Kristen Bell’s Plastic Surgery: The Untold Truth!


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Kristen Bell's Plastic Surgery: The Untold Truth!

Kristen Bell has always been speculated to have had plastic surgery procedures including rhinoplasty, dermal fillers, botox, and boob job even though she has clarified her stance on plastic surgery that she was not intent on that and she preferred to age naturally. Some fans wonder about her teeth while others seek Kristen Bell’s then and now pictures, along with her skincare routine.

Kristen Bell, the voice of our beloved Princess Anna from Frozen, is not just known for her beautiful voice and singing, but also for her stunning face.

More than a singer, she has always been an actress who is mostly recognized as Veronica Mars. She was recently seen in the Netflix role of another Anna in The Woman in the House Across the Street from The Girl in the Window.

The beautiful actress, since she came into the limelight, has been scrutinized for her looks and is believed to have done multiple plastic surgery treatments.

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Has Kristen Bell Gotten Plastic Surgery to Enhance Her Looks?

Nobody in Hollywood is immune to the speculations about plastic surgery. And Kristen Bell (@kristenanniebell) is no exception to that. With a gorgeous face like hers, Kristen was bound to be surrounded by assumptions about plastic surgery.

It might be of a little comfort to people to know that she is not naturally that beautiful and has got the aid of cosmetic surgery to look like that.

It seems to be a general impression among the general public that the Veronica Mars star has got work done on her nose. A nose job is believed to be very common in Hollywood. No nose is too slim and refined for Hollywood.

Comparing photos of Kristen Bell from when she was younger, fans have come to the conclusion that Kristen has made changes to her nose. Like everyone in the glamor industry, Kristen is said to have a pretty nose albeit a little bit bulbous with a dull tip and a prominent bridge.

But considering the environment that is her workplace, people have arrived at the conclusion that Kristen Bell did undergo surgical procedures on her nose. Fans, who are super observant, perceive a slight difference.

They believe that some meat and cartilage has been clipped away from her nose to give it a more defined and pointed look. The edges of her nose appear narrower than before. And so does the bridge of her nose.

While some people believe the difference in the nose to be a consequence of Kristen Bell having gone under the knife, there are some others who chalk the changes up to natural growth. If you compare her photos of when she was very young to the photos of her now, obviously there are going to be some changes.

People don’t look the same forever. It is the ‘puberty change.’ And also nose can appear to be slimmer than it actually is, all thanks to makeup. The distinction in her nose from before can be due to the contouring of the face. A lot of fans of her like to think so.

Especially since Kristen Bell has been very vocal about being against using artificial aids in order to fit into the beauty standards. In an interview, The Good Place actor revealed that she did not have any intentions of going under the knife in the future, and clarifying the rumors of plastic surgery, she let people know that she has not done any cosmetic surgeries.

Could she have been lying about that? It shouldn’t be too hard to lie since she lies (acts) for a living. If she was lying about it, it would be a little hypocritical on her part for endorsing the one and running the other way. But maybe people had been too enthusiastic to believe that she got plastic surgery for their own reasons.

Talking about plastic surgery, the Parks and Recreation actor said that while most people are scared of aging, she thinks of it positively and is looking forward to what is in store for her.

Wrinkles and fine lines and crow’s feet don’t turn Kristen Bell off from the future. Whatever comes her way, she wants to live in a natural way. She wants to go the Annette Bening way, who is aging gracefully and gorgeously. She also looks up to Glenn Close, Helen Mirren, and Meryl Streep for aging naturally.

Technically speaking, a nose job is not done to counter the effects of aging, so even if she got rhinoplasty done, Kristen Bell would not be lying. But the House of Lies actress is not only speculated to have gotten rhinoplasty but she is also believed to have done botox and fillers, which are done as an anti-aging solution.

Apart from that, the Couples Retreat actress is also the target of a boob job. In CHiPs, a buddy cop com starring and directed by her husband Dax Shepherd, she took on a supporting role. She envisioned her character as a stereotypical LA with an aggressive boob job.

However, for that, she didn’t really get her boobs done. To embody the character, Kristen Bell, who was breastfeeding at the time, just didn’t pump for 24 hours, which gave the appearance of breast augmentation.

And it does not qualify as plastic surgery but she’s got work done on her teeth.

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