surgery.

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Joe Benigno’s Plastic Surgery: What Did the RHONJ’s Husband Get Done?

It’s not unusual for television stars to get some procedures done. Every now and then and here and there, reality stars use cosmetic procedures to either make themselves more likable on television or retain the radiant youthful glow. Joe Benigno being one of the reality television stars, thanks to RHONJ, couldn’t escape from getting plastic surgery.

Joe’s wife Margaret Josephs is no novice to plastic surgery, having had breast augmentation, veneers, and a facelift. However, Joe revealed that he had to be convinced by his wife to get a procedure done. As he admitted at the RHONJ reunion, Benigno didn’t really come up with the idea of going through plastic surgery. As per what Benigno did, based on a before and after photo, it’s evident that he’s had some work done on his under-eye area.

On May 17th, 2022, Joe Benigno was featured on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, where Joe revealed his latest procedure. Andy Cohen praised Joe’s “new eyes” and stated that his surgery appeared successful. Andy asked Joe B if he repents Joe Gorga, who said that he saw no difference in Benigno’s face, for not actually seeing he got his eyes done, to which Joe B replied, “Of course.”

In an interview with Bravo TV, Joe revealed all the details of the surgery. He says,” My wife, after four years, convinced me to go before a surgeon and they cut all the fat out,” pointing toward his eyes. Joe went to see Dr. Mark Karolak, who had previously operated on Margaret and Dolores Catania.

Termed Blepharoplasty, the procedure is pretty much common these days. Sagging skin around the eyes can diminish side vision; peripheral vision, particularly in the upper and outer areas of one’s field of vision, in addition to showing heavy signs of aging. These vision issues can be reduced or eliminated by blepharoplasty, also making the eyes appear younger and more alert. Joe followed the procedure in order to cure the “luggage” under his eyes.

Per Joe’s wife who made him undergo this transformation, she believes that cosmetic procedures aren’t fake or plastic but sometimes it’s something necessary. She adds that plastic surgeries are done not because of being insecure or thinking about whether one has to fit into a social norm or anything like that.

Mrs. Joseph persisted, “If you want to do something to yourself to make you feel better, you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. But I am also not into going over the top and thinking you have to fix every little thing. I like things that make people unique as well.”

Joe as well seems happier with this current state. While most of his face remains untouched, the procedure hasn’t made Benigno’s face appear unnatural. If not, it seems as though he got no surgeries done and is aging naturally and radiantly. He might be getting new procedures done as well under the influence of his posh wife Magaret.

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