Kyle Richards’ Weight Loss 2022: How Much Does The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast Weigh Now? What’s Her Diet Plan and Workout Routine? Check Out Her Before and After Pictures!


Kyle Richards' Weight Loss 2022: How Much Does The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast Weigh Now? What's Her Diet Plan and Workout Routine? Check Out Her Before and After Pictures!

Kyle Richards is rumored to have undergone weight loss sometime in 2022 after her public appearances increased because of the press she’s been doing for her upcoming film Halloween Ends. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star had been fit for so long before she lagged in maintaining her body during quarantine. Kyle Richards then decided to embark on a weight loss journey again with the continuation of her usual diet plan and workout routines. Fans seek her before and after pictures.

Kyle Richards is an American socialite and television personality who is most recognized for appearing as a main cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since 2010. She is also an actress who has been in adventure and horror films, including Tobe Hooper‘s Eaten Alive, The Car, and Walt Disney’s The Watcher in the Woods, as well as John Carpenter‘s Halloween and Halloween Kills.

The reality star also stars on Halloween Ends, the ongoing press tours for which have kept her a lot in public appearances. It has resulted in speculations of weight loss. Many fans think she had a physical transformation sometime in 2022. Let’s learn more about Kyle Richards’ weight loss!

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Kyle Richards’ Weight Loss 2022: How Did The Reality Star Lose Weight? Check Out Her Diet and Her Before and After Pictures!

Kyle Richards (@kylerichards18) is rumored to have undergone weight loss and to have had a massive transformation as of 2022. As her public appearances increased in keeping up with the presses for her upcoming movie Halloween Ends, people suspect a change in her appearance. However, she herself has not shared if she had any weight loss and transformation (but maybe she had lost a few pounds since she had already started working out after quarantine) or if she had, she has not revealed exact figures of how much she lost.

Kyle Richards was never a woman who took her health and fitness lightly. She has always worked hard to stay fit from a very young age. A habit or a tradition that she discontinued when the pandemic hit the world. As the coronavirus was taking over the world, everybody was stuck in quarantine. And gyms and everything else were shut down and people weren’t allowed outside. And so a lot of people lagged in maintaining their fitness and so did Richards.

Kyle Richards put on some extra pounds which she took kind of hard and very upsetting because her struggles with her weight when she was a child came flooding back to her memories. All she knew for a long time after that episode of her life was fitness and working out hard for it. She had never known how to properly deal with weight gain. And some fans were not helping. So, she decided to help herself come out of the non-fitness world she had dug for herself and she started working for weight loss.

As soon as quarantine ended, Kyle Richards reached out for help with her weight to personal trainers because she wanted to make sure that she went back to becoming fit. She had once said that she really wants to look and feel her best and that she was actually terrified about turning 50 because the number sounded so scary. Turns out she was not just scared of aging but of gaining weight as well which had happened to her during quarantine.

Kyle Richards also once spoke of how she had struggled with her weight when she was young. She handled it by always working out and dieting her entire life because she was not naturally thin. Even then, she thought that she had got to do something different so that when she turned 50, she would feel really amazing. And then she embarked on a weight loss journey that would never stop.

The reality star’s weight loss journey started with changes in her diet plan and the addition of an exercise routine in her daily life. Her new diet plan had no place for sugar and a very little spot for alcohol. She gave up consuming anything that had even a little amount of processed sugar in it and put a limit on alcohol consumption. She also gave up eating fast food.

Kyle Richards started perusing Medical Medium at leisure as well. Starting his day with a glass of celery juice, she visited the gym for his daily workout afterward. She also started eating more vegetables and fruits and reduced meat as part of her diet plan.

And as for her daily workout routine, Kyle Richards did everything from lifting weights to pull-ups and from running on the treadmill to boxing. She began to go to the gym every day except for Sunday. She also practiced a lot of stretching to help her bones and muscles become strong. All of this had been her constant weight loss method.

And besides all these, she meditated as well. She said that meditation helped her in getting in touch with herself and it helped her realize where she was and it helped her in achieving peace of mind.

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