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Lara Trump's Plastic Surgery: Donald Trump's Daughter-in-law Mocked For Getting Lip Fillers and Other Cosmetic Surgery!

Aug 17, 2022 @ 14:55 GMT+0000
Lara Trump's Plastic Surgery: Donald Trump's Daughter-in-law Mocked For Getting Lip Fillers and Other Cosmetic Surgery!

Lara Trump's plastic surgery is mocked every time she shares her opinions publicly. She is believed to have undergone Botox, lip fillers, a  facelift, and breast implants. However, Lara Trump has never addressed the mocking and has not confirmed any of the plastic surgery people say she's got. 

Lara Trump is an American former television producer. She not only produced but hosted as well Trump Productions' Real News Update. And she was also the producer of the TV news magazine Inside Edition. She also served as a story coordinator for the magazine from 2012 to 2016. On March 29, 2021, she started working for Fox News as a contributor.

She is married to Donald Trump’s son Eric. When her father-in-law was elected President of the United States of America, she joined his presidential campaign as a senior adviser. She joined the campaign trail together with congressional candidate Laura Loomer at a Florida campaign event. She is mostly known for being a member of the Trump family.

Lara Trump is a very controversial political figure and more often than not lands herself in hot water whenever she says something publicly. But people always focus more on her appearance than what she says and they often make fun of her for getting plastic surgery.

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Lara Trump's Plastic Surgery: Speculations of Botox, Lip Fillers, and More!

Lara Trump (@laraleatrump) is believed to have had multiple plastic surgery procedures, especially Botoxlip fillers, a facelift, and breast implants.

Every time Lara Trump speaks, people give more weight to what she speaks with (her mouth) than what she speaks. She does always create controversy every time she shares her opinions on any matter publicly and draws criticism for that. But more than that, people get more preoccupied with her appearance to think about anything else because of how much plastic surgery she's had.

And whenever that happens, Lara Trump also gets mocked severely for her too in-her-lips plastic surgery. Social media gets flooded with people making fun of her lips. There have been many such comments like that in the past as well. Tweets like 'how many bees stung Lara's lips' and 'her lips are getting bigger, is that why she's trending' are just too many to count. People also have said things like 'she has some seriously fake lips.'

Sometimes they get too harsh on her for having that 'unflattering plastic surgery.' Remember the time Jimmy Kimmel was slammed for making comments about her lips? She had just given justifications for her father-in-law and then-president Donald Trump's decision to abandon America's Kurdish allies in Syria. She controversially implied that the decision was alright because 'if you ask the average American out there, they would have to google 'Who are the Kurds, and why is America even over there fighting this  war?'

Kimmel got all fired up about Lara Trump's reply and said,"'They'd also have to Google, ‘Who is the heartless imbecile with lip injections on my TV right now?'” This led to people slating him for unnecessarily bringing her plastic surgery and shaming her for it and devaluing the conversation.

But looks like he hasn't learned from his past mistakes and he still cannot help dragging people's looks because he went there again. It happened just a few months ago. This time, Lara Trump made controversial comments about President Joe Biden which made Kimmel repeat his past mistake of dragging her for lips and plastic surgery. He said that her only political credentials were that she married Eric Trump and that she appeared on Fox to 'put those big new lips she has right there on daddy-in-law's a**'.

And these are not half the digs Lara Trump gets about her plastic surgery. These are only about her lips. People also believe that she has had Botox, facelift, and breast implants. And that all the work done - either she has gone overboard or they have been done poorly. Because as they see it, her appearance is ruined and she has aged because of plastic surgery which is the exact opposite effect that people are trying with Botox and facelifts.

People make many comments about her supposedly 'botched plastic surgery' as well. Comments about her aging too much because of too much cosmetic work like 'Lara Trump is only 38?! Oh honey, stop with the plastic surgery. It's not doing you any favors,' and 'Botox lip fillers, plastic surgery, and lotsa drugs. what more could a trump wife need?' are still rampant on social media.

When Donald Trump was the President of America and she was a member of his campaign team, she was reported to receive $180,000 per year for her advisory services. After that information came into the public domain, several people also tried to figure out just how much taxpayers are funding her plastic surgery. One commenter wrote,

JFC, Lara trump. Botox much? Her lips look like two pink Naugahyde couches slamming together. How much plastic surgery for the #TrumpCrimeFamily have we, the taxpayers, paid for over the last four years?

Another wrote,

Seriously? Have u SEEN the trump tramps?? Botox, lipo, fillers, face lifts, boob jobs, hair extentions & their hair & make-up ppl who travel with them (u don’t really think they do that stuff themselves do you, silly?) oh & don’t forget all the designer clothes. 1.2mil per tramp.

However, despite all the incessant mocking she receives about plastic surgery, Lara Trump has never acknowledged this and never admitted to having work done.

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