Kim Keon-Hee’s Plastic Surgery: What Cosmetic Procedure Did She Have?


Kim Keon-Hee's Plastic Surgery: What Cosmetic Procedure Did She Have?

Kim Keon-hee, the current First Lady of South Korea, is speculated to have undergone plastic surgery. Some pictures of her have been doctored to mislead the public into thinking she has completely changed her face with the aid of cosmetic procedures. However, it only looks like Kim Keon-hee has had just enough plastic surgery to enhance her look and not change her whole face. She is believed to have had double eyelid surgery and a nose job.

Kim Keon-hee is the present First Lady of South Korea. She is married to the 13th president of South Korea Yoon Suk-yeol who was elected into the presidency on 10 May 2022. Besides being the president’s wife, she is also a businesswoman. And she also serves as the current chief executive officer and president of the art exhibition company Covana Contents.

She is recently in America on a political visit with the President of South Korea. This high-profile visit has landed her in the spotlight and now, she is embroiled in a minor plastic surgery scandal. Speculations about her cosmetic procedures would not have surprised anyone (in fact, it would have been expected) because she looks as young as a 20-year-old when she is 50.

But some people have been trying to mislead the general public into thinking that she has changed her whole face by getting cosmetic procedures, with malicious intent to spread hate towards her. Here’s everything you need to know about Kim Keon-hee’s plastic surgery!

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Kim Keon-hee Changed Her Face with Plastic Surgery? She Just Admitted to a Double Eyelid Surgery!

The only plastic surgery Kim Keon-hee has confirmed having is double-eyelid surgery. She looks like she had a nose job as well though she has never admitted to it. She might have had minor procedures done besides that. However, she has certainly not modified her whole face as the general public is being misled to believe.

Kim Keon-hee looking decades younger than her actual age has started plastic surgery speculations.
Kim Keon-hee looking decades younger than her actual age has started plastic surgery speculations.
Image Source: The Korea Herald

It seems as though some sort of hate campaign has been started against Kim Keon-hee from the events that transpired after she arrived in America for a state visit with her husband. Someone is very clearly targeting her and trying to spread hate towards her by wrongfully making it seem as though she has altered her whole face with plastic surgery. It sounds silly, I know, but what’s being circulated on social media about her is being circulated with malicious intent.

The general public is being intentionally and maliciously misled to believe that Kim Keon-hee has had a whole face makeover with the aid of plastic surgery by putting doctored images of her on social media that makes her look unrecognizable. A picture of the First Lady of South Korea in which she has a drooping lip and appears to have undergone a cheek and chin lift is going viral on the internet. She is being mocked and criticized for her appearance on the posts circulating that picture.

That photo of Kim Keon-hee was taken in April 1998 when she was doing her teacher training course. It was shared on Facebook on April 11, 2023, and before it was shared, clearly some editings were done to alter her face and make her look different than how she originally looked. This has caused some people on the internet to go up in arms about the fact that she got too much plastic surgery like it’s a crime.

Kim Keon-hee looks unrecognizable in the doctored images of her that have gone viral.
Kim Keon-hee looks unrecognizable in the doctored images of her that have gone viral on the internet.
Image Source: Yahoo

However, it has been proved that those photos are not original and have been doctored. People should have guessed the image has been tampered with by seeing that Kim Keon-hee’s bottom lip (just one side) is drooping because that could only be the result of bad photoshopping, not bad plastic surgery. Anyway, on doing a Google reverse image search, the original image was discovered to have been published by the South Korean news agency Newsis on April 10.

And what else was discovered was that Kim Keon-hee didn’t remotely look like how she was depicted in the doctored images because, in the original picture, she had noticeably different features from what she had in the modified image. People who have been trolling her for perpetuating the ridiculous standards of beauty and plastic surgery culture can have a rest now because the only thing similar in those photos was the background.

Kim Keon-hee is not new to being mocked for her cosmetic procedures.
Kim Keon-hee is not new to being mocked for her cosmetic procedures.
Image Source: The Straits Times

The doctored picture of Kim Keon-hee is believed to have been created with the help of AI software that is used to add a smile to someone’s face and change their features. If you look closely at the edited image, you might notice that she has an unusual jawline and right earlobe that should have given it away. But maybe people were just desperate to jump on the hate bandwagon and troll her for getting plastic surgery.

Kim Keon-hee is not new to being targeted like this. I mean, she was likened to Michael Jackson in the song Lady Who Looks Like Michael Jackson in which the singer was mocking her for getting plastic surgery. Even prominent political figures have not refrained from making comments about her face.