Juno Temple’s Weight Loss in Ted Lasso: Is Anything Wrong With the Keeley Actress’ Health?


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Juno Temple’s Weight Loss in Ted Lasso: Is Anything Wrong With the Keeley Actress’ Health?

Juno Temple’s recent weight loss body transformation in Season 3 of Ted Lasso has worried her fans about her health. Well, the Keeley Jones actress previously disclosed how the COVID-19 pandemic affected her self-image and has now stopped caring about people’s opinions on her body shape.

Juno Temple, the actress who plays Keeley Jones in the film Ted Lasso, had no idea she had a gift for comedy. Temple had spent over a decade playing troubled young women in films like Atonement, Killer Joe, Afternoon Delight, and Unsane, effectively establishing herself as a dramatic actress who could tap into the darkness of a hardscrabble life many times over.

The 33-year-old actress has earned a mountain of success as a result of her iconic starring roles. Her illustrious career made her famous around the world, giving her a front-row seat to both moviegoers’ love and their scorn. Her alluring physique and charming profile have always wowed her fans.

With all that, the actress is currently in a spotlit due to her new body transformation in Season 3 of Ted Lasso. People believe she has lost a significant amount of weight and are interested to know the reason behind it. Well, here’s everything you need to know about Juno Temple’s weight loss journey.

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Juno Temple’s Weight Loss in Ted Lasso: The 33-Year-Old Star Looks Comparatively Leaner in the Third Season of the Show!

As Juno Temple‘s (@junotemple) main role in Ted Lasso as Keeley Jones is growing in popularity, her fans are looking for something more than her brilliant acting. Back in 2021, when one Twitter user commented that the actress looked unrecognizable in a sleek two-piece gown while attending the Emmy Awards ceremony, it sparked a discussion about Juno’s weight loss. In response, the Twitter user wrote,

 Truly cannot find anyone talking about Juno Temple & how much weight she’s lost… Eating disorder for sure, so #youhearditherefirst.

Fans responded to the tweet with equal concern, with one fan saying that the actress appeared much older than her 32-year-old age at the time. The comments’ premise demonstrated genuine concern from shocked fans who assumed the reason behind her weight loss was her underlying health issues.

Juno Temple before and after weight loss.

Juno Temple before and after weight loss.
Source: AmoMama

Additionally, some users expressed their worry after seeing Juno at the Emmys when she shared a few images on Instagram in April 2022. She posed for the photos wearing a pink top and a black dress where she wrote, “I hope you’re healthy and well and I wish you health and healing. You are beautiful” and stood out amongst the comments from her peers and shocked fans.

Similarly, during the terrifying COVID-19 pandemic that brought the world to a halt, many people, including celebrities, were trapped in the confines of their homes. The pandemic had the same effect on Juno; as time passed, the actress’s perception of herself changed. Juno later opened up to Marie Claire in 2022 about how the pandemic affected her sense of self and increased her anxiety. She explained,

Hating parts of your body, exteriorly, and then having to remind yourself that it’s okay to not be a certain size, a certain height, all of those things.

The interviewer also mentioned that the actress’s emotional and mental health had deteriorated, causing her to become extremely nocturnal. One might speculate that her perception of herself was influenced by the criticism of her weight from her fans.

Juno Temple's latest appearance.

Juno Temple’s latest appearance.
Source: Instagram

Juno has a lot to be proud of in her life, thanks to a successful career as an actress. Her early start in Hollywood, as well as her distinct image, set her on the path to fame and glory. And with mental health becoming a popular topic in recent years, more celebrities are speaking out about their struggles with self-image and their efforts to overcome these nagging doubts. Unlike Juno, actress, and singer Selena Gomez has also worked hard to overcome body image criticism.

Juno Temple’s Appearance Has Changed Throughout Her Long Hollywood Career!

Juno Temple began acting at the age of eight, over 26 years ago. By the year 2000, she had reached new heights in her career, having landed a role in her father’s first film, Pandaemonium. With her face in the public eye since a young age, many people have been following her growth and transformation.

Juno rose to prominence as an actress in 2009, with her messy blonde hair standing out on red carpets. She ditched her usual messy hairstyle and wore a more sophisticated golden do to the 2011 Dirty Girl premiere. When her career reached new heights in 2012, she still had a youthful appearance.

Later the 33-year-old star co-starred in the 2019 fantasy film Maleficent: Mistress of Evil with Angelina Jolie, the UN spokeswoman. Juno looked mature in a black suit with drooping loops for earrings and an elegant blonde hairdo when she attended the premiere at the Odeon IMAX Waterloo.

Juno Temple showed off her versatility for the first time in 2021 when she attended the Ted Lasso season two premiere with her hair straightened and dyed a vibrant magenta. Juno, despite being well-known for her blonde hair, became insecure due to a lack of acceptance of her appearance, particularly in Los Angeles.