Judge Reinhold’s Botched Plastic Surgery Is The Stuff of Nightmares!


Judge Reinhold's plastic surgery has ruined his appearance. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Judge Reinhold’s plastic surgery has gone terribly botched and now, he looks like someone masquerading as a human. The Beverly Hills actor has obviously had Botox, fillers, and cheek implants. He may have had a facelift and a chin implant too. Judge Reinhold has never admitted to having plastic surgery but he probably regrets it in silence.

It was when Judge Reinhold played the junior police, Detective Billy Rosewood in Beverly Hills Cop in 1984 that his acting career started to gain momentum. To this date, Detective Billy’s is the role he is most recognized for and Beverly Hills Cop is the most prominent film (franchise) that he’s been in. He has also co-starred in The Santa Clause franchises and been a part of several popular films such as Stripes, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Gremlins, and Ruthless People.

Beverly franchise is coming out with a new film called Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F and the trailer of the new film shows that Judge Reinhold will be reprising the role of Billy in it. If you missed him in the trailer, go watch it again and this time, look at the man who barely looks like a human very closely and you might see the resemblance between him and Reinhold. That’s him. He doesn’t look like himself, does he? Plastic surgery will be the death of looking like a human!

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Judge Reinhold’s Plastic Surgery: If Only He Had Known When to Stop With Cosmetic Procedures!

Judge Reinhold is widely believed to have undergone plastic surgery because he looks completely plastic. He is believed to have had Botox, fillers, cheek implants, a facelift, and a chin implant.

Judge Reinhold has had too much plastic surgery and it does not look good. houseandwhips.comJudge Reinhold has had too much plastic surgery and it does not look good.
Image Source: USA Today

It’s very sad to see what Reinhold has done to his face. Youth is the flavor of Hollywood and he couldn’t escape the pressure showbiz puts on actors and actresses to look young and now, look at what has become of him! His appearance is completely ruined. In an attempt to hold on to his youth for a little longer, he ended up looking like someone pretending to be a human. Plastic surgery has killed his face.

Judge Reinhold’s vanity has led him down a very shallow path to a horrible place. The only thing bad about getting cosmetic procedures is that it might go botched. He knows about that now because, had his cosmetic work turned out great, he would have ‘aged like fine wine’ but because it went bad, he’s shallow and should not have succumbed to the Hollywood pressure. Plastic surgery did not go his way and now, he must be regretting it.

If not because people mock him, then every time he looks at the mirror, he would regret it because I bet that anyone would like the sight of a wax figure that only barely resembles them staring back at them. I mean, most people would be creeped out. He looks like he’s melting, his face looks very bloated, there’s something going on with his eyes, and his cheeks when he smiles. Everything that could go wrong with plastic surgery did when the surgeons operated on him.

What Do People Say About Judge Reinhold’s Botched Plastic Surgery?

Judge Reinhold has not admitted to plastic surgery but his face reveals it all. houseandwhips.comJudge Reinhold has not admitted to plastic surgery but his face reveals it all.
Image Source: TMZ

The Beverly Hills Cops star might have avoided wrinkles and lines and crow’s feet and saggy skin but was it worse than how he looks now? He really should have let nature take its course and he would have looked a thousand times better than he does now. He most certainly should have gotten Botox which has frozen his face and fillers that have puffed up his face. Judge Reinhold should have stayed away from plastic surgery.

He should not have gotten a facelift when he had already gone overboard with Botox and he most certainly should not have had cheek implants because now, you can see the outline of the implants when he smiles and that’s not a sight to behold. Also, he could have done without a chin implant. Well, to be fair, he could have done without every plastic surgery procedure he had had or he should have known when to stop because he does not look good.

A fan said on a forum discussing Judge Reinhold’s appearance,

Look like he tumbled face first down the slopes of the uncanny valley.

Another wrote,

He went to that plastic surgeon that makes everybody look like a cat.

Third wrote,

These are just his first steps in a transformation aimed towards landing the role of Mickey Rourke in the coming made-for-TV biopic.

Lots of creative ways to say that his plastic surgery has completely ruined his face. Meanwhile, Judge Reinhold has stayed silent about all these speculations. He’s never admitted to getting cosmetic work, not that he needs to because he is completely plastic. Maybe he would have sued his surgeon if patients could do that.