Kellita Smith’s Weight Gain in 2022: From Scratch Update!


Kellita Smith's Weight Gain in 2022: From Scratch Update!

Kellita Smith, one of the cast members of Netflix’s From Scratch, looks huge in the series and fans have been wondering about her weight gain appearance. While her pregnancy rumors are untrue, she admits to having been suffering from emotional eating.

From Scratch, a Netflix original series created by Tembi and Attica Locke follows Amy and Lino‘s love story from start to finish and realistically depicts the many difficulties that can arise from a union between two people from vastly dissimilar cultural backgrounds and convoluted family histories.

In the series Amy and Lino, meet in Florence, Italy. Lino is a Sicilian chef, and Amy is an American art student. They face numerous challenges, but they overcome them together while pursuing their dreams in Los Angeles. A tragic event upends their lives just as things appear to be going in the right direction. What follows is a heartbreaking story of love, loss, and perseverance in the face of adversity.

Recently, Kellita Smith, an American actress, and comedian who plays the role of Lynn Wheeler in the series have been in the spotlight due to her new look and appearance where she seemed overweight. As a result, many fans and followers have been curious to more about her current weight gain and wonder about the reason behind her body transformation.

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Kellita Smith’s Weight Gain: The From Scratch Actress Admits to Suffering From Emotional Eating!

Actors’ personal lives are frequently far more interesting than their roles. Of course, we enjoy watching them on our screens, but we get much more enjoyment out of learning about their families, lifestyles, romances, and other rather intimate details. For example, every weight gain will spark much discussion about pregnancy, changes in habits, and other exciting aspects of a film star’s life.

Recent speculation about Kellita Smith‘s (@kellitasmith1) pregnancy has taken on an obsession-like quality, especially in light of the success of the Netflix original series From Scratch in which she currently appeared.

Smith began appearing in the show The Bernie Mac Show in 2001, actually opposite Bernie Mac. She was nominated for an NAACP Image Award four times as a result of her performances. Aside from that, she is one of those celebrities who is never involved in any scandals or controversies.

Of course, there are always rumors, especially about Smith’s appearance, but all of this talking is harmless. After all, gaining weight does not jeopardize one’s reputation or career. And yes, she’s not pregnant.

According to various sources, Kellita suffered from emotional eating and gained some weight gain, making it difficult for her to attend public events, and she had to start a low-carb diet to maintain her physique. Later, she confessed,

In the past, I was too extreme. Then I’d binge, and it’d all be over.

This beautiful actress, whose hot photos have graced the pages of men’s magazines, admits to struggling with emotional eating in the past. Kellita, in fact, lost a significant amount of weight between the second and third seasons of The Bernie Mac Show. Her weight loss was aided by low-carbohydrate eating, but she says she tried to stay realistic about what she could handle.

Despite having to give up french fries and pancakes, Kellita still has a soft spot for her favorite food: birthday cake. She previously claimed,

It’s now an occasional indulgence for me. My favorite dessert is a slice of white cake with butter cream icing.

Kellita maintains her fitness through an active lifestyle. She works out at least three days a week for an hour of Pilates and an hour of spinning… five if her schedule allows. However, her recent weight gain led some fans to believe she might be pregnant as gaining weight while working out is unusual.

It’s a risk for an actress who isn’t expected to change her hair color unless it’s required by her role. Nonetheless, Kellita describes this step as significant to her, a new beginning, something she has never done due to a lack of courage.

According to the text that accompanies the image, this step has helped the actress develop her inner bravery and break the rules she has followed for many years. It is a significant step, and it demonstrates how important it is to follow your desires and dreams, regardless of who you are, where you live, or how old you are.

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