Is John Ducey Gay? The I Believe in Santa Cast’s Sexuality Revealed!


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Is John Ducey Gay? The I Believe in Santa Cast's Sexuality Revealed!

John Ducey’s sexuality was in question after the release of I Believe in Santa. It’s probably people thinking that a straight guy can’t be excited about Christmas like a child and if he is, he can’t show it like the character the actor played in the movie. So, many wondered if John Ducey was gay even though it was a character he was playing and not himself. There are also people who think he is effeminate and so, there’s a possibility that John Ducey could be gay. 

John Ducey is an American actor who has made appearances in over 20 television shows, mainly sitcoms and you might be able to place him in many of the series he has done. He was born in Endwell, New York, on January 21, 1969. He completed his graduation from Seton Catholic Central High School in 1987. While he was studying, he used to be a very active member of the student body, and now that he has already graduated, he remains an active member of the alumni groups.

Like he was serious and responsible as a student, he is the same as an actor. And thus, he has taken every opportunity that came his way. You can see that in the number of television series credit he has. He recently did I Believe in Santa in which he portrayed the character who believed in Santa. That’s cute but there is the possibility of endless interpretations. He played one-half of the couple who are polar opposites when it comes to their attitude and fondness about and for Christmas.

And he (Tom) was the one who was overly fond of Christmas and was pumped up for the festivities as if he were a child. That, for the close-minded portion of society, which still constitutes a lot, is the sign that he is different, as in he is gay. Getting excited about holidays and expressing it is just what children do, and women do. If a man does it, his sexuality is questioned. So, it’s time to find out: Is John Ducey gay?

Is John Ducey Gay?

John Ducey (@johnducey) was great as Tom in I Believe in Santa. The character he played was really innocent and naive man who happened to be one-half of the couple who were absolutely opposites when it came to their feelings about the holiday. He played the half who was just crazy about Christmas. That quality of his made some viewers cringe because being fond of holidays and then showing it are simply not masculine traits and has brought his sexuality into question.

Surely, John Ducey had to be gay now because a straight man couldn’t do something like that, get excited about Christmas. And even if he is, he can’t just show it. That’s not a really open-minded take and even if it was accurate, the character Tom would be gay and not the actor John Ducey. But because he himself wrote it, people have twisted it as some sensational information. They think that it might be a way of opening up about his sexuality and making people ease into the fact that he’s gay.

However, some people think and have always thought that the actor has a very effeminate nature because of which they have begun to question his sexuality again. And they have come to the conclusion that he’s gay from the way he conducts himself.

He has never revealed himself to be gay in any other way. But still, the questions about his sexuality have never wavered down. It has especially increased after the release of I Believe in Santa, his recent holiday movie.

John Ducey’s Acting Career!

John Ducey started his journey in acting when he was still studying and was in his senior year of high school. He happened to land the lead in a production of Guys and Dolls. He did not know then that he would be doing acting in the future. Definitely not when he attended Harvard University. Not when he studied pre-med and played Junior Varsity baseball. He was going to play basketball but that didn’t happen. So, here he is an actor with thousands of credits to his name.

He has appeared in several television shows such as Desperate Housewives, How I Met Your Mother, My Name is Earl, Will and Grace, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. He has also made several appearances in several movies, including Deep Impact. He worked with Michael Jordan doing motion capture work as several Looney Tunes characters in 1996’s Space Jam.

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