John Kruk’s Weight Loss: Did The MLB Star Lose Weight In 2022 After Gallbladder Surgery?


John Kruk's Weight Loss: Did The MLB Star Lose Weight In 2022 After Gallbladder Surgery?

John Kruk’s weight loss is something fans have always been curious about. Some people believe he has gained weight after the recent gallbladder surgery in 2022 while others think that he has undergone weight loss. The former baseball player had always tried to lose weight but to no avail because of his health issues. Here’s everything you need to know about John Kruk’s weight loss story. 

Former professional baseball player, first baseman, and outfielder, John Kruk is a three-time MLB All-Star known for his incredible game. Kruk was a member of the San Diego Padres, Philadelphia Phillies, and Chicago White Sox in Major League Baseball (MLB) from 1986 to 1995. He later became an ESPN baseball analyst after retiring as a player. He now works as a color commentator for NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Phillies games.

The sports personality has had a very successful career. Kruk grew up in the West Virginia town of Keyser and is of Polish descent. He played baseball for Junior College Hall of Fame Coach Steve Bazarnic at Allegany Community College, Potomac State College, and Keyser High School. A sprouting bud since his early days, John was Allegany’s first Major Leaguer, and he was followed by four other players.

While John Kruk’s career was full of milestones, his health condition was never very good. From being heavier to now in a much better phase, he has undergone minor weight loss time and again. So, here’s everything you need to know about John Kruk’s weight loss.

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John Kruk’s Weight Loss: Why Didn’t The Philadelphia Phillies’ Commentator Have A Major Transformation?

Every once in a while John Kruk seems to get concerned a lot about his health. He has previously revealed to the interviewers that he secretly wished he was healthier. “Gaining weight made me stronger, but it also made me heavier and slower,” John had said after rejoining the Red Sox in 2015. The statement made many believe that John Kruk was about to embark on a weight loss journey anytime soon.

To many’s dismay, John Kruk hasn’t had a significant weight loss. With lingering health issues, he hasn’t been able to lose much weight even though he wanted to. While working to undergo weight loss to deal with the health issues related to weight, he had lost a few pounds in the past but the amount that he lost wasn’t what he had strived for.

As for recent times, John underwent gallbladder surgery on May 23, 2022.  He did not show himself completely after his recent medical operation because he was taking a rest to get better. Because he is in the recovery stage, many are positive that his body is putting on weight and that weight loss is now a distant matter.

Inconsistent in his weight loss journey, John Kruk never underwent a major transformation. Every now and then he lost a few pounds but he gained back those pounds quickly so, chubbiness still remained.

Looking back at Kruk’s pictures before, he was always heavily built. Over the years when he was an active player, he gained a few more pounds some years and then lost little the other years.

Currently 61 years old, John Kruk was obese and at risk of a health crisis. His photo from a while back shows that John had put on a huge amount of weight. In a picture recently shared by Tom McCarthy and reposted by Kruk on his Twitter, the star baseball player seemed to have had a weight loss as he appeared comparatively thinner and frail than before.

The Phillies announcer who seems to be on his path to a healthier life and losing more weight to maintain his vitality has been coaching the Philadelphia Phillies since 2017 when he took over for Matt Stairs, who was the Phillies’ hitting instructor for a year. Kruk previously worked as an ESPN baseball analyst on Sunday Night Baseball.

Kruk, along with play-by-play announcer Tom McCarthy, is calling the majority of the games this season. Ruben Amaro Jr. and Ben Davis have both worked in the booth this season, and Jimmy Rollins, the former Phillies shortstop and National League MVP, returns for some time. For Sunday home games at Citizens Bank Park, Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt joins the broadcast booth.

John Kruk’s Life Aside From Baseball: He Is More Than Just A Baseball Player; His Ventures As A Coach and Commentator!

After ten seasons, John Kruk retired with a 300 batting average, 100 home runs, 199 doubles, and 592 RBIs but that wasn’t the end for the first baseman. He is more than just a player and he could do anything now.

Kruk who wrote the book I Ain’t an Athlete, Lady in 1994, transitioned to radio and game commentary. Since then, he’s worked for Fox’s Major League Baseball, The Best Damn Sports Show Period, and local Philadelphia telecasts.

Being a former player, John Kruk worked as a coach for the Philadelphia Phillies for a year. During the 2001 season, he was the manager of the Reading Phillies of the Class AA Eastern League.

Adding more to the list of things, Kruk was featured in films and television shows such as The Fan in 1996, The Sandlot: Heading Home in 1998, and American Pastime in 2001. John appeared as himself in an episode of Adult Swim‘s adult anime Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Sirens in 2008. Kruk also appeared in Sawyer Brown‘s Round Here music video.

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