Lana Del Rey’s Weight Gain in 2022: Here’s How Fans Reacted to Her Transformation!


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Lana Del Rey's Weight Gain in 2022: Here's How Fans Reacted to Her Transformation!

Lana Del Rey has been targeted by body shamers and internet trolls for her weight gain for the last few years. In 2020, Lana came out of quarantine with lots of pounds added to her stomach, hips, and lower body. The internet erupted into fat-shaming comments and hurled verbal insults with cruel remarks about her body after they saw that she had gained a significant amount of weight.

Lana Del Rey is an American singer and songwriter whose music is noted for its cinematic quality and had made a profound impact on the exploration of tragic romance, glamour, and melancholia with references to contemporary pop culture and the 1950s–1960s Americana. She has released eight albums to date which are widely celebrated and loved.

For her contribution to the music, Lana Del Rey has been honored with various accolades, which include two Brit Awards, two MTV Europe Music Awards, and a Satellite Award. She also has nominations for six Grammy Awards and a Golden Globe Award.

Variety honored her at their Hitmakers Awards for being ‘one of the most influential singer-songwriters of the 21st century.’ In 2020, she published the poetry and photography collection Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass. Her lyricism and poetry is incredible but it’s her weight that’s being discussed the most lately.

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Lana Del Rey’s Weight Gain: Internet Reactions to It!

For the last few years, Lana Del Rey has been in the news more for her weight gain than for her music and career. Ever since the pandemic in 2020, things have not been very good for her. She has undeniably packed on a lot of pounds but that’s not why things are unfavorable. It is more because of how the public and the internet reacted to weight gain.

It all happened after the pandemic. Lana clearly didn’t give consideration to maintaining her weight and staying fit during the time. It was an extremely stressful and scary time and I don’t think anyone blames the Video Games hitmaker for not working out every day during the lockdown, but the same cannot be said for when Lana Del Rey came out of the quarantine with more weight on her body than she had at the beginning of the quarantine.

The Daily Mail published a paparazzi photo of Lana Del Rey going shopping for the Fourth of July decorations. Putting her legs on display, the Born to Die singer was wearing a pair of short denim shorts.

She had paired them with a white fleece, trimmed in navy blue with ‘happy camper’ embroidered over the chest, and completed her ensemble with a purple ‘baseball mom’ cap, a black face mask, and a pair of white sneakers.

The Grammy-nominated artist appeared to be significantly thicker than people remembered her from before. Lana Del Rey seemed to have put on a lot of pounds, especially on her stomach, hips, thigh, and basically lower body. On seeing the photo, people latched themselves onto it like a parasite and it was a savior for finally giving them such sense of purpose in such a grief-stricken time.

Of course, the sense of purpose they saw was abusing a woman minding her business for weight gain and fat-shaming them, but definitely, they really looked like they thought they did something cyber-bullying a woman.

That picture created quite an uproar from the public all because they were not equipped to handle the new appearance of the Young and Beautiful performer with more weight than they were used to and preferred that she debut.

They completely blew such a minor thing (Lots of people gained weight during their time in quarantine and they were the happier ones then) out of proportion and started lashing verbal assaults on her like gaining weight was a crime and with such intensity as if Lana Del Rey was coronavirus itself that would warrant such hatred.

After the photos were published, instantly began a slew of hateful comments and body-shaming remarks on the internet. Faceless people on the internet suggested she cover up those thighs because nobody needed to look at them.

People also made a ‘keen’ observation that she is now shaped like a fridge and that she looks like a linebacker. Some of them who must have thought they were better than the others who were body-shaming her because they were taking a moralistic approach to explaining her weight gain accused her of not sticking to a vegetarian diet.

They called her Lana Del Porkchop. Chivalry died a thousand deaths because the deadly virus that wiped out millions of people was not up to the task to bring things into perspective.

In the same month, Daily Mail released another paparazzi picture of her which let the hate train go on.

The Lust for Life crooner didn’t deign to respond to those cruel and tone-deaf body-shaming remarks about her. But the earth still had sensible people. Some of them, her fans, defended her from those internet attacks.

They pointed out that Lana’s weight gain was a fresh and welcome change because she used to be anorexic before, and there was a time when she caused alarm in many of her fans because of how skinny and unhealthy she looked.

And while Lana Del Rey herself hasn’t publicly claimed that she was anorexic, the Mariners Apartment Complex songstress has hinted at it through her songs.

She sings in the first verse of her unreleased song Boarding School, which is a satire about glorifying boarding school culture in America, ‘I’m a fan of the pro-ana nation, I use the pills to halt the f-food cravings’ which indicated that Lana Del Rey was struggling with an eating disorder, anorexia, and drug addiction.

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