Joe Swash’s Plastic Surgery: Has He Had a Hair Transplant?


Joe Swash's Plastic Surgery: Has He Had a Hair Transplant?

Joe Swash hasn’t had plastic surgery to help himself in the looks department but he has had work done to fill his receding hairline. The former EastEnders cast has gotten three hair transplants to date because he felt he looked older with less hair and he feared that he would not be getting acting jobs because of it. Fans often wonder after looking at this now-thick hairline if Joe Swash is wearing a hairpiece or wig, but it’s only plastic surgery (hair transplant).

Joe Swash has played the role of Mickey Miller in the BBC One soap opera EastEnders and he has been on reality shows and won the eighth series of I’m a Celebrity….Get Me Out of Here! and the twelfth series of Dancing on Ice in 2020. Every time we see him, it looks like his hair is thicker which has made fans wonder if he is wearing a wig or some hairpiece.

But fans are guessing it wrong if they think that Swash is wearing a wig or hairpiece because his hair definitely looks thicker but because of plastic surgery (hair transplant). He got a cosmetic procedure to fight his baldness three times. He said that it boosted his self-confidence to have a thicker head of hair. Let’s discuss Joe Swash’s plastic surgery!

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Joe Swash Got Plastic Surgery to Fill His Hairline; He Is Not Wearing a Hair Piece or a Wig!

Joe Swash (@realjoeswashy) has not had plastic surgery to modify his face to fit the aesthetic or to help with aging. He has only gotten cosmetic work to not go bald. He has had a hair transplant three times to fill his receding hairline and feel confident with a head full of thicker hair.

If you are wondering if Joe Swash has had plastic surgery, then let me tell you that he probably hasn’t. He does not look like he has had any cosmetic procedures. It’s only his tan that’s fake, everything else is real. Even his hair. He has very thick hair and a full hairline which has made many fans wonder if he is wearing a hairpiece or wig, but no, it’s only his hair, which he transferred from the back of his head to his crown after having a hair transplant.

Joe Swash revealed that he got plastic surgery (hair transplant) to fill his hairline in 2016.
Joe Swash revealed that he got plastic surgery (hair transplant) to fill his hairline in 2016.
Image Source: The Mirror

The only plastic surgery Joe Swash has had is a hair transplant. In 2016, he talked about the cosmetic procedure for the first time on Loose Women. He then admitted to having the procedure in fear that losing hair would cost him his job. He also said that he wanted to look his best for the job he has so when he had a hair transplant, he did it for himself as it was something he wanted to do to make himself feel better.

It was because he was on television that he felt self-conscious about his thinning hair and it was because he thought he had started aging because he looked older than he was with his thin hair that Joe Swash got plastic surgery to fix his hairline. The actor was initially embarrassed about getting surgery but, after celebrities including Wayne Rooney and James Nesbitt opened up about their own procedures publicly, he no longer felt that he needed to hide it.

I tried to keep it a secret, I was embarrassed about it and didn’t want anyone to know. I’ve never regretted it. I think for me it was the right decision. But it’s not for everybody.

Joe Swash got another hair transplant (for the third time) in 2018. He felt the need to get the same plastic surgery yet another time to boost his confidence and thicken his hair even more. He said that he wanted to be able to ditch hats and walk around with a luscious head of hair because, without a thicker-looking head of hair, he always felt conscious about things.

I just want it to look a little thicker, I want to be able to go out without the hat on so much. My mum gives me a hard time about the hat, she’s always like ‘what you doing, get the hat off’. 

Joe Swash said that men getting a hair transplant was as normal as women having Botox.
Joe Swash said that men getting a hair transplant was as normal as women having Botox.
Image Source: Yahoo News

Besides, it was about confidence as well that Joe Swash got a hair transplant, a cosmetic procedure he said was ‘as normal as women having Botox.’ The actor said that he got plastic surgery to thicken his hair to help him with his self-confidence by making himself happy. He notices himself when he watches himself on the screen which makes him too self-conscious about himself. No doubt getting a hair transplant helped with his self-esteem.

Joe Swash advised anyone losing their hair to get something done about that. He encouraged people to get plastic surgery only after receiving a proper consultation and to get it for themselves and nobody else.

I think if you’re worried about losing your hair then do something about it. A lot of people are not worried about it these days. So if you are worried about it, go and have a consultation, go and speak to someone about it and whatever makes you feel comfortable, go and do it. But you have to do it it for yourself, don’t do it for no one else.