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Katie Maloney’s Plastic (Cosmetic) Surgery: How Was Her Face Before Accident? Then & Now Pictures Examined!

Jun 22, 2023 @ 11:47 GMT+0000
Katie Maloney’s Plastic (Cosmetic) Surgery: How Was Her Face Before Accident? Then & Now Pictures Examined!

People believe Katie Maloney previously received plastic (cosmetic) surgery to hide the scar on her face she got from the 2009 accident. Comparing her then and now pictures, she doesn't look natural like before. However, she has neither accepted nor denied the allegation.

People are drooling over Katie Maloney's new look. Have you seen her new haircut? Do you think the new style suits the actress? She recently revealed her new haircut look on Instagram on Saturday night and captioned the selfie as Torn. Many people loved her new look and supported her decision, while some criticized it.

Katie seems to be obsessed with her new look, and we also think that she is killing it. She has inspired many of her fans and also helped many people to cut off their insecurities regarding their short hair. Many of the known faces, including Mr. Kate, Kristen Doute, and Lala Kent, also commented positively on her picture. Some people also believe that she might have been going through heartbreak, as she was divorced in 2022.

After seeing Katie's post, many are questioning her for having plastic surgery as well. In this article, we will discuss all the rumors we have been hearing about Maloney's cosmetic life. Let's get started examining her then and now pictures.

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Many People Suggest Katie Maloney Received Plastic (Cosmetic) Surgery to Hide the Scar on Her Face!

Many people believe Katie Maloney (@musickillskate) has undergone plastic surgery to hide her scar. In 2009, when she had an accident, her face and some of the parts were fully injured, which led her to go through different surgeries. Before the accident, she didn't have any scars on her face. However, she has not confirmed any procedure she has used to change herself.

Times change, and sometimes changes are necessary. Katie, who has made her name in the entertainment field since 2013, has also changed a lot. Many people pointed out that the changes are due to the plastic surgery she had done. Although she has faced many problems in her life, from abortion to trying to get pregnant with her ex-partner Tom, she tried everything to be more stronger and confident and confessed every problem.

Katie Maloney has not stated anything about receiving plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comKatie Maloney has not stated anything about receiving plastic surgery.
Image Source: Instagram

In 2022, when Maloney was trolled and asked about her plastic surgery, she didn't pay any attention to the accusation. However, the rumors didn't stop there and started flooding all over the internet. She was also accused of using the drug Ozempic for her weight loss, but none of the rumors were ever confirmed, except for the scar we saw on her lips.

The 2009 Accident Almost Cost Katie Maloney Her Life!

In the ninth season of Vanderpump Rules, when people saw that Katie Maloney had a scar on her face, they started questioning her about the reason.

In the 2009 accident, Katie broke her jaw, collarbone, and the majority of her ribs on her right side. While hanging out with friends, Maloney and her friend decided to go on the roof and take pictures, but it turned out that the image nearly cost them their lives. While she was sitting with her friend on a massive skylight, they felt it dip in slightly, and seconds later the skylight broke.

Katie Maloney broke her jaw, collarbone, and the majority of her ribs in the 2009 accident. houseandwhips.comKatie Maloney broke her jaw, collarbone, and the majority of her ribs in the 2009 accident.
Image Source: Instagram

Katie faced a near-death experience when she fell 25 feet through a skylight and survived, leaving her with a small scar underneath her lip. To heal from the incident, she had to undergo facial plastic surgery for her face. Not only that, but she also sustained a brain injury called a subdural hematoma and had her jaw wired shut for six weeks.

Is Katie Maloney Okay Now?

After the incident, Katie Maloney took a long break from her career and also mentioned facing the most difficult time of her life. She was left with difficulties for years, including asking for help from her mother to wash her hair and bathe her. Although she is fully recovered as of 2023, it took her time to recover from the painful incident.

Many people suggest Katie received plastic surgery to hide her scar, but it looks like the Vanderpump Rules star loves the way she looks. She admitted to being grateful for whatever she had, and while talking to the doctor, she talked about how hard the journey of healing was for her. She stated;

I was so happy and grateful that I survived with just minor injuries even though it was scary at times. Life is really awesome and really short. So, tell the people in your life that you love them. Do what makes you happy.

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