Larsa Pippen BBL: Plastic Surgery or Workout? Check Out Her Before and After Pics!


Larsa Pippen has denied having BBL to enhance her butt.

Larsa Pippen has seemingly been candid about having plastic surgery but she has denied having BBL. The Real Housewives of Miami star said that her butt looks bigger and toned than before because she works out and not because she got plastic surgery. People don’t believe Larsa Pippen’s claim and they are convinced that she has had BBL after looking at her before and after pictures because her a*s is flat in the before pic whereas it’s giant in the after pic.

If you are a fan of reality shows, then you can’t really ignore Larsa Pippen‘s butt. It seems impossible even because of how super giant the reality star‘s derriere is. It’s like you can spot it from a mile away if her back is turned away from you. That kind of huge presence is bound to create huge discussions about it and it has. A lot of her followers often discuss what plastic surgery she may have gotten on her butt to make it look like that (butt implants or BBL or a*s shots).

They don’t think that she’s natural because they have been following her since she appeared on Bravo’s reality series The Real Housewives of Miami when it premiered in 2021 and she didn’t look that curvaceous before. Even though Larsa Pippen has expressly denied having BBL, they don’t really believe her.

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Larsa Pippen’s BBL: She Has Denied Having Plastic Surgery on Her Butt!

Larsa Pippen before and after BBL pictures. houseandwhips.comLarsa Pippen before and after BBL pictures
Image Source: Hollywood Life

In plastic surgery, Larsa Pippen (@larsapippen) has only admitted to having a nose job and lip fillers, she has denied having BBL. However, she couldn’t get her followers to believe her with her denial and they now remain convinced that she has had work done to enhance her butt based on her before and after pictures.

Because of how massive her behind is and disproportionately so, many people are inclined to believe that she has had BBL rather than butt implants or a*s shots to enhance her butt. But if you ask her, she will tell you that her behind is all-natural and that she hasn’t undergone a Brazilian butt lift like so many people seem to think. She is aware of the rumors that go around and she wants to set the record straight.

It really came across as a shock to her followers when Larsa Pippen straight-up denied the claims that she had BBL. During The Real Housewives of Miami reunion, Andy Cohen brought it up to her that there’s been “quite a few comments” about her changing appearance (which includes her ever-growing butt). In response to that, she clarified that she had had only a nose job and lip fillers and also a boob job prior to season three of the series.

I’ve had my nose done. I’ve had my lips done. And that’s basically it.

Larsa Pippen has denied having BBL. houseandwhips.comLararsa Pippen has denied having BBL.
Image Source: Fox News

Regarding her rear end, the reality star took credit for her curvaceous figure and denied having BBL. She said that her voluptuous butt was the result of old-fashioned hard work. According to her, her butt was enhanced by what she put her body through when she worked out consistently. She also implied that she gained weight and it went to her hips. Larsa Pippen said,

I literally work out seven days a week. If I show you my photos from five years ago, I was less than 100 pounds. I’m 140 pounds now, so yea, my legs look thicker than they were, my arms look thicker than they were. My whole body has changed … My body’s tight because I work out.

Because the ex-wife of former NBA star Scottie Pippen didn’t pretend to be all-natural and scoffed at the rumors that she had plastic surgery (she admitted to getting her nose, lips, and breasts done), when she denied having BBL, a lot of followers seemed to believe her. But those gullible fans were outnumbered by those who didn’t buy what she sold.

Do People Believe Larsa Pippen’s BBL Denial?

Larsa Pippen was deemed a compulsive liar on social media after it came out that she denied having BBL. Not even her castmates believe her. Her RHOM co-star Adriana De Moura said that she didn’t believe Pippen. She said, “I think your butt doesn’t look natural. I’m sorry to say it looks fake because the shape of it.”

Fans don't believe that Larsa Pippen has not had BBL. houseandwhips.comFans don’t believe that Larsa Pippen has not had BBL.
Image Source: Complex

Pippen, in order to put the speculation to rest once and for all, posted a throwback bikini picture of herself seemingly from the early 2000s on social media, in which she had a rounder derriere. But it didn’t have the effect she intended as her fans got pissed at her attempting to insult their intelligence by denying BBL and then doubling up on that with clearly edited pictures.

From the before and after pictures (real ones, not edited), fans could tell that Larsa Pippen did not always have a round derriere. Many noted that she was as flat as a basketball court before and one even said that Scottie’s a*s is bigger than Larsa’s real one. One of them wondered aloud on social media why she would lie about her BBL when she is shaped like a centaur. Another added to it saying that she weighs an extra 20 pounds just on the butt and it looks so disproportionate and it was impossible to believe that she attained that kind of butt by just working out.

Larsa Pippen may or may not have had BBL but fans are convinced that she has.