Leah Messer’s Weight Gain: Pregnancy Rumors Explained!


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Leah Messer's Weight Gain: Pregnancy Rumors Explained!

Recently, Teen Mom star Leah Messer received allegations of pregnancy due to her current weight gain, where she seems to have gained extra pounds. However, Leah Messer denied the pregnancy rumors and claimed that her recent body shape and size are due to her life with her current partner, Mobley Jaylan.

Leah Messer, who was born on April 24, 1994, is a well-known American television personality and social media personality from Elkview, West Virginia. She gained fame after appearing in the controversial reality television series Teen Mom 2 and 16 and pregnant, which premiered on MTV.

Leah Messer is the daughter of Dawn Spears and Gary Messer, who is of white ancestry and of American nationality and she has two siblings, Victoria and Isaac. Likewise, she was born under the sign of Taurus.

Currently, the TV celebrity operates a cosmetics company where she offers services such as hair styling and cosmetic makeup. She also owns and operates the Sparkle Photography Studio.

Leah married Corey Simms when she was 17 years old. The couple had twins in 2009 before getting married in a chapel on October 17th, 2010. Their marriage did not last long as they divorced on June 21st, 2011.

Recently, on August 2022, Mobley Jaylan proposed to Messer with a 4.7-carat custom ring, when they were on vacation in Costa Rica. They had been dating since they met on the ESPN and Army project. As the news got highlighted on social media, her fans and followers have been curious if she has gained some fats over the year as she looks a little heavier. Similarly, many people have speculated if being pregnant might be the reason for Leah Messer’s recent weight gain.

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Leah Messer’s Weight Gain: People Are Speculating if She Is Really Pregnant!

Leah Messer (@leahmesser) recently shared a photo series with her new boyfriend, Jaylan Mobley, and showed photos of her bikini form while wearing a black bathing suit that displayed some of her stomachs on Instagram. Her weight gain has caught the attention of fans. Similarly, speculations of pregnancy have been circulated.

The Teen Mom actress acknowledges that she has been the target of countless inquiries since revealing her new home. Pregnancy and weight gain are the most often asked questions. On the other hand, she claims that she is not expecting a baby right now and admits that the excess weight she’s gained is due to her happiness with her recent partner.

Leah Messer denied being pregnant in an extremely random video with her boyfriend Jaylan and posted to Instagram in honor of her recent 30th birthday, calling the recent rumors about her being pregnant clickbait garbage. Instead, she explained the apparent baby bump was a result of her comfortable relationship with Jaylan, referring to it as happy weight.

Leah has revealed that she believes all of her pregnancy rumors are rude. Likewise, she turned to Instagram after being accused of being pregnant to set her fans straight about her weight gain rumors. She also responded to the rumors recently, sharing a snapshot from the daily insights section of her pregnancy calendar on her Instagram Story. She captioned the post by writing,

Some of y’all’s comments are disrespectful af!! SMH

The Teen Mom star Leah has never accepted the allegation of pregnancy due to her current weight gain but it seems she’s having a really good time with her body shape and enjoying her life with her current boyfriend Jaylan. Additionally, we wish her good health as well as numerous success within her relationship for a better future.

Leah Messer Speaks About Her Addiction and Encourages People to Not Be Ashamed!

While Leah Messer has spoken extensively about her recovery, she was seen drinking a hard seltzer in her most recent Instagram image. As a result, many fans and followers were worried about time and remembered the time when she had an addiction.

However, talking about her previous battle with addiction, she told People that,

 [People] don’t have to feel ashamed, they don’t have to feel alone in their battle with addiction, The first step really is to own it and accept it. Want better for your life, want better for your community. It takes opening up and being raw, being vulnerable and allowing others to see who you truly are to begin to heal.

Similarly, Leah became a vegetarian after her dog died in 2019. Kailyn Lowry of the Coffee Convos podcast asked Lean if she was aware that her body makes protein or not. She replied,

Well, I’m learning, too. I’ve only been vegetarian since the beginning of October, but I have no desire whatsoever to eat meat. My mind f*cks with me, so sometimes I’m like, ‘Ooh, I really want chicken wings,’ but then I’m like, ‘How the f*ck did I say that in my mind? After my dog died, I [realized] he had feelings and… I don’t want to eat any of that.

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