John Ducey’s Wife: Who is The Actor’s Partner in Real Life? Learn More about His Spouse!


John Ducey's Wife: Who is The Actor's Partner in Real Life? Learn More about His Spouse!

John Ducey is married to his wife Christina Moore who is also her costar from Netlifx’s recent Christman movie I Believe in Santa. She has been the actor’s partner for over a decade now. This is not the first time they have come together for films. As per John Ducey’s spouse, they have worked together on 12 films. Christina Moore revealed that their relationship as husband and wife worked so well because they are both dorks.

John Ducey is an American actor who has spent more than two decades in showbiz. He has made countless appearances in countless television series and movies. He has mostly done sitcoms so, people might remember him for being the funny and quirky character. To his never-ending credits for movies and series, he recently added another one.

He recently did a new Christmas movie, the one so good that you have to add to your holiday movie collection – Netflix’s I Believe in Santa with himself and actress Christina Moore in the leading role. He plays the role of Tom and Moore of Lisa in the rom-com.

The holiday movie, according to the streamer’s summary, is about a struggle between a couple who are on the opposite ends of their love-for-holidays spectrum. They have been dating for five months and nothing is out of line but as Christmas approaches, Lisa learns that Tom is very very enthusiastic and more like obsessed with her least favorite holiday Christmas, and Tom finds out that the much cool Lisa is also too cool for Christmas. A one-day holiday can be the end of them but will it?

Will Lisa give a second chance to Christmas or will Tom learn to take issues he never had before with the holiday? Will they be together after the holiday? Well, of course, he will. We have to see which one will cross over to the other’s side (Spoiler: Christmas always wins) but we know that the couple’s relationship will survive. You can see it in the way they look at each other.

They WILL change their personality before they change their partners. Folks who have already seen the flick might understand it more because you have to see that pretty undeniable chemistry onscreen. (Some think he’s gay but they are insane.) They could be a real-life couple judging by their chemistry, and wait- they ARE partners for real. Christina Moore, as it turns out, is John Ducey’s wife. So, yeah, they seemed too intense for a couple who have been dating for just five months.

Let’s find out more about John Ducey’s wife who is also his onscreen partner!

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John Ducey’s Wife is His Partner from I Believe in Santa; Learn More About His Spouse Christina Moore!

You would be surprised and then you would be not surprised to learn that John Ducey (@johnducey) is actually married to his costar from his recent holiday movie Netflix’s I Believe in Santa. Surprised because well, you thought they were just costars and not surprised because you always knew it deep down that they were not just costars from their intense chemistry.

And turns out, they are a real-life couple. Christina Moore is actually his wife. The partners have been married for more than a decade. They got hitched on July 5, 2008, and they still look at each other like that, the point being they are not stale like a lot of spouses who have been married for such a long time do. They were in a relationship for about two years before they decided to tie the knot.

John Ducey met his wife in 2006 on the show Hot Properties and hit it off with her instantly. Since then, she has always been with him, she has always been his partner. And their relationship is not just a personal and romantic one. They also share their professional life sometimes. So, Christina Moore is not just his spouse, but his colleague too.

Take a look at John Ducey and Christina Moore’s IMBd pages and you will find out that I Believe in Santa is not the first time they’ve worked together. The husband and wife have both starred in movies such as That’s Amor, Lady Driver, and American Fighter. They are perfect as partners as they are perfect as costars.

Christina Moore explained how their relationships work so well in an interview. John Ducey’s wife said that they bond together because they ‘are both nerds’ beside their love for acting. She also interestingly revealed that on some of their dates, the couple did crossword puzzles because they both liked crossword puzzles. The partners also talked politics because as the spouse said it, they both really are dorks.

John Ducey has worked with his wife in more than just acting, they are partners in not just a movie, but they have also expanded their repertoire together into screenwriting and producing. If the actor’s wife is keeping the correct count, the partners have worked on 12 films together.

I’ve produced eight of them and John has now written four of them. John and I have also starred in, to varying degrees, about seven of them, doing small parts or big parts or whatever. Making the movies really has become our real jobs, our day jobs.

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