Is Katherine Jenkins ‘Too Good’ To Get Plastic Surgery?

Derick Scholz

Katherine Jenkins seems to have had plastic surgery. – Katherine Jenkins may not seem the type who would get plastic surgery but rumor has it that she has gone under the knife on more than a few occasions. The singer is suspected of having Botox, a nose job, fillers, and a boob job at the least. Katherine Jenkins seemed to think that plastic surgery is not for her but maybe she’s changed her mind since then. She has not confirmed having cosmetic treatments though.

Katherine Jenkins‘ fame and fortune is all her angelic voice. Couple her sensational operatic voice with her ethereal looks and no wonder she became a hit with the general public. She is a mezzo-soprano and she performs popular songs, musical theaters, operatic arias, and hymns with such precision and perfection that it never fails to leave everyone spellbound.

With her voice, Katherine Jenkins was born to be a musical star which everyone recognized when she first gained wide public attention in 2003 when she sang at Westminster Cathedral in honor of Pope John Paul II’s silver jubilee. Since then, she has released numerous albums that have enjoyed commercial as well as critical success. She won Classic Brit Awards for Album of the Year in 2005 and 2006. She has performed on several television shows, at many sporting events, and in support of many charities. So, on an unrelated note, let’s talk about her plastic surgery!

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Katherine Jenkins’ Plastic Surgery: Doesn’t She Have Suspiciously Wrinkle-Free Face?

Katherine Jenkins (@katherinejenkinsobe) is rumored to have undergone plastic surgery to maintain herself. She is speculated to have had Botox and fillers. She is also suspected of having a nose job and breast implants.

Katherine Jenkins is believed to have had plastic surgery to maintain her looks. houseandwhips.comKatherine Jenkins is believed to have had plastic surgery to maintain her looks.
Image Source: The Mirror

If we were to just determine by Katherine’s personality whether or not she had cosmetic surgery, all of us would come to the conclusion that she has not gone under the knife because her image in the general public is that of a sweet, innocent girl who is still very much connected to her traditional roots. She just never seemed like the kind who would get plastic surgery.

Katherine Jenkins was always a goody-two-shoes who wouldn’t even have alcohol (at least, she said that she stayed off of drinking to protect her voice). She always was very agreeable and non-controversial. She was just the perfect ideal woman who, nobody would imagine, would dabble in something so stigmatic as plastic surgery. But isn’t that kind of perfection too good to be true?

Nobody’s that good and nobody her age looks that good without a little help of the artificial enhancements. So, don’t go by her personality and go by her looks and think what she may have done to her face to look the way she does now. With how smooth and flawless her skin is, she appears as though she may have indulged in Botox. She had to have the anti-wrinkle injection because how else is it possible for anyone to not have even a single wrinkle or line on their face? There’s definitely plastic surgery involved.

I mean, for one, Katherine Jenkins’ nose was never as narrow and thin as it is now, do you remember? Also, look at her lips. She always had thin lips and they are not super plump now but they are sure fuller than before. I think she may have dabbled in lip fillers and gotten a nose job. And there’s something different about her jaw. She used to have a round face but now, it’s more of a square shape because of her sharp jawline. Has she gotten plastic surgery to alter her jawline? Maybe she has.

Katherine Jenkins Never Ruled Out Plastic Surgery!

Katherine Jenkins, even in her prime, didn't rule out cosmetic surgery.
houseandwhips.comKatherine Jenkins, even in her prime, didn’t rule out cosmetic surgery.
Image Source: Wales Online

Also, don’t just look at her face because she might have some work done on her breasts as well. She has a very curvy figure and ample breasts. Her breasts were very big and many thought they looked so disproportionate for her tiny petite frame. So, there were suspicions that she had breast implants to make her chest appear bigger. She has categorically denied having plastic surgery on her boobs but people don’t believe her.

On a forum discussing Katherine Jenkins, a person wrote,

I know for a fact that she has had a boob job through family friends of hers (even though I saw a magazine or paper which had her on the front cover denying it) although you could probably tell that just by looking at her, I think they look as hard as rocks. The Daily Mail laughably wrote that she is a 32E. I definately think shes had more done though, she looks so waxen.

The singer may never have admitted to plastic surgery but she has definitely gotten some Botox and a boob job at the least. If you are among those people who think that she would never go under the knife, I will have you know that while she didn’t seem to think that cosmetic surgery was for her, she never acted high and mighty about it. In fact, decades ago, she even said that she wouldn’t rule out cosmetic treatments to maintain her looks. She only said that Botox is out of the question.

I don’t think I could have Botox. When I use my face to sing, it’s got to be quite expressive.

Katherine Jenkins, since then, may have changed her mind about Botox because she has most certainly gotten Botox and other plastic surgery as well because she never ruled it out.