Julie Gonzalo’s Scar: Birth Mark or What?


Julie Gonzalo’s Scar: Birth Mark or What? houseandwhips.com

Many people have been asking about Julie Gonzalo’s scar, which is on the bridge of her nose. While some claim that she got it because of some kind of accident, others believe it is a birthmark. However, the actress has not revealed or talked about her flaw, and it looks like she has avoided the topic since the beginning of her career.

Julieta Susana, aka Julie Gonzalo, is an Argentine actress. Although she began her career as a model, she became interested in acting later and started taking theater classes. She entered the movie world with the 2002 romantic comedy I’m with Lucy. She has appeared in many popular movies, such as Freaky Friday, Dodgeball, A Cinderella Story, and Christmas with the Kranks.

After the interview, people started getting curious about Juia’s current life. Some were questioning her scar and the reason behind it. In this article, we will be talking about her current life and the reasons behind her scar. To know more about her life rumors, read this article.

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Julie Gonzalo Hasn’t Revealed Anything About Her Scar!

People suggest Julie Gonzalo (@julie_gonzalo) got plastic surgery to hide her scar, but the actress doesn’t seem to pay any attention to what people think. Although she claims to have hidden the scar in her many movies, she has always been open about her scar and has not tried to hide it in her real life.

Julie has been asked about her scar for a long time. The internet has been asking questions about the scar since she entered the entertainment field. People have been accusing her and giving her negative comments because of her flaw.

Julie Gonzalo avoids talking about her scar. houseandwhips.comJulie Gonzalo avoids talking about her scar.
Image Source: Instagram

Every people have a flaw in life; none of them are perfect but accusing and criticizing people for their insecurities doesn’t make one better. Although, Julie doesn’t seem to bother with the comments; people have never stopped questioning or criticizing her because of the mark.

Some people guess that the scar might be Julie’s birthmark, while others claim that the scar might have been caused by some accident. Her silence has led people to suspect that there might be some big reason behind her flaw. However, till now, she has never tried hiding anything and seems to be happy with the scar.

Has Julie Gonzalo Received Plastic Surgery to Hide Her Scar?

In 2022, when Julie Gonzalo posted a picture with Ryan McPartlin, people were confused about her scar. The post was for the promotion of their movie Cut, Color, Murder. In the picture, many people got confused and asked the actress if she had done something to her face to hide her scar. Some of them started commenting and saying that she had done a skin flap.

Skin flap surgery is a kind of surgery similar to skin graft surgery. This procedure will move a flap of skin from another area of the body to replace the skin removed when the scar is excised. It is healthy skin and tissue that is partly detached and moved to cover a nearby wound.

Julie Gonzalo is suspected of receiving plastic surgery to hide her scar. houseandwhips.comJulie Gonzalo is suspected of receiving plastic surgery to hide her scar.
Image Source: Instagram

Well, if Julie had done plastic surgery to hide her scar, it wouldn’t matter, but the rumors soon proved to be fake. When Gonzalo and Ryan joined Facebook Live to promote their show, the scar was seen in the same place. Many people asked her about the picture incident, but she didn’t pay any attention to the people’s comments. We think that the picture lighting or the make-up might have led to confusion.

How Does Julie Gonzalo Hide Her Scar?

Julie Gonzalo has shared many incidents of clumsy accidents as an adult. Growing up and being involved in the entertainment field, she has not mentioned having any problems due to the scar until now. However, people believe that she has deliberately hidden her scar on many movie posters.

The Internet has accused Gonzalo uses heavy makeup to hide her scar during her shoot. We have seen how stars change their looks for their shows, so we think that she has given her best and tried everything to fulfill the demand. While some asked her to get plastic surgery to hide her scar, some have been recognizing her because of her scar.