Kate Middleton’s Weight Loss: What is The Dukan Diet? What Does The Princess of Wales Have for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner?


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Kate Middleton's Weight Loss: What is The Dukan Diet? What Does The Princess of Wales Have for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner?

Kate Middleton’s weight loss is one of the things about her that people are most curious about because she always looks skinny. The public never saw her pregnancy weight gain and she never seemed to have even slight body fluctuations in the eleven years she has been a part of the British Royal family. Kate Middleton is reported to have followed the Dukan diet for weight loss. 

Kate Middleton has always been a picture of grace, elegance, and perfect poise. She has always been an admirable figure and it is not just her charm but it is partly due to her tall stature and slim frame. Looking at her, you could never know that she is now in her 40s. She’s been a part of the British Royal Family ever since she married Prince William in 2011. Those who follow the royal family know that her appearance has not changed much since then.

Let me remind you that not only is she in her 40s, the age when women have a tendency to gain weight, but she also has given birth to three children. As a mother of three, her body has clearly gone through a lot of exhaustion as pregnancy is one of the most physically taxing things in the world. Knowing that and seeing her, it raises the question of how she had that weight loss.

Even when Kate Middleton had her babies, she never had that phase where the public saw her weight gain. It might make you wonder if she even had to undergo weight loss because it feels like she just isn’t built to have any excess weight. The public only saw that she jumped right from being pregnant to being skinny. But maybe there was more to it going on behind the curtains. Let’s learn more about Kate Middleton’s weight loss!

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Kate Middleton’s Weight Loss: The Duchess of Cambridge’s Diets and Exercises; Details of the Dukan Diet and What She Has for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

Kate Middleton (@princeandprincessofwales) has always looked very slim. Some people say she’s too skinny and has always been, when she married Prince William and eleven years later as well. Taking her pushing 40s and having three babies in regard, let’s learn what kind of diets and meal plans she followed and her workout schedules for her weight loss or maintenance of her body in general.

Dr. Charlotte Norton, a medical director at The Slimming Clinic, in a conversation with Express, discussed the likely exercises and diet regime Kate Middleton followed for weight loss or to maintain her ideal weight. Dr. Norton said that the Duchess of Cambridge is well-known for being naturally athletic and a huge admirer of spending time in nature and keeping fit.

According to the doctor, it was not just Kate Middleton’s impeccable sense of style but also the incredibly toned figure that makes her look great in any dress, skirt, or, pair of trousers. And her naturally slender frame might partly be down to genetics but she is also someone who enjoys all things athletic and appreciates a good workout. She’s been known to enjoy sports whether it’s cross country, tennis, or walking.

And about her diet, though her exact diet is unknown, Kate Middleton reportedly has followed the Dukan diet in the past. As per Healthline, the Dukan diet is a diet that claims to produce ‘rapid, permanent weight loss without hunger’ which is made popular by a French general practitioner Dr. Pierre Dukan. This diet is very much like the Mediterranean diet which has been called the ‘healthiest diet on the planet’ by acclaimed nutritionists, such as Dr. Michael Mosley, and which involves eating foods that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

As per reports, Kate Middleton followed the Dukan diet for weight loss (maintaining her body) in the run-up to her wedding and to shed the pregnancy weight as well, and since then, has continued to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. She, however, hasn’t always been strict with what she eats so what makes it work? Her secret is consistency. And consistency is why there has not been a moment in history so far where she has had a dramatic experience, even post-pregnancy.

Dr. Norton added that diet and weight loss are all about balance which she believes Kate Middleton has perfected because while she eats fruits and vegetables, she’s also known to be an avid cook and doesn’t shy away from pizzas, pasta, and curries. And she also allows herself to have the odd sweet snack and carb-filled meal. She enjoys her food and, because she doesn’t restrict herself, she is more likely not to binge eat.

As for her daily diet, for breakfast, Kate Middleton is said to enjoy smoothies and a bowl of oatmeal whereas, for lunch, she prefers to eat veg even though she is not a vegetarian. She is said to love watermelon salads, tabbouleh, ceviche, and gazpacho. She eats roasts, pasta, and curries mostly for dinner. And she loves to snack on raw fruit and vegetables such as goji berries.

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