Kelly Brook’s Weight Gain: Have a Look at Her Remarkable Transformation!


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Kelly Brook’s Weight Gain: Have a Look at Her Remarkable Transformation!

Over the years, Kelly Brook has been in the spotlight due to her weight gain appearance. Compared to her before and after pictures, the 43-year-old star looks very huge and different now. However, Kelly admits that she has learned to appreciate her body and is comfortable with how it looks.

Whether we like it or not, we still live in a world where women are frequently valued for their appearance. Despite the fact that we still have a long (long) way to go, the struggle for equality has come a long way since the 00s, when lads’ mags reigned supreme and casual sexism was seldom if ever, called out. And Kelly Brook, an English model, actress, and media personality, was one lady who gloriously rode the wave of the era’s hot-or-not mindset. Kelly’s figure was chosen as the greatest female body out of 5,000 in a 2007 poll, and it was not just males that lust for her.

However, Kelly Brook has been in the spotlight in recent years due to her overweight physique. People believe the 43-year-old star now looks heavier and different. So, if you are curious to learn more about Kelly’s current transformation and wonder about the reason behind her weight gain body, here is everything you need to know.

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Despite Her Significant Weight Gain, Kelly Brook Admits That She Is Comfortable With Her Oversized Physique!

Kelly Brook (@iamkb) has previously stated that she has learned to accept her figure, despite the fact that her weight gain was nothing more than a nightmare. The model and presenter stated that she is satisfied with her current shape, which is a size 16 after previously being a size 10-12, and that she believes it is far more fashionable for people to be kinder to themselves, appreciate their bodies, and discover the inner pleasure and confidence. Talking to The Mirror, she told

But I was unhappy. And I think if you’re unhappy at a certain size it’s fine to do something about it.

Kelly Brook before and after weight gain.Kelly Brook before and after weight gain.
Image Source: HOUSE & WHIPS

The 43-year-old star also stated that she accepts her curves more now that she is older, but that aging has had an effect on her body as well explaining,

I can’t eat what I want. I used to be able to, but I hit 35 and my body completely changed. I was just putting on weight year after year. I think it’s hormonal, your metabolism, getting older and not moving as much. I crept up to a size 16 and a lot of my wardrobe didn’t fit me any more. My bras didn’t fit me and it was just a nightmare. I was never used to being that big and I thought, ‘Well, maybe this is just my size now!

Kelly Brook also said that moving to Kent to live a quiet life with her partner, Jeremy Parisi, was partly why she gained weight and that moving back to London and having more work even helped her lose a little weight. Furthermore, she added,

I think even if I was a bit smaller I’d be happy and if I was a bit bigger I would too. I feel better in my clothes and I like to run and exercise. You accept it for what it is. I always say, ‘Appreciate the body you’ve got now, because it’s the body you’ll want in 10 years’. We can be so hard on ourselves, but 10 years from now we’ll be like, ‘What was I worried about? I looked so good then’.

Kelly Brook's latest appearance.Kelly Brook’s latest appearance.
Image Source: Yahoo! News

However, it’s not the first time Kelly Brook has spoken about her changing body; having made a career out of it in her twenties and early thirties, it’s almost as if people feel entitled to demand explanations for why it doesn’t look the same as it did ten, fifteen years ago. As if Kelly felt obligated to her ‘followers’ to keep her adolescent physique.

In 2020, Kelly Brook was surprisingly sympathetic when she stated she understand why faceless internet men voiced their unwanted judgments on her weight gain and being beyond it. In an interview with MailOnline, she told,

They see me as this 40-year-old fat girl and they’re like no! I get it, it’s funny. But people grow up, people get bigger, people change, it happens. Men are like “you’re past your best”, or “you were sexy once”, but whatever, you’re always going to get that. When you grow up with someone you don’t want them to get older, it’s weird. And I get it, people remember me as this pin up girl.

Kelly Brook has evidently cultivated such a good attitude about her body image despite being subjected to such severe scrutiny for so many years. The fact that she has to explain letting herself simply live her life without being governed by the number on the scales or the size label on her clothes speaks to a sad valuing system that we are still fighting to demolish.