Jordan Banjo’s Weight Gain: How Did He Gain 3 St?

Derick Scholz

Jordan Banjo’s Weight Gain: How Did He Gain 3 St?

Jordan Banjo underwent a weight gain of more than three stones during the pandemic. He started gaining weight after eating out of boredom. However, he has returned to his previous shape with the right mindset and a strict diet. 

Do you think Jordan Banjo is having an affair? Why is he accused of having an affair? Who is she? What is he currently doing? Recently, Jordan has been in the news after people found him being friendly with Jungle co-star winner Myleene Klas. Who accused him? Is the news true?

Jordan has been accused by his pal, Perri Kiely, of having an affair with Myleene. He took the rumors very lightly and turned them into a joke. Many people thought the TV star had something wrong with his wife after he was seen not wearing his wedding ring. However, he has now explained that he took the ring because of a game he had and to clear people’s confusion about not having bad terms with his wife.

After the affair started flooding all over the internet, some are wondering if he has been in a bad relationship with his wife and started binge eating because his weight gain is visible in his recent pictures. Of course, a lot of people want to know about his transformation. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Jordan Banjo Underwent a Significant Weight Gain Transformation of 3 St During the Pandemic!

Jordan Banjo (@jordanbanjo) admitted to gaining more than three stone during the pandemic after eating in boredom. After his weight gain, he struggled a lot to be back in his old shape. However, he did it with the right mindset and a strict diet. He is now in previous shape, and he claims to love his occupation, which keeps him healthy and fit.

Jordan Banjo experienced a weight gain of 3 st during the pandemic. houseandwhips.comJordan Banjo experienced a weight gain of 3 st during the pandemic.
Image Source: Instagram

Jordan is a British street dancer, best known as a current member of the dance troupe Diversity, who won the third series of Britain’s Got Talent. He started his career by dancing in the street in his early days, along with fellow diversity members Sam Craske and Warren Russell. His breakthrough came when he took on the role of the backstage presenter for the fourth series of Got to Dance in the spring of 2013.

Jordan Banjo has recently shared his happiness with his fans by posting his latest picture with his family. After he posted the picture, many people accused him of gaining weight again. Do you think he has gained weight again? Did he start bingeing again?

Well, for this time, he has not revealed anything about his weight gain, but in 2022, he admitted to gaining some during the pandemic during an interview with My London. In the interview, he explained how he started eating because he was bored and gained almost 3 stone. He also shared his love for the chips in the conversation and stated;

I put on three and a half stone….I wasn’t dancing as much, I wasn’t anywhere near as active. I was like with the kids, ‘oh you’re not eating that, I’ll finish that’. I was eating out of boredom as well. I’d be polishing off crisps here and there, just eating out of boredom.

How Did Jordan Banjo Lose His Weight? What Is His Favorite Food?

After the pandemic ended and Jordan Banjo started going out for the show, he used to feel ashamed of being fat. He revealed that for a while he tried to struggle with his body weight, but everything was banked out and he was unable to do so. If people are thinking he has gained weight again, it might not be fake. He just appeared to be the same guy as before, and looking at his struggle before, he won’t repeat the same mistakes.

Jordan Banjo's latest appearance. houseandwhips.comJordan Banjo’s latest appearance.
Image Source: Instagram

In 2022, Jordan also shared his transformation picture on Instagram with his fans. He said that he has been able to complete his goal because of his right mindset and healthy diet structure. Although many thought that he didn’t seem to gain a lot of weight before and also looked good in another way, he tried to maintain his previous look. He captioned the picture:

Still shocks me when I see this. Way less dancing, no diet structure and a lack of motivation had me how I was in the first pic! But getting the mindset right and having a focus which was getting ready for tour has me where I am now, Random I know but thought I’d share because looking at those pics next to each other just gave me a shock.

Talking about Jordan Banjo’s favorite foods, he loves eating pork and sweets. He loves traveling to restaurants with his girlfriend, Naomi, and often posts about the food he has had. He also loves the fact of being healthy and getting involved in dance from his early days, which helps him to be fit.