Lauren London’s 50 Pounds Weight Gain in 2022: The Full Story!


Lauren London's 50 Pounds Weight Gain in 2022: The Full Story!

Lauren London’s weight gain is evident as she is back in the public scene with a new film. She gained about fifty pounds more in the time she was away. Looks like the effects of grief at losing her partner, and the impact of pandemics prevailed.

So, Lauren London is back and Lauren London is back with a new movie You People which she stars in alongside Jonah Hill, Eddie Murphy, and Nia Long.

This movie that marks a directorial debut for Kenya Harris looks quite promising with its star-studded cast starring comedic greats. One promotional event for this movie is what brought Lauren London out of her shell after a long time.

The event that was supposed to hype up the movie and get people talking about it was overshadowed by Lauren London, or rather her new bigger body. If you google what’s trending on the internet, you will see on the list Lauren London’s weight gain but nothing about the latest movie she made.

So, for people who didn’t know this, they are wondering just how much weight she gained to warrant such a strong response from the public.

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Lauren London’s Weight Gain: 50 Pounds!

It’s been a long time since Lauren London (@laurenlondon) was last seen in public. She had taken a public hiatus and had been laying low for quite some time now since 2019 when her partner Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed.

Now that she ended that hiatus for work front, she was recently seen promoting her new movie, You People. While some of her fans were excited to see her again, it can’t be said that she received a warm welcome overall. Because for every admirer happy to see her back on the scene, there were other people who made snide remarks about her weight and proceeded to body-shame her.

So, while the 37-year-old stayed out of public eyes for about three years, she went through the addition of some pounds in her body. The ATL actress stood at a height of five feet two inches and weighed 110 pounds. Now, she is reportedly about 160 pounds.

As she was done with the event promoting her new movie and was going on about her business, the photos of the promotional event started making rounds on the internet. Within minutes, Lauren London was trending on the internet.

As the general public caught a glimpse of the Without Remorse actress, comments on her weight gain and her thickness started to take off. Pictures of her went viral on Twitter and viral became those remarks about her weight.

People, without pausing to think what frame of mind she was in, remorselessly and shamelessly began bashing her for putting on a few and supposedly unflattering pounds. While some people likened fine women like her getting fatter to a pandemic in the midst of a real pandemic (how insensitive), others defended her and were proud of how she dealt with the tragedy that befell her.

So far, the actress has not acknowledged those disgusting body-shaming comments and it does not look like she ever will. It appears like she is only going to finish her work and retreat to her privacy from now on. As long as what people have to say about her does not affect her, this is just fine!

However, this is not the first time Lauren London has been a target of mockery because of weight. She has been fat-shamed before in 2017 when she carried on some postpartum weight.

While the The Perfect Match star carried on the post-baby weight gracefully, others hated it and strongly expressed their hatred on the internet. But how she responded to that trolling showed that Lauren London had always been a very sorted and secure girl. She didn’t get bothered by the incessant bullying she faced from the faceless names on the internet.

What the Games People Play star said in response to fat-shaming just gave me an epiphany about superficiality. Lauren London had gotten a lot of compliments on her looks ever since she joined the glam world but she never let that get to her head, and when the world turned on her after she failed to keep up with the beauty standards set for women, she didn’t take it to her heart either.

She revealed that she knew that the internet would be cruel and her stock for casting directors would take a hit once her body changed but she didn’t let that affect her.

She said that she chose to be at peace with herself even when it meant that she would be in a conflict with the world. She never even thought of depriving herself of all the joys life had to offer in fear of what a few unkind strangers would say about her.

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