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Katy Tur's Plastic Surgery: Did She Increase Her Breast Size?

Jun 13, 2023 @ 0:00 GMT+0000
Katy Tur is accused of having plastic surgery to increase her breast size.

Katy Tur is suspected of having plastic surgery to increase her breast size. The journalist is sometimes bullied for having a big nose by trolls who suggest she should get a nose job. Katy Tur has never acknowledged plastic surgery speculations and suggestions.

Katy Tur has served as a correspondent for NBC News for decades now and she has been one of the most inspiring and fearless broadcast journalists. You might have noticed that from her relentless coverage of former President Donald Trump in the face of his vicious attacks aimed at him. She was NBC News' and MSNBC's embedded reporter on Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. She was also tasked with informing the Trump campaign about how the network was in possession of the Access Hollywood tape that featured Trump's conversation with Billy Bush where he made some not-so-nice remarks about women.

Besides reporting about Trump, she has also served as an anchor for MSNBC where she has hosted Katy Tur Reports since 2021. She has also been a reporter for the NBC news platform Early Today, Today, NBC Nightly News, Meet the Press, and WNBC-TV, and for The Weather Channel as well. Given how long she has been a reporter, it would not be amiss to say she's a household name and face.

And because she's been a household face and for so long, it would not be surprising to know that she has been facing speculations about plastic surgery. She's not from showbiz but still, she's a woman and as it turns out, they are always going to have to deal with things that their male counterparts would not have to. Like intense scrutiny of their looks and comments about their appearance and speculations (and suggestions even) of cosmetic surgery. Here's everything to know about Katy Tur's plastic surgery!

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Has Katy Tur Had Plastic Surgery to Increase Breast Size?

Katy Tur is believed to have had plastic surgery to increase her breast size.
Katy Tur is believed to have had plastic surgery to increase her breast size.
Image Source: Glamour

Katy Tur (@katyturnbc) is accused by many people of having plastic surgery to increase her breast size (breast augmentation) because she has very voluptuous breasts. Some online trolls keep spamming the comment section on her Instagram page with suggestions for her to get a nose job because she has a nose that they do not like.

If you think that Katy Tur is somehow immune to public scrutiny of her appearance just because she is a journalist and doesn't come from showbiz background then, you could not be more wrong about it. Katy has it as worse as, if not more than, the women in the entertainment industry. Every time, she posts some photos on her Instagram photos, those who hate her take a shot at her appearance as if her looks invalidate anything she says. Plastic surgery speculations, in such cases, are never out of order.

And Katy, because she is a full-figured woman (she's very curvy and has a voluptuous figure) with ample breasts, is often accused of getting breast augmentation. Even though she always looked like that, people suspect her of getting plastic surgery to increase her breast size. She is way too sexualized inappropriately for having big breasts. She receives a lot of sleazy comments on her Instagram page about her chest.

Katy Tur has never responded to those plastic surgery allegations.
houseandwhips.comKaty Tur has never responded to those plastic surgery allegations.
Image Source: NPR

Katy Tur Suggested Getting Plastic Surgery to Make Her Nose Smaller By Trolls!

It's not enough that people often inappropriately comment on Katy Tur's breasts and accuse her of getting plastic surgery to enhance her breast size even though she has always had a curvy and voluptuous figure since she was young. Some online trolls prove that it can always get worse by suggesting she get a nose job because they don't like the way her nose looks.

Yeah, Katy does not have the perfect button nose and she has been subjected to mockery and ridicule over it, something she has no control over. It's very brave of her to stick with her original nose when she is often trolled about it. I bet even if she would get plastic surgery to "fix" her nose, she would be trolled about it. She would be accused of being too shallow for someone in journalism and not taking her profession seriously.

Katy Tur is suggested by many people to get a nose job.
Katy Tur is suggested by many people to get a nose job.
Image Source: Page Six

So far, Katy Tur has not gotten plastic surgery on her nose and that has given people the opportunity to drag her with comments about her "beaky" and "hideously big and unattractive" nose but she hasn't let them get to her yet. She seems to have effectively ignored people who ask for her to get a nose job arranged.

Katy Tur has not ever acknowledged those inappropriate suggestions to get a nose job and the accusations that she got a boob job. So far, she seems to have stayed away from plastic surgery.

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