Kelly Doty’s Weight Loss: What’s The Secret of The Ink Master Star’s Transformation? Did She Have Surgery to Lose Weight?


Kelly Doty's Weight Loss: What's The Secret of The Ink Master Star's Transformation? Did She Have Surgery to Lose Weight?

Kelly Doty revealed a physical transformation and debuted a much slimmer and toned body when she returned to television as a judge on Ink Master Angels. It was obvious that the tattoo artist had undergone weight loss since Ink Master ended. However, Kelly Doty has not yet acknowledged her weight loss and she has never talked about how she did that, what kind of diet she followed, or what kind of workouts she did. Some people thought she had surgery. 

Tattoo artist Kelly Doty came to prominence when she appeared on Ink Master as one of the contestants. She garnered a huge fan following in a short amount of time because people were in awe of her impeccable and distinctive tattoo style. Her tattoo style is very unique and you could tell the tattoo artist (her) from the tattoos that were a blend of New School outrageousness, sugary cuteness, and the deeply deranged.

Soon, she became known for her custom illustrations and vibrant color play that amped up the scary and surrealist vibe that she went for in her artwork. She kept things more interesting by giving back stories to the colorful characters she tattooed and creating a separate world for them. However, it’s not her tattoos or their back stories that people are talking about these days. It’s her massive transformation since her Ink Master Days.

She returned to television as one of the judges on Ink Master Angels and her transformation took over her tattoos. She had undergone a noticeable weight loss and it was all her fans could talk about. It didn’t matter to them that she didn’t say anything about her transformation, didn’t matter that she did not give them an inch, they just took the mile and began speculating away. Let’s talk about Kelly Doty’s weight loss!

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Kelly Doty’s Weight Loss: The Tattoo Artist Looked Much Slimmer and Toned Than Before When She Appeared as a Judge on Ink Master Angels!

Kelly Doty (@kellydotylovessoup) took a break from making headlines about her tattoos and instead made headlines because of her weight loss after she began hosting Ink Master Angels.

Kelly Doty, when she was a contestant in Ink Master, looked healthy and strong which is to say she would not be considered slim by today’s standards but she wouldn’t attract negative attention for not being skinny enough. Now, however, she has started getting attention because of her transformation after she returned as a judge on Ink Master Angel. Her weight loss was all anyone could talk about when it came to her.

Kelly Doty had undergone weight loss since her Ink Master days.

Kelly Doty had undergone weight loss since her Ink Master days.
Image Source: Twitter

Kelly Doty had gotten much slimmer in the time that she was away and when she made a return, she appeared quite toned. Her weight loss was very drastic and her transformation, many fans thought, flattered her. Some people on Reddit also seemed to think that she glowed extra brightly because she was happy about her new body that she debuted. However, if they expected her to speak more about her weight loss because she looked happy, then they would have been disappointed because she has never talked about that.

Not that there were no headlines about her getting slimmer and not that there weren’t enough fans asking her about how she lost weight, but Kelly Doty chose to maintain silence when it came to her weight loss. Why? Who knows? Maybe she just wanted her discussion on social media to be about her art and not her weight. Or maybe she didn’t think that getting slimmer was a big deal. Either way, she does not owe anyone to speak about anything she doesn’t want to.

But that doesn’t mean that can get people to stop talking. So what if Kelly Doty did not talk about her weight loss? Fans were going to make their own guesses and speculations. And according to fans’ estimates, she used to weigh about 70 kgs when she was a contestant in Ink Master, and when she came as a judge on Ink Master Angels, she had lost about 15 kgs and weighed about 55 kgs. There were also speculations that she underwent surgery to lose weight.

Kelly Doty appeared much toned and fitter and slimmer on Ink Master Angels.

Kelly Doty appeared much toned and fitter and slimmer on Ink Master Angels.
Image Source: Metro Philadelphia 

Fans really put numbers to their vague speculations. However, it’s possible that they are dead wrong about that one or only close. So, don’t put any stock on it. Just watch her look slimmer and toned than before and make your own guesses for your own purpose. Or maybe not. If Kelly Doty herself doesn’t find her weight loss worth talking about, you cannot be that invested in it, right? If you are, then you really need to get a life.

Now, no matter what anyone says, if you are trying to lose weight, then any weight loss might interest you for that purpose. But even if you wanted to know how Kelly Doty lost weight, what kinds of diet plans she had, and what kinds of workouts she did, she is not really keen on talking about it.

However, there are some reports that the tattoo artist started avoiding junk foods and started having more low-carb fruits, vegetables, and foods. She apparently has toast and egg whites for breakfast, vegetables and salads for lunch, avocado and soy milk for evening snacks, and meat and egg for dinner. Kelly Doty also supposedly began hitting the gym every day in the morning and the evening. She was said to have done High-Intensity Interval Training, Low-Intensity cardio, and strength workouts.