Josh Popper Plastic Surgery: Has He Had Cosmetic Surgery?


Josh Popper does not seem to have had plastic surgery.

Josh Popper’s plastic surgery speculations began after the news that Madonna forced him to sign an NDA to prevent him from talking about her, broke out. Fans think that he looks a lot different than he did when he was doing Summer House and wonder if the difference is due to cosmetic surgery. Some think that it’s his boxing that makes him look so defined. Josh Popper has not weighed in on plastic surgery speculations about him.

Josh Popper was suddenly thrust into the limelight and became a subject of intense curiosity when he was revealed to be dating Madonna. She really elevated his social status because he certainly had never experienced that kind of fame before he started going out with the Queen of Pop. His life really changed after her and things are never going to be the same for him.

There was no coming back from his decision of getting into a relationship with her after February 13, 2023, which was the day Josh Popper publicly claimed himself to be Madonna’s new love interest by posting pictures in which she was cuddling her. Many could not believe it at first because Madonna had just split up with model Andrew Darnell and so, they thought it was just them clowning and putting on a show. But they were wrong and the duo turned out to be dating for real.

They had made a lot of headlines back then. Now, they seem to have continued with their streak of making headlines after the latest development in their relationship. The latest news about their love life has made Josh the subject of gossip for tabloids which has led to a lot of intense scrutiny. With that kind of scrutiny has begun his plastic surgery speculations unsurprisingly even though it does not look like he has had any work done. Let’s discuss Josh Popper’s plastic surgery!

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Josh Popper’s Plastic Surgery: He Does Not Appear To Have Had Cosmetic Work!

Josh Popper does not seem to have had plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comJosh Popper does not seem to have had plastic surgery.
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Josh Popper (@_joshpopper) is suspected of having plastic surgery because he apparently looks a lot different than he did when he starred in Summer House.

Josh Popper’s relevance in the pop culture scene began when he started dating Madonna and as the tell-tale sign that he has gotten famous, he has become the target of plastic surgery speculations. It would have never happened if it weren’t for him dating the Queen of Pop and it especially wouldn’t have happened now if the news hadn’t broken out that he has been forced by his girlfriend who is 35 years his senior to sign a non-disclosure agreement so as he would be legally prevented from spilling anything about her.

But, as it is, Madonna had him sign an NDA and the word has gotten out, and thus, he has come into the spotlight once again, making him a subject of intense scrutiny. And wait, what is that? Has he gotten plastic surgery? That’s where we have reached in the aftermath of the latest development in their relationship. Because he looks very refined and seems to have a very defined bone structure, people wonder if he has had cosmetic surgery.

They also argue that Josh Popper has changed a lot in terms of his appearance since the time he starred in the reality show Summer House (Apparently, he is not new to the entertainment industry and has done a reality show before). If you compare his old pictures to more recent ones, he does look a lot different than then. That must be why fans started speculating that he had plastic surgery.

Josh Popper's plastic surgery speculations began when he started dating Madonna. houseandwhips.comJosh Popper’s plastic surgery speculations began when he started dating Madonna.
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His face was much softer back then. His facial features look much harder now. It looks like he got some refinement because he has much-defined features now. Because that has made a lot of difference in how he looks, people wonder if he had plastic surgery. They especially are curious to know if he got some bone restructuring done. Some actually think that he would have done something so drastic.

Josh Popper Has Not Admitted to Having Plastic Surgery!

Those baseless speculations seem so far-fetched to be true. It’s possible that Josh Popper had some sort of plastic surgery but until he himself admits to it, let’s keep it down with the wild theories.

Besides, never forget that he is an athlete, a boxer. When he isn’t with Madonna, he’s mostly spending his time in the ring training other aspiring boxers. He has been coaching since 2019. He even has his own boxing studio Bredwinner which he founded in 2021. That should give you an idea of how physically active he is. The efforts that he put into working out and in fitness and in his physicality can very well make a difference in how defined and handsome he looks. It might not necessarily be plastic surgery.

Josh Popper is a boxer and prior to starting his boxing career, he was an NFL athlete. houseandwhips.comJosh Popper is a boxer and prior to starting his boxing career, he was an NFL athlete. 
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Josh Popper, prior to starting his career in boxing, was an NFL athlete and used to play in teams such as the Cardinals and the Colts.