Lena Dunham’s Weight Gain: The Actress Has Her Say on Body Shaming!


Lena Dunham's Weight Gain: The Actress Has Her Say on Body Shaming!

Lena Dunham does not care about the criticism she gets for her weight gain. She claims that the positive side of her life was the reason for gaining weight and she’s happy with it.

Lena Dunham is a writer, director, actress, and producer from the United States. She is most known for creating, writing, and starring in the HBO television series Girls (2012–2017), for which she was nominated for many Emmy Awards and won two Golden Globe Awards.

Dunham also directed a few episodes of Girls, making her the first woman to win the Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directing – Comedy Series.

Lena Dunham won an Independent Spirit Award for Best First Screenplay for her semi-autobiographical independent film Tiny Furniture (2010), which she wrote, directed, and starred in.

Dunham made cameo appearances in films including Supporting Characters and This Is 40 (both 2012), as well as Happy Christmas (2014). In the 2016 film My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea, which had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, she played Mary.

Aside from Girls, she’s appeared as a guest star on Scandal and The Simpsons (both 2015). She starred as Valerie Solanas on American Horror Story: Cult in 2017.

Throughout her career, Lena Dunham’s work, as well as her vocal presence on social media and in interviews, has sparked major controversy, criticism, and media scrutiny.

Lena Dunham’s Weight Gain: What’s the Latest Tea?

Lena Dunham is ill and suffers from a medical ailment. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which damages people’s connective tissues, is a chronic ailment that Lena suffers from. She gained weight as a result of this, and her condition was also the reason for her having to have a hysterectomy.

Although this is not a life-threatening disease, it has caused some issues due to the fact that it is a chronic sickness. She has not stated if she has had this condition since birth or acquired it afterward. She did, however, make a public statement about it after the paparazzi noticed her using a cane, or walking stick.

In 2018, Lena and Luis Felber (@attawalpa) got married and many criticized her about how she looked in the wedding photographs which she posted on her social media. Lena Dunham got very upset but was strong enough to fight against body shamers.

She posted a picture of her with her response to the criticism. She claimed that nobody should be ashamed of their body shape. She didn’t want to respond but she wanted to fight for every people who go through the same phase.

She also claimed that her body gains were positive side after she left addiction a few years ago. She also said that it’s okay to live with any kind of body and she loves the way she looks.

Lena Dunham is Back With Her New Movie Sharp Stick

Audiences have battled to distinguish Lena Dunham the writer-director-actress from the female leads she develops since she debuted on the scene more than a decade ago.

Then there was Aura, the confused film-school student at the center of her semi-autobiographical independent Tiny Furniture, which premiered at film festivals in 2010 and featured real-life family members such as her mother, Laurie Simmons, and her younger brother, Cyrus Grace Dunham.

Then there was Hannah Horvath, the Brooklyn-based Oberlin grad and aspiring writer whose cringe-worthy exploits made Dunham a star and a lightning rod.

In her new film, the sexual-awakening comedy Sharp Stick, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 22, we meet protagonist Sarah Jo (Kristine Froseth), a cloistered twentysomething who had a medically necessary hysterectomy at the age of 17.

This storyline appears to be inspired by Dunham’s own life — she publicly revealed in 2018 that she had undergone the same surgery at the age of 31 due to severe endometriosis — though she claims that all of the characters in the new film have a bit of her in them.

Josh (Jon Bernthal), the father of the child she nannies for; Josh’s pregnant wife, Heather (Dunham herself); Sarah Jo’s mother, the impulsive Marilyn (Jason Leigh); and her adoptive sister, social media exhibitionist Treina (Taylour Paige), all orbit Sarah Jo’s chaotic world.

An affair between Josh and Sarah Jo sets the heroine on an odd and uplifting journey of sexual discovery.

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