Kirstin Maldonado’s Plastic Surgery: Did the Singer Have Botox, Breast Augmentation, and Lip Fillers?


Kirstin Maldonado’s Plastic Surgery: Did the Singer Have Botox, Breast Augmentation, and Lip Fillers?

Kirstin Maldonado seems to have undergone plastic surgery procedures including lip fillers, Botox, and a Breast Augmentation. Even though she has never admitted to having any, it is quite evident from the pictures that she has changed a lot over time. Some see Kirstin Maldonado’s choice of getting plastic surgery as good, but some think she now looks unnatural.

Kirstin Maldonado is a singer, songwriter, and actress from the United States who is well known for her work with the Cappella group Pentatonix as their mezzo-soprano. She first proclaimed her desire to become a vocalist at the age of five. She performed a song at her mother’s wedding celebration when she was eight years old, which ultimately persuaded her mother to sign her up for voice training. She began acting and appeared in various regional plays. Maldonado first connected with Mitch Grassi, a future fellow Pentatonix member, through the neighborhood theater scene.

She first met Scott Hoying, who wanted to put together a group for NBC’s Cappella competition The Sing-Off, at Martin High School, and the pair together with Grassi, eventually founded Pentatonix. The three buddies formed a cappella trio and gained popularity at their school for their renditions of well-known tunes.

They later formed the Cappella group Pentatonix with Avi Kaplan and Kevin Olusola. The quartet competed in and ultimately won The Sing-Off’s season. Since then, they have toured the globe, amassed 13 million YouTube followers and over 2 billion YouTube views, and released several albums and EPs.

Recently, Kirstin Maldonado has been under scrutiny as many admirers question whether she underwent plastic surgery to achieve her current look. We can see some change between her before and after pictures. Let’s find out more about the surgeries she has undergone!

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Kirstin Maldonado’s Plastic Surgery: Fans Suspect She Has Had Botox, Breast Augmentation, and Lip Fillers to Change Her Appearance!

Kirstin Maldonado (@kirstin) has been the subject of speculation about plastic surgery after people noticed how different she looks now compared to before when it was announced that she was going on a Christmas tour. People who knew the actress from her early days are therefore likely to be shocked by the changes she has undergone. She seems to have undergone plastic surgery procedures including lip fillers, Botox, and Breast Augmentation.

Celebrities like Kirstin Maldonado prefer to maintain their youthful beauty as they age and do not want to change how they seem. Her appearance has changed over the years, especially now that she is older and should be displaying aging symptoms. We may conclude from a close examination of these images that Kirstin Maldonado does appear to have undergone some cosmetic treatments, though we cannot be certain of the specifics. The Break a Little singer also seems to have benefited from a few minor but important aesthetic operations.

Even if there is no definitive evidence that she has undergone plastic surgery, fans suspect that she has had lip fillers. She must have felt inadequate in some way, which can be pretty obvious from the images because her lips appear to be abnormally huge. As if the rumors that she had plastic surgery weren’t enough, even online, her fans poked fun at her.

Some of her supporters also think she has undergone breast augmentation. Everyone was fixated on how bigger  Kirstin Maldonado’s breasts looked compared to the past. And people began to doubt their integrity, or perhaps more appropriately, their naturalness. A screenshot from the advertisement caught the attention of observant fans in an online thread, who noted that the singer’s boobs looked noticeably smaller before, but now they have gotten bigger.

The rumors about her plastic surgery spiraled after she shared a photo on Instagram, where many people commented on how she looked in the photo and raised their eyebrows. Fans were quick to comment after looking at her post. While some of her followers cheered her on, others were outraged and denounced her for supposedly altering her appearance. One went on to write,

Where is the naturally occurring Kristin without surgical invention?  So young, let your natural beauty shine through. 

She replied to the comment by saying;

Thank you for your response! Only want to educate people…y’all have known me for 9 years of course my face has matured. Idk why everyone thinks I’ve gotten Botox and every surgery possible on my face… I don’t need to but if I wanted to in the future -also NBD. So wanted to let y’all know what’s up lol. But I agree stay healthy and be kind.

The majority of viewers regretted the choice for Kirstin Maldonado because she was such a natural beauty when they saw her before all the plastic surgery. Even after all the cosmetic improvements, she still had a good appearance maybe not quite as excellent as before, but not in a natural way.

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