Kat Dennings’ Weight Gain: Fans Think The 2 Broke Girls Star Used to Be Fat Before!


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Kat Dennings' Weight Gain: Fans Think The 2 Broke Girls Star Used to Be Fat Before!

Kat Dennings is believed by fans to be in her weight gain era back when she used to be much curvier than now when she has lost some weight. The 2 Broke Girls star has always had a very voluptuous figure and was rather large-chested, which is why people used to troll her for being fat. Kat Dennings has spoken out about how she was trolled for her size and ‘weight gain.’

Kat Dennings is an American actress who is mostly recognized for portraying the role of Max Black in the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls. She is also widely known for starring as Darcy Lewis in the Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero films Thor, Thor: The Dark World, Thor: Love and Thunder, and the Disney+ miniseries WandaVision.

She started her career in the entertainment world at a young age when she was a teenager. She made her acting debut in 2000 when she was 14 with a guest appearance on HBO’s Sex and the City. She also did a short-lived WB sitcom Raising Dad and the Disney Channel film The Scream Team.

Since then, Kat Dennings has made appearances in a number of films including The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Big Momma’s House 2, Charlie Bartlett, The House Bunny, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Defendor, and Suburban Gothic.

Despite her terrific acting skills, the actress has rarely been noted for her talent because she has always been overshadowed by her figure and body shape. She is a very curvy girl and people just cannot seem to get past that. Even now that she’s lost some weight in recent years, people seem to be obsessed with what she looked like even more. They think she was fatter then than now and now they wonder about the cause of her weight gain.

Though she had always looked like that (that was the way she looked, her normal), people got their perspectives wrong in hindsight and they think those were the days when she had been gaining weight. And now fans want to know everything about Kat Dennings’ weight gain!

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Kat Dennings’ Weight Gain: The Friendsgiving Cast Used to Be Body-Shamed For Being Fat!

Kat Dennings (@katdenningsss) has always had a very curvy frame and a short height. She looked very voluptuous in her stature. Now that she does not look exactly the same because some time has passed and she has lost weight, people think she’s less curvy now and she used to be fat back then. They think she looked like that because of her weight gain.

While it was not true that she was overweight and she just was very curvy and short, to many people, she appeared bulky and fat, which is not something they stayed silent on. They expressed it loudly and clearly and often cruelly as well that they thought she was big. There were comments like ‘If Kat Dennings was a man, she would be named Fat Dennings.’ There was a whole discourse about how she would be classified as fat if she were a man.

Maybe she did have a little weight gain after she did 2 Broke Girls, but that’s no way to say that. Why did they even have to say it? Also, the littlest weight fluctuation shows on a person of small stature. People could have been kind about it but they chose not to. Her frame was said to be similar to that of Jack Black after she put on a few pounds.

Also, it did not help that she was told by many to lose weight in order to land a role. Kat Dennings had had far too many rejections only because of how ‘fat and bulkly’ she looked. That must have gotten to her after some time. Though not every people were like that, some even actively supported her and defended her from the trolls (Some people just said that she was top-heavy for her weight and was not really fat and that it was just her frame), it looked like she eventually gave no now that she really lost weight and looks too slimmer than before.

Could the weight loss be coincidental or maybe it is deliberate after the weight gain accusations and fatphobia Kat Dennings faced in the industry and from the fans? We can’t tell but I hope it’s the former. Maybe it’s the former because she would have said something about it if the latter was the case when she talked about how important it was to her to defend Billie Eilish from body-shaming internet trolls.

So, what happened was that it hit too close to home for Kat Dennings when she saw the trolls band together to bully and body-shame and hate on Billie Eilish when she was captured by a paparazzi in LA, California, wearing a tank top and shorts and ditching the baggy clothing she usually used to wear and those photos were published on the internet. It was all ‘why the weight gain’ and ‘she so fat’ for her all over again.

Kat Dennings took no time in taking out her mobile phone and tweeting defense for her. She wrote in the tweet that Eilish just had a normal body and those making a big deal about her being overweight and her having weight gain needed to take a hard look at themselves. She also mentioned that she had the same body as Eilish’s at her age and that it would be nice for her for that unhealthy nonsense to f*ck right off.

Of course, it would be. The 2 Broke Girls star didn’t like the reminder that she too was once considered fat which had made her the target of thousands of body shamers. She was shamed to reverse the weight gain she never had. When she opened up to Entertainment Tonight about her defense of the singer, she recalled her own history of being body shamed.

I felt personally affronted by it because she’s a beautiful young girl who is making unbelievable, earth-changing art. I mentioned in my tweet that I looked exactly like that when I was her age and I had a horrible time. Things have improved as far as body image for girls and boys and everybody — things are more inclusive now. But when I was growing up, it was not like that. I hope people know that people are in their corner and that [body-shaming] is not okay.

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