John Ducey’s Plastic Surgery: Why Does The I Believe in Santa Cast’s Face Look So Smooth?


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John Ducey's Plastic Surgery: Why Does The I Believe in Santa Cast's Face Look So Smooth?

John Ducey is suspected to have undergone plastic surgery after people noticed that his face does not show his age (he is 53). The actor’s face looks very smooth in the movie and he has no lines or wrinkles at all, which led the viewers to think he has had work done. However, John Ducey has not responded to those plastic surgery speculations. 

John Ducey is an American actor who people might recognize from several television shows. He has appeared in over 20 television series, mainly sitcoms. He was born on January 21, 1969, in Endwell, New York. He graduated from Seton Catholic Central High School in 1987. He used to be an active member of the student body then and he still remains an active member of the alumni groups.

He recently did a movie I Believe in Santa and he looks a bit unexpected. Unexpected because nobody would expect him to look young (he’s 53) and because nobody would expect a human to look like that. I mean, it’s not like he looks like he had all sorts of plastic surgery and he went overboard with it. But he does look very smooth and not real as if he could be a fantom one gust of wind away from disappearing. So, is it because he got work done? Let’s find out more about John Ducey’s plastic surgery or whatever it might be that made his face look like that!

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John Ducey’s Plastic Surgery: Viewers Believe Cosmetic Surgery is the Reason Why His Face Looks Very Smooth in I Believe in Santa!

So, John Ducey (@johnducey) believes in Santa and just for that, people love him more than ever. He really killed it as Tom in the recent holiday movie I Believe in Santa. He played the boyfriend who was just too consumed with Christmas according to his girlfriend whose least favorite holiday it was. His joy at the upcoming Christmas was really infectious and he was pumped up for the festivities as if he was a child. There is nobody who could’ve portrayed the naive adult with child-like innocence better than him.

The viewers loved his performance in the movie. And he might believe in Santa but viewers don’t believe for a second that he has not had plastic surgery because well, have you seen the movie and how his face looks in it because if you did, even you wouldn’t believe that he is natural. But, hold on! So, John Ducey does not look his age. He was supposed to look old because he’s 53 but he doesn’t. But he does not look young either.

John Ducey’s face looks very smooth as in very smoothened. Like somebody erased the lines and wrinkles on his face. Now, that certainly does not make him look old but he does not look young either. He looks like he could be an extremely solidified phantom. Solidified but phantom still who could very well be one strong gust of wind away from disappearing. His face does not look like that because of plastic surgery.

If you take a look at his face in the photos he posted on his Instagram page, you can see that he looks nothing like he did in I Believe in Santa. I mean, he has lines and crow’s feet and wrinkles and all and very much looks like his age. So, plastic surgery theory does not really hold there. The way he looks in the recent holiday movie must have been because of the de-aging they did in the post-production stage. There is really no other explanation. There’s a very slim chance that he actually got plastic surgery.

John Ducey’s Career!

John Ducey has a very relatable charm and his ‘every man’ look makes him believable as a ‘perfect boyfriend’ or ‘perfect dad.’ And he has played the part on several shows, including Caroline in the City, and the 1998 revival of Fantasy Island. He has also made several appearances in several movies. He has done Deep Impact and he has worked with Michael Jordan doing motion capture work as several Looney Tunes characters in 1996’s Space Jam.

He played the role of Ford and was a series regular on Oh, Grow Up, and he had a recurring role of Leonard on the WB’s Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. He played Jack‘s station manager Jamie on Will & Grace, and he made a brief appearance on Malcolm in the Middle and Frasier. He was Tom Lucas, the brothers’ dad on the Disney show Jonas in Season one, and he was the husband of a couple who stayed in the Drake & Josh inn in Drake & Josh.

Since 2003, John Ducey has appeared on According to Jim, Scrubs, Joey, Freddie, Hot Properties, My Name Is Earl, Desperate Housewives, How I Met Your Mother, Rules of Engagement, iCarly, and Hot in Cleveland. You get the point. He has been in everything. So, if he seems familiar to you, it’s because he is.

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