Julie Banderas’ Fans Want Her To Spill Her Weight Loss Secrets!

Derick Scholz

Julie Banderas' fans want to know what she did for her weight loss. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Julie Banderas’ followers seem to think that she has undergone weight loss recently. Compared to how the Fox News anchor looked a few months ago, it does appear as though she has lost a bit of weight but nothing too dramatic. Julie Banderas has not revealed what she did for her weight loss or if she has even had it at all. 

Julie Banderas is a household name in America, what with her being a news anchor for Fox News and all. She joined the channel in March 2005 as a general assignment reporter. In 2008, she replaced Laurie Dhue as the anchor of Fox Report Weekend. She went on to move to a weekday anchor role and now, she is a primary weekday fill-in anchor on programs such as The Faulker Focus, America’s Newsroom, and Outnumbered.

Julie Banderas also regularly guest hosts The Big Weekend Show and makes frequent appearances on Gutfeld! She practically lives on-screen. She’s always doing one show or the other which means that she’s rarely out of the public eye. There’s not a day that goes by where the public does not see her. They watch her on television every day so, they notice even if a hair is out of place, occasionally. Lately, they have noticed that she has had weight loss. Let’s talk about it!

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Julie Banderas’ Weight Loss: She Appears A Bit Slimmer Than Before!

Julie Banderas’ (@jewelsbidwell) followers have perceived that she appears a bit slimmer than usual in her Christmas pictures and now, they are scouring the internet to see if there’s any information about her weight loss.

Julie Banderas appears to have undergone a bit of weight loss in her Christmas pictures. houseandwhips.comJulie Banderas appears to have undergone a bit of weight loss in her Christmas pictures.
Image Source: The US Sun

So, Julie recently shared her family Christmas photoshoot pictures and talked about their annual traditions to celebrate the holiday and it was when the general public looked at the photo that they noticed that she had gotten slimmer than she was a few months ago. They had not realized that she was getting thinner until they had a look at those Christmas pics. Now, they can’t help but wonder how they missed her weight loss when they look at her.

People probably missed that Julie Banderas had gotten thinner because the change was not overnight and because she’s a regular on television as a news anchor, any change she undergoes sort of fits in with her appearance over the period of change so, the observers know nothing better. In such instances, something should always prompt people to notice the difference, and for Banderas, it was her Christmas pictures that pointed out that she has had a weight loss.

Not that the Fox News anchor was super fat and lost tons of weight (had it been so, people would have realized much earlier that she was starting to change because that would be a drastic change) but still, she was not as thin as she is now. You can see it on her face because her face looks much slimmer now, compared to how round-ish and pudgy it used to look before. You can tell that she has lost the fat from her cheeks and if that’s not weight loss, what is?

What Did Julie Banderas Do For Weight Loss?

Julie Banderas has not responded to the weight loss speculations. houseandwhips.comJulie Banderas has not responded to the weight loss speculations.
Image Source: People

Now, there’s no question as to whether or not Julie has undergone physical change and shed some weight. At least, not to her followers who are convinced that she has indeed gotten thinner. The only question they have is ‘How did she do it?’ What did she do that made her lose weight? People would really like to know that one because as she has gotten fitter, she looks finer. She looks incredible. So, Julie Banderas, tell your weight loss secret already!

Did she embark on a journey of fitness and was the minor physical transformation that brought such a huge change in her appearance her goal? Was it a deliberate act on her part? Or is it something that just happened because of some changes in her lifestyle? Did she just randomly, with no preoccupation about her physique, make some changes to her diet or some other aspects of her life that led her to have weight loss?

Whatever happened, now Julie Banderas does not have a mom bod anymore. Before she got fit, she was not fat but she sure did have a mom bod. She wasn’t in what people would call the best shape as a mother to three children. She had a belly flab and a rounder face. But now that she’s had a weight loss, she looks much slimmer and is in better shape already.

She has not revealed what she did to lose weight but she once mentioned that she sometimes goes on active vacations like skiing and does juice cleanse occasionally. She might have done that. Or maybe not. We will never know until Julie Banderas herself reveals her weight loss secrets.